If Robin Williams were still alive

Cartoon by Andy Silver

If Robin Williams were still alive
Our excuses would be dead
He stayed to help us
While out of his head

His genius now in tatters
The quick wit dried up and gone
Just his wish to stay
And be with us at home

The theft of a disease
Yet nothing he did wrong
Genetics at play
This home where he belongs

A thousand chances to leave
He turned them all down
So he could remain on our team
Because to us he belongs

When it’s our time
As our parts all fall away
May our tears remind us
To stay for another day

(Andy Silver is a former member of Peoples Temple, and is now a divorce and federal mediator in Charlotte, North Carolina. His other article in this edition of the jonestown report is Understanding Dread, Trusting Intuition. His complete collection of writings for this site may be found here. He may be reached at andy@resolutionexperts.com.)