Findings, Analysis and Inventory of the Peoples Temple Agricultural Settlement

Courtesy National Library of Guyana in Georgetown, Guyana

In March 1979, four months after the deaths in Jonestown, the Government of Guyana published a report of its “investigation into the nature and quantity of all types and categories of physical assets at the Jonestown Settlement at the time of the tragedy.”

The report represents an inventory made by the Government of Guyana of what was recovered after the bodies were cleared. It specified that it was not about the “issues and of what happened in Jonestown.” At the same time, the report’s foreword expresses the hope that this accounting would help the people of Guyana to “further understand the dimension of untruths and misrepresentations to which the foreign press has gone to tarnish the name of the country.”

The text of the report discusses some of the government’s policies regarding Jonestown, including the original land lease, the progress reports that Peoples Temple filed as construction began, and the accreditation of the Jonestown school. It also offers a brief account of the nation’s understanding of the Temple’s history.

But the bulk of the report – and all of the appendices – document the structures, construction equipment, tools, foodstuffs and kitchen supplies, library books and personal papers recovered during the clean-up of the site.

There is one known copy of this book, located in the National Library of Guyana in Georgetown.

It should be noted that Appendices A through E are missing their texts, likely because they consisted of larger maps and diagrams that had become separated from the volume in the intervening years.

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Text of Report
    1. Findings, Analysis and Inventory Report (text)
  3. Appendices A-E: Maps and Organisational Charts
  4. Appendix F: List of Jonestown Residents with Date of Birth, Date of Entry into Guyana and Passport Number
  5. Appendix G: Structure (Buildings) and Erections
  6. Appendix H: Food Supplies, Equipment, Appliances, Machines and Other Incidentals
  7. Appendix I: Experimental Sample – Herbal Kitchen
  8. Appendix J: Clothing and Furniture
  9. Appendix K: Library
  10. Appendix L: Letter from Dr. Patrick Ng-A-Fook
  11. Appendix M: Miscellaneous

The editors are grateful to Antony Arcusa for identifying this volume; to the staff of the National Library of Guyana in Georgetown for allowing its duplication; to Jeff Guinn for requesting the volume and bringing the duplicate pages to the United States; and to Robert Ray of San Diego State University Special Collections for digitizing the volume.