C-8-a-71 Job Descriptions

5 July, 78
8 to app. 10 p.m.
Meeting of Troika With ACAO’s


From all departments will need:

1.) Job Descriptions on each person within department, or if or one person not presently on job and it is being done by whomever can get to it, then describe the function and say “personnel needed.”

Recommend procedurers needed to complete the jobs. (See Harold and Toi.)

2.) Give department outline or schematic and chain of command.

3.) List your short term and long range planning with a deadline of [blank space provided] on wind this should be in – probably within 2 or 3 days. We will soon be going into major production on farm with the seasonal change, and into major construction as soon as lumber arrives.

4.) We will need inventories immediately: Feeds, foods, fuel, spare parts, and supplies in every departments are important for us to know about – we need to know what may become an emergency before it gets there. Harold explained perpetual inventory every 3-[illegible number] months and there will be auditors to check on this. There is need to set up reorder system monthly or as needed to keep above “safe” minimum.

5.) List your procedures and go over them with the GAO’s before setting changes in motion from what you originally set up in items 1, 2 and 3 above. If there are any changes or personnel shift[s] within the departments, please let the CAO’s know immediately.

6.) A system of follow-up needs to be formulated; there is a need for the CAO’s to be able to evaluate the projected tasks you originally get up vs what you completed of those tasks, each. Will try to do much of this in these meetings.

Meeting: Will meet on Mondays 6:30 to 8 p.m., and steering will be at 8:30.


Will mostly cover inter-departmental items were both supervisors need to be present to effect a decision.

Job Pool: Some changes are being made now, however all input will be taken then final decision will rest with the CAO’s. Assistant to the ACO’s is not necessarily a full-time job.