Serial 159

[Editor’s note: The subject of this serial whose name is deleted is a man named Hargrove, which the FBI itself revealed on page 2. The deleted information from the memorandum – designated by brackets – has been indicated by red type.]

[In addition, while most of the deletions in the duplicate at Serial 996 – the text of which is here – match those in the original, some do not. The additional words provided in the duplicate are indicated below in blue type.]

P 239455Z NOV 78
FM FBI DALLAS (89-205) (P)

On November 21, 1978, [Hargrove name and address deleted] Denton, Texas, telephonically contacted Dallas office and advised he had information regarding captioned matter.

On November 22, 1978, [Hargrove] contacted and advised the following: [Hargrove] advised the following information has previously been provided to agent [name deleted], NISO Office, Dallas, Texas, with whom he visited approximately two to three weeks ago.

[Hargrove] advised matter began approximately three months ago when he was contacted by three individuals on one occasion and by an ex-Army associate on another incident. [Hargrove] advised he did not recall name of Army associate but advised he was

PAGE TWO DE DL #0010 UNCLAS (DL 89-205)

a member of his old outfit, the [deleted information] Battalion, Company 8, and was a member of the hunter-killer team with [Hargrove] and was along with [deleted name], the only other living member of that team. He advises individual was a demolition expert with the hunter-killer team and had returned to the States prior to [Hargrove] being wounded and other members of the team being killed in Vetnam. Hargrove described other three individuals contacting him as refusing to provide name. Individual number one a white male, 6’, 160 pounds, blond hair, 30-35 years of age; individual number two of Spanish decent [descent], possibly Puerto Rican or Cuban, 5’11” to 6’, 180 pounds, black hair and in his mid-30s. Individual number three of Puerto Rican or Cuban decent, 6’, 175-180 pounds, muscular build, age approximately 35. [Hargrove] advised individual numbers two and three only spoke Spanish, and that individual number one did all the dealings with [Hargrove].

[Hargrove] advised initial contact by individual number one and his two Spanish associates occurred approximately three months ago where they requested [Hargrove] to assist in a killing contract in South America around the naval base at Nicaragua. [Hargrove] was to recruit others to assist him who would have ability to handle


automatic weapon, namely M-16 rifle and pump .12 gauge shotgun, and who had combat experience in Vietnam. [Hargrove] as well as individuals recruited, were to receive $25,000 cash for the contract. When in Nicaragua, [Hargrove] and recruits were to be used in an assassination plot on members of the family of General Samosa [Somoza], most notably on the list was Samosa’s son, but any members of his family would be acceptable. In addition, they bere [were] to create havoc PM pr [unintelligible] near Navy Base in Nicaragua.

[Hargrove] contacted by same people about one month ago where they made an offer to him of $1,500 in advance to accompany them on trip to Guyana where he was to assist on a “hit” on some Red Cross people and newsmen who would be in Guyana. [Hargrove] advised that nothing was mentioned about a congressman being in the group they were to make hit on but advised the hit was to be made with individuals with M-16 rifles and people with .12 gauge pump shotguns were to follow behind them and “mop up” any survivors of M-16 attack. [Hargrove] advised that while watching news coverage of attack on Congressman Ryan’s group that he observed individuals who made attack and then one of them resembled one of the Puerto Rican or Cuban individuals who visited him in Denton, Texas.

PAGE FOUR DE DL #0010 UNCLAS (DL 89-205)

[Hargrove] advised that he has already received $500 in cash from mentioned individuals.

[Hargrove] advised that he communicates with three individuals mentioned above through carrier pigeons. He advised that the individuals provided him initially with several carrier pigeons that were trained to go to a specific location and that he, in turn, provided them with some of his trained carrier pigeons and advised that they had communicated with him in this matter on numerous occasions. [Hargrove] advised that he would be willing to introduce individuals to three mentioned individuals if the undercover agents could pose as Vietnam veterans who are “crazy” and were willing to participate in mentioned mission in Nicaragua.

It is noted that during the course of contact with [Hargrove] that he appears very paranoid and upset. He requested interviewing agents to park Bureau vehicle in location away from house and insisted that all drapes in house were drawn and refused to sit anywhere near a window. [Hargrove] also had wife and small child in another part of house which was located away from all windows.

Dallas, at Grand Prairie. Will contact [deleted name], NISO Officer, Grand Prairie, Texas, re information regarding [Hargrove].

PAGE FIVE DE DL #0010 UNCLAS (DL 89-205)

The Bureau is requested to advise Dallas if they are desirous of having agent in undercover capacity be introduced to unknown individuals by [Hargrove].

Armed and dangerous; suicidal.