The November 18th Food Fund: A Report

It has been several years since the November 18th Living Memorial Food Fund closed without a public acknowledgement, and for that I owe an apology for the dated nature of this summary.

I let the food fund effort lapse due to the difficulty on the Food Bank’s part to give timely and/or accurate accrued amounts. Their tracking software simply did not allow for the kind of reliability and accountability which I thought the fund and its donors deserved.

The last total I received from the Food Bank was in excess of $17,000.

I want to thank the many people who donated, including those who donated anonymously. Your generosity was a “Living Memorial” in honor of all who died in Guyana on November 18th.

If circumstances allow I will revisit this endeavor in the future.

(Tim Carter lived in Jonestown and escaped on the final day. His complete collection of articles for this site is here)