FBI Section 105 • X-5 • Miscellaneous

Section X-5 — which comprised the first of two sections on FBI Section 105 and which is labelled in the Guyana Index as “Miscellaneous” –– consists of 130 pages. There were numerous blank pages in this section – including the first 28 pages – which are not reproduced below.

The listing below is complete for this section of the FBI’s FOIA release. The unedited PDF for this section as released by the FBI is here.

The citation for these documents should open with the FBI’s official designation of these records, which is “RYMUR 89-4286.” Each individual page in these records has a unique number. Page 36 of this document, for example, is marked “X-5-a-26a”. The complete citation for that page, then, would be “RYMUR 89-4286-X-5-a-26a”.

PDF page numbers
Number of pages
Citations of pages
29-103, 130
X-5-a-21 – X-5-a-36f, X-5-a-40
Biographical information and US addresses of Jonestown residents, including dates of entry
X-5-a-37a – X-5-a-37v
Skills inventory of Jonestown residents