Peoples Temple in the Arts

  1. Arts and popular culture notes

  3. Books and poetry
    1. Stories from Jonestown Published
      1. Starting the Conversation on Jonestown, by Leigh Fondakowski
    2. Surviving November: My Life After Jonestown Moves Forward, by Dawn Gardfrey
    3. Update on And Then They Were Gone, by Judy Bebelaar and Ron Cabral
      1. Guyana, November 18, 1978, by Judy Bebelaar
    4. Paradise Undone Not Quite Undone, by Annie Dawid
    5. Articles by Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons
      1. The World Needs Your Novel
      2. I Only Want To Be With You, Charlie Brown
      3. A Trace of Doubt in My Mind
    6. The White Night Is Over, by Sharon Maas
      1. Running Away, by Sharon Maas
      2. A Guyanese perspective of Jonestown, 1979, by Eileen Cox
    7. The Vanishing: A Novel Excerpt, by Russell Working
    8. Book Preview – Jonestown: Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid, by Will Savive
    9. Last Words and Final Numbers, by Illya Szilak
    10. The Psychological Gestation of A Boyish God, by Peter A. Olsson, M.D.
    11. Jonestown and No Mercy, by Eleanor Learmonth
    12. The Jonestown Trio, by Stirling Noh

  5. Music
    1. Diego Harmon Composes Final Work for the jonestown report

  7. Film and Drama
    1. Chicago Youth Ensemble Presents The People’s Temple
      1. Jonestown Comes to Chicago Stage, by PJ Paparelli
      2. The Experience of an Actor’s Lifetime, by Michael Morrow
      3. Building the Peoples Temple Family, by Andrew Korzenik
      4. Speaking for Those Who Cannot, by Jo-Jo Brown
      5. PJ and the American Theater Company, by Laura Johnston Kohl
      6. Chicago Students Visit Evergreen, by Kathy Barbour
      7. Youth Theatre Makes Peoples Temple Breathe Again, by Garrett Lambrev
    2. Medea Sirkas Documentary Strutters For Life Nears Completion, by Tommy “Fayzo” Washington
    3. Heaven Down Here: Experimental/gospel chamber opera based on Peoples Temple worship, by Andrew Barnes Jamieson
    4. The Challenge of a Jonestown Performance Piece, by Daniel Buckley
    5. “In the Hands of Others”: An Update on the Stage Play, My Father’s House, by Ken White
      1. My Father’s House
    6. The Making of California Eden, by Lotta Weber
    7. Jonestown Through Cinema, by David Berget
    8. White Night Awaits Dawn of Completion, by Alex Smith
    9. Insights into Jonestown, by Frankie Glass

  9. Artworks and photography
    1. Jonestown Community Emerges on Smaller Size, by Daniel Russell