Joe Mazor Criminal Record, 1957-1970

Joseph A. Mazor

3/29/57 Hawthorne, New York AWOL – U. S. Army and possession of switchblade U. S. Army Support Center; no disposition; SS-TOT Military authority
6/14/60 Chicago, Illinois Inquiry No disposition
11/26/60 Ormand Beach, Florida Police Department, W. C. Two counts T.O.T.C. 7th J.P., Volusia County, Florida
11/27/60 South Deland, Florida Two counts of bogus checks Restitution or six months
1/09/61 Harwood Heights, Chicago, Illinois Bogus checks Cook County jail
 3/03/61 Probation
5/12/61 Park Ridge, Illinois Bogus checks No disposition
10/09/61 Chicago, Illinois False pretenses Disposition O. R. [own recognizance]
11/05/62 Los Angeles, California 476 P. C [check fraud]., four counts
2/01/63 180 days County jail; S. S. [suspended sentence]; three years probation
1/22/63 Burbank, California N. S. Checks
1/24/63 N.S. Surrendered
3/08/63 Jail
8/19/63 California Department of Corrections Three counts bogus checks 476 Los Angeles County; six months – fourteen years
6/18/64 Paroled
8/10/64 Licensed Auto Salesman
1/01/65 Los Angeles, California Violation of parole, probation denied Sent to prison
6/25/65 Probation denied
7/07/65 California Department of Corrections Checks Los Angeles County; six months – fourteen years
3/19/66 Discharged from parole
5/22/67 Paroled to San Bernardino County; to be discharged 7/7/70
3/04/69 San Bernardino, California Violation of parole Arrested
5/15/69 Began 8/19/63 – 2/15/70; new date 7/7/72
11/30/70 Anaheim, California Parole recall Released to Bob Sloan, Parole Agent
12/01/70 Riverside County, California Violation of parole
1/25/71 New term; going back to original date
4/26/74 Paroled
1/15/76 Discharge
4/12/77 Application for Investigator license