“In the Hands of Others”:
An Update on My Father’s House

09d-02-white-ReadingNow that I’ve put some physical and emotional distance between myself and my stage play, I’ve decided to resurrect the project. I’ve discussed it off and on since May 2012, when I talked with family, friends, and others involved with the play about pulling the plug on it. They have all urged me to not let it die. And I have decided not to.

Nearly everyone who has been a part of this endeavor wants to remain involved. Jack Souza, the director, is still interested in directing the project. Jim Johnson, the director of the staged reading, would like to produce it. Modesto Junior College, which provided personnel, facilities, and resources early on, would also like to participate, as would John Mayer and the Drama Department at CSU Stanislaus. Now, it’s a matter of working out the details regarding venue, dates, and funding. At this point, the soonest it could be produced would be July 2014.

Simultaneous with discussions about a future production, I will be investigating the idea of publishing it as a play with the hope that another production might find it worthy of staging. Until such time as I find a publisher, though, I invite the visitors to this website to read it here.

It is now in the hands of others. I hope the window of opportunity has not closed.