Preamble Of the Righteous Government Platform

(Editor’s note: This article was originally on the Libertynet website.)

As Adopted by the
Held in New York City January 10th, 11th and 12th, 1936 A.D.F.D.

Editor’s Note: Many of the measures which the following document advocates have already been incorporated into city, state and federal government. It is also to be noted that the prices mentioned in the document are those which prevailed during the depression years of the thirties. They of course do not apply to present day Peace Mission prices.


PEACE TO ALL! We, the interracial, international, inter-religious, interdenominational and non-partisan co-workers of FATHER DIVINE’S Peace Mission and its Department of Righteous Government, greet all mankind with PEACE! In the light of this New Day and Dispensation in which we are now living since the advent of FATHER DIVINE – Whom twenty-two million have recognized as their Savior come to earth again in Bodily Form – we are advocating Righteousness, Justice and Truth in every walk of life. Therefore, we request the cooperation of all governments in legalizing these qualities, and the participation of all right-thinking people in universalizing a Righteous Government.

For this cause, we are assembled in a great International Righteous Government Convention in New York City these three days, the tenth, eleventh and twelfth of January, 1936 A.D.F.D., with Delegates from many different countries and states. The Righteous Government Department of FATHER DIVINE’S Peace Mission Movement has adopted a Platform embodying some of the more important issues of its Righteous Stand. This Platform, which has been verified and endorsed by FATHER DIVINE, with HIS Personal signature, we are privileged to present to you as follows:

In presenting Righteous Government to the world at large, nothing more fitting or far-reaching could be said than what has already been said by HIM Who is the Founder of it, Who has already introduced it to every field of life by establishing it in the lives of twenty-two million followers living in practically every civilized country on earth. A few of HIS Personal Words on the subject, as HE addressed thousands of HIS followers recently in New York City, were as follows:

“It has been through the ages, that religion and the religious teaching have caused men to be submissive, meek and obedient if they were religious, but obedient to wickedness, obedient to dishonesty, obedient to unrighteousness. Therefore, it profited you nothing to be religious and obedient. What profit would it be to us today to bring you into the Spirit and the action of Righteousness, unless we have a Righteous Government? That is why there are so many of the different individuals that have resorted to violence, and refused to accept of the teaching of religion.

“They have striven to keep the CHRIST from the political world. Through the different religions you have been taught that religion and politics will not mix, but I AM privileged to say, without the true concept of CHRIST and the recognition of HIS Presence among the politicians, the world will continue to be filled with corruption, and it is a matter of impossibility to receive your deliverance saving through this great Conversion.

“Righteousness, Truth and justice shall become to be a living reality, and shall be established universally through legality, and every nation, language, tongue and people shall accept it as the Fundamental.”

We believe in these words because we are among the millions that have already been impregnated with these qualities by FATHER DIVINE. Through the New Dispensation of GOD on earth in Bodily Form, we already have a Righteous Government, for Righteousness, Justice and Truth are now reigning in us where unrighteousness, injustice, and untruth once held sway. Therefore we set forth some of the Principles of Righteous Government already established in our midst, and some of the issues involved, that they may be legalized universally.