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Jones: –they have bravely held out, the people, against the dictatorship, Somoza that was put in 44 years ago by an invasion of US Marines. Since has killed tens of thousands, [and] tortured tens of thousands more in Nicaraguan jails. Insurgents have gotten behind the Nicaraguan forces mobilized for action, in response to a report that the Carter administration is mobilizing military forces to come to the aid, the rescue of the embattled dictator Anastacio Somoza. [Jimmy] Carter, in his hypocritical pronouncement that he will support no regime of human rights, has broken it time after time. Gave 447 billion [million] dollars’ worth of aid to Union of South Africa, where our people live now like slaves, just like we did in slavery. He gives aid to dictatorships all over the world, and money– as he did in Indonesia, where three million, three million murders, socialists, progressives and communists were carried out by the gov– no, the ruling government. (Pause)

Anyway, Nicaraguans living in the San Francisco Bay Area quickly and quietly organized a protest in the front of the Federal Building, Wednesday, as soon as word was received from Costa Rica that there had been reason to believe that the US president had sought assistance for Somoza and the Nicaraguan (stumbles over words) dictatorial reactionary forces from the Central American Defense Council, an organization for American States right wing, enough. Unrepresentative of the people, representing the South– South American governments. Nonetheless, they would have nothing to do with the Nicaraguan dictatorship upheld by President Carter, puppet of US capital. The council was formed in 1964 at a meeting of foreign ministers at the reactionary regimes of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. (Pause)

The Communist Party USA this week condemned the barbaric massacre in Tehran, perpetrated by the fascist troops of the Shah of Iran, who was put in power again by our tax dollars, much to the sorrow and guilt of our conscience. The Shah of Iran, one of the richest men, was put in power when the CIA had [Mohammad Mosaddegh] the president of that republic murdered a few years ago. Undoubtedly using US-supplied weapons, the Shah bombed his own neighborhoods. In one theater alone, his secret police burned 400 alive. Rebellion and revolution continue throughout every city of Tehran– uh, of Iran. Also, an– an (pause) earthquake of a 7.7 on the Richter scale has left the country in shambles. A statement issued here September 19 under the signature of party internal affairs department secretary Helen Winter said we in the United States must demand an immediate halt to all United States aid to the blood-stained tyranny of the Shah, and demonstrate our solidarity with those Iranians fighting for democracy.

China passing through got no negotiations with Tehran. The government of Iran, the (unintelligible word) leader, Shah of Iran, did not want to make the Soviet neighbor in any way unhappy with his aggressive policies. (Pause)

Stand by. Question, please. (Tape edit)

The Tudeh – T-u-d-e-h – Party, the underground party of Marxist-Leninists in Iran, issued a statement here this morning appealing to the peoples of the world to come out in support of the Iranian people. Just there are– there is a just cause as never before in Iran. The statement said the Shah of Iran’s imposition of martial law, dictator law, and some of you think martial law is far removed from the USA, but US (word cut off, several seconds of silence) Thousands of people across the world marched in sympathy with the Iranian people. The statement said the Shah of Iran’s imposition of martial law shows the real face of Shah’s tyranny, but despite the repression, the Iranian people will continue and that– to see that their just struggle is finally victorious. (Pause) (Tape edit)

The US space agency says that million– says millions of people somewhere on the globe will probably be treated to a spectacular aerial display this weekend, with the fiery plunge to earth of Pegasus I, one of the weekend– one (pause) of this weekend– one of the largest satellites ever placed into orbit. According to the latest circulations, the 21,000 pound, 96-foot pound lo– 96-foot-long satellite will break up hopefully and rain back to earth on Monday, or (stumbles over words) Sunday at the earliest. It may come down uh, tomorrow. However, it could happen as early as today, or as late, you know, as the morning hours. The experts say that as much of three-quarters of a ton of the debris could survive re-entry and hit the earth, and cause instant death to all the people that it hit, if it struck in any inhabited area. But they insist that chances of human injury or death are very, very remote and must be taken for capitalist development. The Soviets have since ceased putting such equipment into orbit that cannot be self-destructed. But of course the Soviets put people above property rights. Flaming pieces of Pegasus are expected to be scattered over an area in the sky, more than one thousand miles along the 100-mile wide– It might be visible from the southern most points of the United States. Naturally, they send it over South America rather than over their own cities.

Addis Ababa. Soviet Vice President Vasili Kuznetsov, Cuban president Fidel Cul– Castro, and Robert Mo– Mugabe, uh, the co-chairman of the great Zimbabwean Patriotic Front which the white man chooses to call Rhodesia, (pause) that– The Zimbabwean Patriotic Front is made up also of Joshua Nkomo, a fighting nationalist, he and Robert Mugabe, Marxist-Leninist, uh, represent the government– 97 percent of the people. The co-leader of the Zimbabwean-Rhodesian Patriotic Front were amongst the many foreign dignitaries who arrived here this week to take part in the celebration of the fourth anniversary of the overthrow of Ethiopia’s emperor Haile Selassie, who said he would maintain his role because he was the divine representative of God, the Messiah on earth. Apparently, the Communist revolution did know nothing of him being the Messiah.

Lebanon’s National Patriotic Force and the Lebanese National Front from Beirut, the news comes, have formed an alliance with a joint leadership. It was announced here last week. The National Front is a grouping of conservative forces with ties to ex-president Saloon– Suleiman Frangieh – S-u-l-e-i-m-a-n F-r-a-n-g-i-e-h – The National Patriotic Forces includes the Communist Party of Lebanon– Lebanon and other left wing organizations. Their statement, issued by the news alliance, condemned those Lebanese reactionaries who are working together with Israel – Zionist fascist expansionist Israel – and who want to destroy the Arab League peace-keeping force in Lebanon.

The news has it that there is more and more trouble for the US dollar, because the Arab nations are re– terribly disturbed over the sell-out that took out (stumbles over words) Camp David, the summit supposedly between Carter, and dictator [Menachem] Begin of Israel and dictator [Anwar] Sadat of Egypt.

Political prisoners in Paraguay’s notorious Emboscado concentration camp are on a protest hunger strike. Among 100 prisoners taking part in the strike is Salvo Romales, wife of De– Dereles Vilaraga– Vilagra, the missing leader of the Young Communist League of Paraguay, another country that’s been upheld for nearly 40 years by US tax dollars. The CIA has trained all the secret police of these various dictatorships throughout the world at our expense. It should cause great guilt to our hearts and a desire to work as work never before to increase the land and finish the buildings, a hundred and one, that we need to build, to take care of our full community. And no end to how many people will want to come to freedom.

At a news conference in Paraguay last week, Atillo Cassal, chairman of the Paraguayan Opposition Movement, called for a wide international solidarity with the strike. He noted that the regime of President Alfredo Stroessner, or I should say dictator Stroessner – S-t-r-o-e-s-s-n-e-r – of Paraguay had built Emboscado, using Nazi German war criminals to design it. Paraguay is the biggest haven of Nazi murderers. It is estimated that in Paraguay, there are Nazis living there who are responsible for the death of four million Jews. He’s a Nazi himself, he’s a German, and he was sympathetic with [Adolf] Hitler all during the war, but of course, USA upholds him, because the USA originally built up the Nazis to what they were, hoping that they would be a capitalist ally in Europe, just like Europe capitalists work with them now, and that they would quietly take care of the socialists, massacre the Russians, so there would be no working class struggle. But when things got out of hand, then of course they had to get involved, because Hitler decided to take more of the– of the pie than they intended. But even to the last moments, as we saw in the film, Washington sent a telegram to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels in the bunker where they were staying, that if they stopped the communists there, in spite of the millions already that the Germans had killed in the concentration camps, they would allow Hitler to remain in power in Germany and uh, allow him his own rule and reign, and dictatorship and concentration camps.

USA is a bloody cancer. We love the country, we love our people, we want it to be free, and those who love their country, said patriotic member President Jackson [likely Thomas Jefferson], condemn villainous governments, condemn tyranny wherever they see it. Jef– [Thomas] Jefferson, the great president of the United States, said, any nation that goes 20 years without a rebellion is not a free nation.

At a news conference here last week in Paraguay, Atillo Cassal, chairman of the Paraguayan Opposition Movement, called for a wide international solidarity with the strike. He noted that the regime of President dictator Alfredo Stroessner of Paraguay has, as I said, built Emboscado, using nothing but Nazi German war criminals to design it. There were criminals– the war– their war criminals helped the design and built Nazi death camps just as (struggles over pronunciation of Dachau and Auschwitz), Auschwitz, as some say, and Dachau and Bay-Belsen [Bergen-Belsen]. They’re building concentration camps just like them now in Paraguay and Uruguay and Chile, with US tox– tax dollar aids.

Funeral services were held this week for Jean Canapa, a member of the Political Bureau of the French Communist Party, a brave woman who went through jail many times during the Hitler reign, and head of the International Department. Canapa died here on September 18 at the age of 56, following a long and painful illness. Though she was tortured by the Nazis, she never gave information as to activities of her fellow comrades resisting the fascist capitalist. As you know – look in the library – fascism is the last stage of capitalism. It’s already fascism in USA, but it’s de facto. That means it works without having to come out in the open. There’s no resistance. People just go along with things without question. They’re apathetic and dis– and despairing.

Singer Joan Baez recently refused to take a scheduled appearance to an Israel musical festival because it was being held on occupied territory. She had been slated to perform at the second annual Israel Pop Festival August 30. However, she informed promotor Itan Gafne [phonetic] that she would not perform after learning the concert was being held in the town of Neviot – N-e-v-i-o-t – located on the occupied Sinai Peninsula, where the US military garrison state planned to build a nucea– nuclear air base. The reaction of Joan Baez was forced by world opinion, as it is estimated some four million people protested her statements in the Soviet Umen– Soviet right– Soviet Union about the trials of the CIA agents that have been passed off as dissidents.

About 4000 people marched August, uh– September 27 in Northern Ireland to mark the tenth anniversary of the first civil rights march in the country. The demonstrators marched from Cole Island about 35 miles south of the Belfast area, to Dungannon. Heavily armed British army troops and police harassed the marchers, and 14 civilians were reported injured. Stand by. (Tape edit)

–interrupted with a question, I shall go ahead and give you the news of the day. Be prepared for the news. Those that pass it of course have their own free time to do creative work. We hope we’ll hear some more creative schemes. Someone else gave a creative scheme, but they didn’t put it in writing. I’m very anxious to hear about these things, so we can write them up and give praise of them in the public. Ways of making money and saving money.

Be sure to have everything apple pie clean. I’ve not been able to go to bed, as always, due to busy, busy schedules and heavy, heavy reports that required looking at very seriously. I might say that the news has gone well, that across the nation, there has been revelations about the conspiracy against us, and [on] CBS, our good friend Dr. Lane, Mark Lane, called it a bigger conspiracy than that aimed at Martin Luther King [Editor’s note: Lane’s statement, if it was ever made, has not been located.]. UPI has also picked up a similar indictment, and I don’t have the words before me, but at least, whether San Francisco wants to admit it or not, the rest of the United States is beginning to realize that we have been the victimized– uh, victims of a vicious, fascist state that has always tried to dirty the name of anyone who stood up for right and justice. Just as they did Marcus Garvey, when he tried to take our people back to Africa, where we belong, where we can have freedom, where that great wealthy continent belonged to all people of color. Just as they did to Adam Clayton Powell, also as they did to Martin Luther King, dirtying his name with so– homosexual and heterosexual charges. Typical. You never become a hero until you’re uh– until you’re dead. The press and the television used to have nothing good to say about Malcolm X, now they name schools after him, that would make one turn over in their grave. How hypocritical the system is. (Pause) But, my friends, they’re losing power across the world.

Leonid Brezhnev. President of the Communist Party, has told the Secretariat of the Communist Party that a halt of the arms race is a crucial task of the Soviet foreign policy. He condemned the circles of reactionary in the United States and other NATO lackeys, the ass-kissers of US imperialism, that are trying to undermine the pro– the progress of arms limitations and return to the policy of perpetuation of military might. He mentioned that one of the most important tasks to be resolved was a peace settlement in the Middle East. Brezhnev, in an appealing– almost appealing manner for peace in the danger of third world war, a nuclear that will destroy all of United States – even though it wouldn’t touch us, it makes us no happier – pointed out that the anti-Arab deal at the Camp David summit can only make the situation in the region still more potentially explosive, because it did not provide for the liberation of the Arab lands occupied by the fascist element ruling class of Zionist over Israel. Again, thousands of Israelis have taken to the streets demanding an end to the Begin regime. Many Jews do not share the Zionism of Begin, which is nothing more or less than religious fascism. Anytime religion mi– becomes mixed with government, it takes on a form of fascism. Brezhnev pointed out that the anti-Arab deal at the Camp David summit naturally was going to trouble the people and make it explosive, because it did not provide for the liberation of any of the Arab lands that have been conquered by military force and that did not respect the rights of the Palestinian people. The secret deals concluded at Camp David has caused a sharp criticism in many countries.

In Dis– Damascus, the Council for the Defense of Resistance and Confrontation has agreed on measures of counter-action. The meeting attended by Syria, Algeria, Libya – you new people also ought to ask– to ask to see even– if it can be put up while you’re working sometimes, The Battle of Algiers. We use that much as a means of winning our own war here. Libya, Democratic Yemen, and the Palestinian Liberation Organization. The Arabs are lining up, oil rich as they are, against US imperialism and Zionist fascism.

A group of African countries at the United Nations has projected that the General Assembly hold an urgent debate on Namibia. On her behalf, the countries are insisting on the s– use of effective means towards South Africa, to make it confer [comply] with the United Nations re– reso– resolution on Namibia. Pretoria, the capital of the dread concentration camp regime of Union of South Africa that is upheld by our US tax dollars, this week turned down the United Nations recommendations and announced its intentions to hold a false election there in order to set up a puppet regime later. SWAPO – Southwest African Peoples Organization – Zimbabwean Patriotic Front, Frolemon [phonetic, likely FRELIMO] and a whole other host of African liberation groups, have said they will not stand still, and allow Namibia to remain a slave. Namibia’s nothing more than a slave state of US capitalism through Union of South Africa.

The United Nations Special Committee Against Apartheid – that means total racist separation – has recommended than an embargo on oil shipments to South Africa be introduced. The Arabs’ recommendation was made after South Africa decided to hold their own elections in occupied Namibia. They said the embargo should remain in effect until South Africa and its fascist actions abandon the practice of apartheid and destroy their concentration camps and abide by the United Nations recommendations. The embargo of oil was also recommended by the Organization of the African Unity. This is a new merged sense of unity in Africa. As you know, they met recently in Sudan and uh, te– I tell you, they met with solidarity. All of them stood behind Cuba’s and the USSR– USSR’s right to be in Africa and called them the best friends of African liberation. So, people’s actions speak. Cuba and the Soviet Union have proved to be loyal friends to liberation everywhere. The embargo of oil was also recommended by the Organization, as I said, of African Unity. It likewise expressed support for the struggle of Namibian people for independence under the SWAPO leadership. The Soldu– Soviet Union have hinted – and so have the Cubans – that they will not withs– stand by and allow Namibia not to be free. There are now some 30,000 free Cuban people, volunteered who went across the seas to help Namibia to come out from a slave state, where children are worked as early as six years of age, worked 16 hours a day, where people are whipped with horsewhips like they did in slave times. Bravo and Saluda to those great Cuban revolutionaries who went to Angola and those from the Soviet Union, who were the avant garde of liberation of Africa. We shall not forget our mother. Anyone who forgets her mother, the roots of her heritage, would be something less than well.

In Nigeria, the state of emergency introduced twelve years ago has been lifted. In an address to the nation, the head of state [Olusegun Obasanjo] also announced a lift on the ban of political activities. The military intends to turn over power to a civil– a civil– uh, civilian government. The country’s new constitution comes into power next month on the eighteenth anniversary of Nigeria’s independence. (Tape edit) As you note, Nigeria became pro-African and more pro-Soviet when they caught Carter visiting their– meeting with some of their oil-rich bankers trying to wheel and deal and take some of the profits of the Nigerian people away. Nigeria’s one of the richest nations on the earth – look it up on your map – it is one of the oil-rich nations of the entire world.

Ethiopia and Cuba have denounced the maneuvers of the Western powers aimed at undermining African unity. They called on the progressive forces of the world to class– close their ranks in the face of the continuing imperialist coup. This was issued in a joint Ethiopian-Cuban co– communique. Ethiopia’s the black nation that Cuba and USSR helped free just a few months ago. The two countries condemned the expansionist and hege– hegemon– monistic policies – that means, power-hungry policies – of the Chinese leadership, and we said– and said its propaganda campaign against the socialist countries and also Peking’s alliance with the forces of world reaction. Ethiopia and Cuba spoke for– up for a speedy conclusion of the treaty banning nu– universality– uh, banning universally and permanently nuclear weaponry, and also a world treaty on long-term course in international relations. They stressed the need to outlaw the development and manufacture of new types of (pause) systems of mass destruction.

At this time, I need to give the newcomers some background on China. China occura– occupies [operates] by the Doctrine of Three Worlds. In the First World they see the USSR and the USA. They have since now concluded that the USSR is the most powerful, because it has more of a standing army, although half of the army in the Soviet Union is involved in medical work. Also it believes in the Second World, made up of the major capitalist industries [industrial nations] and Japan. Then it believes in the Third World in which it says it is the leader, and must draw all of the Second into the Third World to stop the two major superpowers from dividing the world.

They were also insanely– now I might say at least, obsessed with the idea that nuclear war is absolute to come, that there’s no ifs or ands, so they are trying their best to trigger nuclear war. It’s not that they’re against the Soviet Union or any other nation, they’re trying to use any device to bring about the nuclear war earlier than sooner, before it spreads throughout the world. As for instance, this is a zone of peace, agreed upon by the Soviet Union and USA. No bombs will be dropped in this area, also in the Indian area, Indian Ocean, and in a part of Africa. And so that is why China persists in this policy. Though it is no doubt practical, it is not philosophically correct to plan a whole policy or to try to bring about a nuclear war that in the United States alone would bring 200 million deaths– 210 million deaths in less than seven minutes.

But I should give you that background of China. China has been helpful in liberation. She’s helped uh, our own beloved Guyana with no strings attached. She has helped nations like Jamaica, who have been about to fall under the pressure of the International Monetary Fund, who by the way carried all of our conspiracy story on their TVs and their news media. She has also backed bravely Mozambique in her struggle against US planes that’ve been given to white Rhodesia and the racist white regime of South Africa. She has supported Zambia, so there are points that can be made.

But USSR, we call the avant garde, our party of ideal, because she is consistent in her policies. When the Chileans were invaded by USA and overthrown by CIA, she opened her embassy doors and took them in. Not so Jap– not so China. In many instances like this, China feels that they must first develop their own domestic policies well, and they have an excellent form of sharing in China. But all of the good must be also balanced with goodness in their foreign affairs.

That’s why we say, give us criticism, give yourself group criticism, when you put it in the box, give me or any other person criticism. That’s the way we grow. We’ve had two tremendous ideas for success this week. I hope that the administrators are working on it.

Mary Black will be taking over the massage area, and she is an expert, licensed. And the assistants will be working with her. I know how glad they are to have her, because we have great need in that field. We are so thrilled for her presence, as well as all of the guests to this great new free bre– fr– free land, where the air is free of smog. Now it is estimated that if you s– even smoke the cig– the air, if you breathe the air of any city in the Americas, it’s like smoking three-and-a-half packs of cigarettes. Your risk of cancer is just as sure as if you smoke cigarettes, not only to mention the other damages that come from the smogs and the terrible chemicals that’re in the air. Nor certainly to mention the racism, the gang warfare that plagues our youth, the muggings of our seniors, the rapes in our halls, the tenants that are set up in perfect fashion to be– to be destroyed by the neutron bomb. As the Air Force laughingly called it in the press, their nigger bomb. (Pause)

Anyway, we shall continue with a little bit more of the news.

The two counten– countries have condemned the expansionist policies and hegemonistic policies, unrealistic policies of the Chinese, and said its propaganda against the socialist countries – that is, Chinese – and also Peking’s alliance with the forces of world reaction in US imperialism, can do nothing but bring cha– chaos and havoc to the peace of the world. Ethiopia and Cuba spoke up for a speedy conclusion of a treaty banning universally and permanently nuclear weaponry, and also a word– world treaty on a long-term course in international retaliation– or relation, rather. They stressed the need (pause) to outlaw the development and manufacture of new types and uh, systems of mass destructive weapons. It is reported that US is engaging in new forms of chemicals that have no cure, as with bubonic plague that broke out in Arizona and New Mexico, that cannot in any way be resisted. Only capitalists develop neutron bombs that destroy all people and leave every piece of property. It could be dropped in the Fillmore, for instance, a neutron bomb, and there would be no harm just across the street in the white sector, and the rich capitalists could move in and take all the property and throw the bodies into the holes. No country’s ever invar– developed an eth– ethnic weapon, that is, poisons for people, foods that will kill people of different color, black, Asian, Indian, so forth and so on, Asian. No color– No country– And no country has there ever been as brave a man as Dr. Richard Hammerschlag, who was doing this research in the University of California two years ago, and we praised him for it, when he came to us and said in sweet words, we were the only people in the United States that thanked him for it. That shows you how desperate USA is and how quickly it must be that we move from that fierce and terrible land. (Pause)

The Soviet Foreign Minister, Andrei Gromyko, has had meetings in New York with foreign ministers of Bangladesh [Muhammad Shamsul Haque] and Mexico [Santiago Roel Garcia]. They discussed bilateral relations and international issues, a halt to the arms race and disarmament, much to the consternation of Carter’s administration, because Mexico may end up being one of the richest wo– nations in the world uh, with their new oil discovery. They decided to talk for a peaceful bilateral agreement with the Soviet Union.

In Nicaragua, the insurgent population of Esteli continues to put up resistance to the troops of dictator Somoza, who is being constantly supplied by US weapons flown in from Washington by air. The dictator had repeatedly declared that the– his troops have captured the city. After 13 days of bombing and shelling, Esteli is in ruins. National Guardsmen, who have killed more than 4000 people. Among the wounded and killed are children, but they keep their spirit, their song is high, and they fight on.

The Chinese authorities are using Kampuchea, which was formerly known as Cambodia, as a weapon for preventing a war against– uh, for provoking, rather, for starting a war against the Vietnam– Vietnamese people. China is using every method possible to bring World War III. Chinese Chairman Hua [Kuo-fenj] says it will happen within the year, because they want it to happen. They have underground shelters, uh, hospitals and so forth. So do the Soviet Union and Sweden, but they are not so cruel as to conclude that there is no hope, and to decide that so many lives are going to be exterminated. As long as there’s hope, there is life– there is hope, rather, and this is an ungodly policy to conclude that nuclear war is going to be, and help it to come to pass. But the Chinese are provoking to– the Vietnamese, the reunified socialist republic, that was saved by the brave fighting forces of Vietnamese and Soviet Union.

Anyway, since 1954, Peking has been distributing a map of China whose territory completely includes the whole of Vietnam, Laos – which is also a socialist ally of the Soviet Union – North Kampuchea, uh, which is called Campodia [Cambodia] under the old maps, Thailand, Burma, also (unintelligible name, sounds like “Maas”), a part of Japan and several other areas of Asia. Also, the Soviet Union and India. It seems that since Chairman Mao’s [Mao Tse-Tung] death, China has been carried away with grandiose, expansionist, aggressive dreams.

Kampuchea, as you know, started Communist, but the Khmer Rouge nationalist elements took over, and killed one-third of the entire population of Kampuchea. The governor– the Senate Mc– [George] McGovern, Senator from the United States, has called on the United Nations to interfere, but Carter will not do anything to protect these lives. But he’s interested in four CIA spies in Russia, and makes a great to-do about it. Such a hypocrite. He should shut his mouth and turn his back, if he’s going to continue this kind of foolish hypocrisy.

This is the ending of the news, the principal coverage of the news, and we hope that you will read it and study it well for preparation this afternoon. Study also the great sayings of Dr. Don Freed, who is an author of too many books for me to mention, and Dr. L– Lane, Mark Lane, who has written the bestseller uh, Rush to Judgment, with Dr. Freed. So listen and work, for the time comes when no man shall work. Produce now more fastly, more rapidly than ever. One day we’ll be able to sit under our own vine and fig tree in peace, but we need to work now to free people, or we’ll have the blood of them on our hands.

There are 163 black people that are begging us to let them leave USA, the conditions are so bad. People in the prisons that are stacked in, where there’s meant [to be] two to a prison cell, 17 to 18 are stacked in a prison cell, said Bishop [John] Moore, who came here and loved it so and wants to retire. Like everyone who’s come here. So did Carlton Goodlett want to retire here. So does Dr. Lane, and so does Dr. Freed. And we want to be able to do that, but it means we’ve got to work hard, and step up our pace, so let’s not have any shilly-shallying. Report those who are not actively pursuing their duties, and give reports of those who are, so we can give them the rewards that are rightfully due them.

I love you very much, and may you have a very good day. Remember, we have guests, so let’s have everything just as smooth as possible. There’s a bit more planning that can be done, that could make place– the place ideal. Look around, inspection crew and Public Services Union, so we’ll–­ we’ll be prepared for our visitors. Thank you, and I love you.

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Part II

Jones: Attention, attention. As you know in the community, I have never preached a sermon on the public address system. I’d live my life, I let my actions speak louder, because they speak much louder than words.

I do think that it is pitiful, after we have looked through history and seen Jesus Christ totally destroyed and condemned by even his own family, and left on a lonely cross, or a Moses, who was deserted, or a Mohammed, who was killed, or all of the ancient prophets up to Martin Luther King, President [John] Kennedy, Senator [Robert] Kennedy – Bobby – Malcolm [X], I think it is dreadful that some of you still come into the very center of the service of God, a circle of truth, and have to have things proven to you.

Believe me, I know the thoughts of the mind, and I know the thoughts of the heart. It was needed this morning, to save a life, that that sermon be given, and so it was given, and that life was saved– that life was saved. So why don’t you be open and say, I doubt you and I distrust you. I want to take and test this and that and the other thing. Otherwise, you are a hypocrite, and are condemned forever to judgments that you do not choose. Remember, it’s a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living god. Touch not mine anointed, do my anointed no harm. Now remember that. I always speak my mind, face to face. That’s the only honorable way to be, to be direct, to be open, not to have doubts and suspicions that you kind of sneak around about. Just be open.

I love you still. I would give my life for you. But it is painful to the heart of God and his servant that there are those here who question – question – when they’ve seen the lies told on Marcus Garvey and Malcolm, and every black leader from time immemorial. And you can look around and see the beauty I’ve created, and you can see that there’s no PA system but in one area, right across the pavilion, not in every field, and that this is the only sermon that I ever preached, and it is not four hours, but 50 minutes.

You should not be pleased with yourself, that you are guilty of such distrust. But try the spirit and see if it be of God. Test those that you need to test, and find out what you need to know, to be satisfied. I wish you would believe in me, as I believe in you. I wish you would give me as much help as I would give you, if you were in trouble, because I would lay down my life for any one of you. Thank you, and much love.

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Part III

Jones: Attention. Though having many nights of no sleep, I’ve been out picking up some debris, and noticing one thing very, very clearly: the short walk, the slow pace, of the youth, when we are working so hard to free our people. Even some of the old Uncle Toms, even though they don’t understand, and will have to be caught in the death of their old traditions. They’re like Jesus said, they will die in their old traditions. They’re unable to accept the new order. They’re unable to be transformed but the renewing of their mind. They’re unable to forget those things which are behind.

You youth know what is the future. You know desperately the need of youth just like you, for freedom, and some of the slothfulness here, I urge supervision to do something about it. It’s the best community in the world, but we have to be better than best right now. There’re too many people looking to us for freedom. Remember a little woman [Grace Walden], held in jail and in prison and inst– mental institution, for over ten years, harassed and given drugs that damaged her brain, because she wouldn’t lie about Martin Luther King. It’s coming here. It takes money to provide the medications for everyone here. And some people have never once thought about turning their money over, no one has suggested anything that uh, at some points, at least of giving any money, how much money they’ll give. They don’t mind taking from me. They have all sorts of things they want, but they don’t mind taking of me. And I love them still. I would give my life for them. But I would think– Said, present your whole body as your living sacrifice. Present your all. He said, when uh, you give all, you receive all. Anyway. Whatever. Let us pursue and do this job effectively, as we must. Be you workers, and not just thinkers and talkers. Thank you.

Male: Dad? Dad?


Part IV

Jones: Attention, attention, attention. Lovingly and sincerely and naturally speaking from revelation, I would like to pose a question to all of you under the sound of my voice. How would you feel if you had opened your home to me, never charged me a penny for anything to eat or place to stay, prepared to give you the best of medication, if it cost thousands of dollars, or even prepared to die for you, should it be required, then have you turn around and spy out my liberty, chuck me out and investigate me. Why don’t you try the shoe on your foot and see if you would like this hypocrisy.

Thank you, and much love.