Serial 313

[Editor’s note: One of the subjects of this serial whose name is deleted is a man named Hargrove, which the FBI revealed in Serial 159. The deleted information from the memorandum – designated by brackets – has been indicated by red type.]

Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Communication Message Form

Date: 11/24/78
Classification: Unclas
Precedence: Priority


Re Dallas teletype dated November 21, 1978, concerning [deleted name] [Hargrove].

The Bureau desires that an agent/s in an undercover capacity be introduced to the unknown individuals described by [Hargrove] to determine these persons’ connection, if any, to the death of Congressman Leo J. Ryan. However, if further inquiry should fail to corroborate what [Hargrove] has already told the FBI, Dallas should discontinue the above lead. For instance, should your contact with NISO Officer [deleted name] or inquiry that you make determine that [Hargrove] was not in the military as he previously set forth, no further effort re


[Hargrove] should be made. You should consider setting forth appropriate lead to St. Louis for a review of [Hargrove]’s military record. Determine if [Hargrove] actually possesses carrier pigeons.

It is important that every possible line of inquiry be followed to resolve captioned matter. Therefore, the above is set forth for Dallas for your guidance. Advise Bureau and San Francisco of results.

Armed and dangerous. Suicidal.



[Hargrove] of Denton, Texas, advised the Dallas FBI office that he was a former member of the 23rd Aviation Battalion Company B, as a member of a “hunter-killer team.” Recently he was visited by another member of this team whose name he does not recall and two other apparently Latin American persons requested that he assist them in a “killing contract” at a naval base in Nicaragua. [Hargrove] stated that on second contact with these persons they offered him $1500 advance money to accompany them to Guyana where he was to assist on a “hit” on some Red Cross people and newsmen who would be in Guyana. There was no mention of a congressman in the group to be hit, which was to be accomplished with M-16 rifles and 12-gauge shotguns. [Hargrove] stated that upon observing news coverage of Congressman Ryan’s death, he observed individuals who made the attack and that one of them resembled one of the Latin American males who visited him in Denton, Texas. Dallas has indicated [Hargrove] communicates with these persons through carrier pigeons and that he appeared very paranoid and upset, requesting interviewing agent to park Bureau car away from the house, insisting all drapes in the house were drawn and refusing to sit near a window. [Hargrove] agreed to introduce undercover agent/s posing as Vietnam veterans to the unknown persons.

Although the above sounds somewhat far-fetched, the Bureau should leave no stone unturned in investigating the death of Congressman Ryan. Therefore, Dallas’ suggestion to introduce undercover agent/s at the appropriate time into the above scenario must be accepted.

The above teletype instructs Dallas to introduce the agent or agents, however, if appropriate background inquiry on [Hargrove] determines that he is untruthful, this lead should be discontinued.