VIII. Public Utilities

Assembled from lists and records found in the FBI documents, the jobs and workers listed in the Public Utilities department are in this pdf file:

. Public Utilities Department Jobs and Personnel Listing

Public Utilities Organizational Chart

Asst. Chief Administrative Officer Bob Christian
Assistant Shirley Gieg (Hicks)
Drafting & Engineering Bob Christian – Supervisor
Drainage Burrell Wilson – Supervisor
Surveying Bob Rankin – Supervisor
Sanitation & Public Services
Sanitation Inspectors Assigned weekly/daily duties Ernestine Blair, Marie Lawrence, Selika Bordenave, Don Fields

Monday: Piggery (w/Wanda Swinney), chicken compound (w/Bro Tommie Keaton), cassava mill (w/Earnestine March), fly and mosquito control sanitary and safety concerns.

Tuesday: Saw Mill (w/Diane McKnight, Paul McCann, & Ray Jones), Tool Room, Laundry

Wednesday: Warehouse (w/Beverly Livingston & Bob Christian), Mr. Muggs’ Cage & Yard (w/Joyce Touchette)

Thursday: Garden (w/Gene Chaikin & Jack Barron) Baby Nursery (w/Irra Johnson & Loretta Chavis), Toddler Nursery (w/Diane Lundquist & Maude Perkins)

Friday: All 5 Dorms (w/each Dorm supervisor)

Saturday & Sunday: Cottages & Surrounding cottage areas (w/cottage supervisors)

Sanitation Spraying Assigned weekly/daily schedule Marie Lawrence, Odell RhodesSpraying Plan: 4 times weekly – Twice during daylight pm hours (Tue & Sat) & twice during early morning hours 2am (Wed & Fri), with night spraying to catch flies at time when they were at rest.
Sanitation Committee Dr. Larry Schacht, Tim Carter, Marie Lawrence, Phyllis Chaikin, Ollie Harrington, Ernestine Blair, Don Fields, Selika Bordenave
Public Services Unit Work crew – varied week to week depending on people and discipline assigned

Adapted from: CD2 vol75-p132 & CD2 vol77-p155 &156 by Don Beck 4/08

The Public Utilities Department was headed by Bob Christian. With his engineering background, he directed the planning and implementing for most of the practical needs for Jonestown. This included sanitation construction (sewerage, sidewalks, railings, piping, etc.), repair jobs, weekly schedule of spraying for flies and mosquitoes, and checking on safety concerns at the piggery, chickery, cassava mill, and residences. Work plans were handled through the Sanitation Committee, then assigned to work projects by Bob Christian through regular members of this department and the persons provided by discipline assignments to the Public Service Unit (PSU).

The detailed map drawn of Jonestown central area has Bob Christian’s initials on it and is the only detailed drawing found in the FBI materials. It provides the basis for maps presented here and here.

Some pdf files about Public Utilities Department:

Public Utilities Organizational Chart
Public Utilities work list
Sanitation Inspectors: Duties and Committee

– Don Beck