Articles, the jtr bulletin, 2014

  1. Jonestown and the Ku Klux Klan: Race in Indiana and Its Influence on Jim Jones and Peoples Temple, by Catherine Abbott
  2. The Intersection of William Branham and Jim Jones, by John Collins and Peter M. Duyzer
  3. Utopian Justice, Righteousness and Divine Socialism: The Politics of Father Jehovia, Father Divine and Jim Jones and of the Cause They Headed, by E. Black
    1. Addendum 1: The Changing Politics of Assessing Father Divine and Jim Jones
    2. Addendum 2: The Politics of Divine Retribution and the Battle between David and Goliath in the Cause
    3. Addendum 3: The Politics of the late Peace Mission and the early Peoples Temple: Consistent with Browderist Communism
    4. Addendum 4: The Righteous Government Platform (RGP) of Father Divine and his Peace Mission Movement
  4. The Transformation of Peoples Temple in California: From Pentecostal Church to Political Movement, by Rebecca Moore
  5. The Nursery & West House: Tracing the Path of Barbiturates in Jonestown, by Bonnie Yates
  6. The Influence of Taste: The Diet of Peoples Temple, by Chloe Schildhause
  7. The Inspiration of the Jonestown Express, by Isaac Zukin
  8. The Jonestown Death Tape: A Membership Categorisation Analysis, by Della-Rachel Smith
  9. The Effects of Segregation and Racism in 20th Century America On the Growth of Peoples Temple, by Kellen Datta
  10. “Never Heard A Man Speak Like This Before”: Reverend Jim Jones And Peoples Temple, by Emerson Maureen Stuckart
  11. Inside/Outside: A Reflection on Jonestown 36 Years Later, by Archie Smith, Jr.
    1. Remembering Jonestown: First Anniversary of the Jonestown Tragedy, by Archie Smith, Jr.
  12. 35 years after Jonestown – two survivors speak out, by Audhild Skoglund
  13. Jonestown in the books, the books in Jonestown: A hunt in two Guyanese libraries, by Antony Arcusa
  14. In Search of a Legacy, by Craig Foreman
  15. NRM Teaching Challenges: Thinking Along with Peoples Temple Survivors, by David F. Mihalyfy
  16. Thinking Critically about Jonestown, by Kamilah Cummings
  17. Peoples Temple and Cultivation Theory, by Gary Maynard
  18. From monkey salesman to charismatic preacher, by Dr. Richard Wiseman
  19. Challenging the Kool-Aid Reference, by Patrick O’Reilly
  20. Jonestown: The Cult That Never Went Away, by David Conn