Serial 466 • SITREP VIII

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[This document appears as Serials 50 and 466 in the FBI RYMUR release and as State
Department cable 294495
in the State Department release.]


Operations Center


Situation Report No. VIII

Situation in Guyana as of 1830 Hours (EST), November 20, 1978

Reports by Guyanese police to U.S. Embassy Georgetown state 363 bodies of Peoples Temple adherents have been counted so far at Jonestown, including body of Rev. James Jones. Embassy believes some Jonestown residents fled into bush. There may also be additional dead not yet found.

DOD communications team has gone to Jonestown but communications system not yet functioning. Advice from pathologists in U.S. makes it questionable that after 50 hours bodies at Jonestown can be evacuated and local burial may be required.

U.S. military now plans fly in three large helicopters (HH-53), to be refueled in air, plus four smaller helicopters aboard 2 C-141s. USAF has not yet determined suitability of Matthew’s Ridge for C-130 use. By Wednesday morning we anticipate having about 200 American military in Guyana to assist in operation.

FBI has ordered six agents to stand by to assist in investigations if requested by GOG [Government of Guyana].

Bodies of Congressman Ryan and three newsmen will be flown out to U.S. late November 20.

Peoples Temple lawyer Mark Lane and colleague Charles Garry are in Georgetown and gave press conference November 20.

U.S. military does not possess Otter or similar aircraft as requested by GOG but other solution being examined.

John Bushnell, ARA Director
Guyana Working Group

J. Thyden
Senior Watch Officer

Originally posted on March 24th, 2019.

Last modified on March 29th, 2021.
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