Feature Film Still In Development

by Jeffery Keilholtz

The currently Untitled Marshall Kilduff Project – the based-on-a-true-story about Marshall Kilduff, the San Francisco Chronicle reporter, who broke open the story of Peoples Temple – is still in feature film development. While a prominent executive producer found the screenplay both fascinating and important, the UMKP is still working to find additional producers to come on board and take this venture to the next level. Once an executive producer is attached, the screenplay will have a better shot at securing financing. The feature film market is challenging for dramas, at the moment, given its appetite for big budget blockbusters that can make easy money overseas. This fact is why viewers are now seeing more dramatic content move to television. Regardless, the UMKP powers on and will, inevitably, come to fruition. Thanks to Marshall Kilduff, for his continued support.

(Jeff Keilholtz is a writer and dramatic artist based out of New York City.)

Originally posted on September 22nd, 2016.

Last modified on October 21st, 2016.
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