Letter to Laurie Efrein from
Bureau of Collection and Investigative Services

[Letterhead of California Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Collection and Investigative Services]

January 27, 1978

Mrs. Laurie Efrein
P. O. Box 15025
San Francisco, CA 94115

Dear Mrs. Efrein:

This will acknowledge receipt of your letter to Governor Brown dated January 1, 1978, in which you set forth your concerns about Joseph Mazor, who has been licensed as a private investigator by this Bureau since May, 1977.

In addressing your primary concern that Mr. Mazor’s license was improvidently granted, we are certain you realize that the decision to grant or deny a license to an applicant is a complex one about which reasonable persons may differ. We do consider criminal history important evidence of a person’s suitability as a licensee when the crimes he committed are substantially related to the functions of the occupation for which she seeks to be licensed.

Despite the foregoing, the Bureau does not consider criminal history to the exclusion of all other evidence relevant to the question of an applicant’s present suitability for a license. Thus, when an applicant furnishes the Bureau with evidence of rehabilitation, we must necessarily determine whether he has made a sufficient showing that his criminal record has ceased to be an accurate indication of his fitness.

In Mr. Mazor’s case, the Bureau received character references from many persons in law enforcement and the legal profession, attesting to his qualifications and fitness for a license. The decision to grant him a Private Investigator license was made in light of all such relevant material.

In response to the other points addressed in your letter, you should be advised that many provisions of the Private Investigator and Adjuster Act, (Business and Professions Code Sec. 7500 et seq.), as well as Bureau regulations implementing the Act, (16 Cal. Admin. Code, Sec. 651 et seq.), are designed to curb abusive practices by private investigators, and include remedies for impersonation, invasion of privacy, and fraud. If any violation of the Act or regulations by Mr. Mazor is brought to your attention, we invite you to file a complaint with our office. You may be assured that your complaint will receive prompt attention.

Mrs. Elfrein [Efrein]
January 27, 1978

When deciding whether you wish to pursue this course of action, please bear in mind the fact that Mr. Mazor’s associational ties and political affiliations would not be relevant to any complaint the Bureau is permitted to investigate.

You may also be interested to know that concealed weapons permits are issued by local authorities, such as police departments and sheriffs’ offices. Therefore, complaints regarding issuance of these permits should be directed to the appropriate local police agency.

If the Bureau can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to call upon us.

/Koene R. Cohen/
Koene R. Cohen

cc: Governor Brown
cc: Michael Krisman, Deputy Director