Peoples Temple in the Arts 2017

A number of musicians, writers, dramatists, and filmmakers have completed – or are still working on – many creative projects which consider the people of Peoples Temple and the events in Jonestown. The articles below describe those projects, introduce the creative forces behind them, and consider how they perceive their own work.

  1. Arts Notes 2017
  2. Books and writing projects
    1. An Exhortation to Write, by Jeff Guinn
    2. Road to Jonestown Published
      1. New Materials Worth Reading in Jones Biography, by Annie Dawid
      2. Guinn Follows Many Routes on Road to Jonestown, by Jason Dikes, MA, MLS
    3. Leaving Jonestown, by Laura Elizabeth Woollett
    4. And Then They Were Gone: Three Reviews
      1. From One Teacher to Another, by Craig Foreman
      2. That Championship Season Before the World Turned Gray, by Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons
      3. From High School to Jonestown, by Rikke Wettendorff
    5. Review of José Torra Alfaro´s book “Libertad y Religión. Jonestown: Religión y Socialismo”, by Luis Ángel González Rocha
      1. Reseña del libro de José Torra Alfaro “Libertad y Religión. Jonestown: Religión y Socialismo”
    6. Jonestown Plays Minor Role in Novel, by Annie Dawid
  3. Films and Documentaries
    1. Memory Thieves: Beyond the White Gaze of Jonestown, by Sikivu Hutchinson
    2. French Documentary Explores Faith and Violence in Peoples Temples, by France Swimberge
    3. Living Inside the Film, by Sally El Hosaini
    4. What I learned by filming a Jonestown survivor, by John Borowski
  4. Performing Arts
    1. A vague murmur of art, by Mohammad Shojaei
    2. From the Page to the Stage: The Other Plane, by Sara Brody
    3. Heaven Down Here Presented before Sacred in Opera Initiative, by Andrew Jamieson
  5. Music
    1. Jonestown Crows Challenges Blind Faith, by Jebadiah Halfhand
    2. “Welcome” to Music by Peoples Temple, by Ethan Sells
  6. Art
    1. Exhibit Combines Art and Soundscape to Honor Jonestown Dead, by Beth Houghtaling
    2. Chromatic Dispatches from Guyana, by Lars Wannop and Kingston Trinder
  7. Podcasts
    1. Playback: Reformatting Peoples Temple Audio for a Millennial Audience, by Shannon Howard
    2. Podcasting & Peoples Temple, by Jason Dikes, MA, MLS
      1. Podcasts: A Primer
  8. New Forum Game Devoted to Jonestown Simulation, by Thomas Mrett
  9. Representations of Jonestown in the Arts: An Analysis, by Rebecca Moore