Personal Reflections 2014

05-04-davisOne of the most important functions of this website is to provide a forum for former members of Peoples Temple and relatives of the Jonestown dead to write about their experiences and perspectives. While each individual story brings a powerful voice to any consideration of the events of 18 November 1978, their totality contributes to an even more important – if sometimes cacophonous – body of work. For that reason, these stories may also be found on our growing online collection of perspectives here.

We invite other members and families of Peoples Temple – whatever your views on the tragedy of Jonestown and the factors that led to its end – to join in this chorus. Contact us at or so that we may add your story.

  1. News & Notes
  2. My Mother, Agnes Jones, by Robert Spencer
  3. The Great Protector, by Janet Jackson
  4. Remembering My Friends and Relatives, by Herbert Newell
  5. Moving From Guilt To Obligation, by Laura Johnston Kohl