Educational Section

(Editor’s note: This article was originally on the Libertynet website.)

Through the educational program of the Righteous Government Department, those of the masses who are not already qualified are being qualified to pass the literacy tests, to register and to vote intelligently, to pass Civil Service examinations, and to fill any office they might be called upon to fill. They are attending the evening schools in such numbers, the local schools in the city of New York have not been sufficient to accommodate them and extra facilities have been provided. In the Kingdom and its extensions, private schools have been established under the direction of regular teachers, to care for the needs of those who are otherwise engaged during school hours, and there are many such schools throughout the country.

For the advancement of real education and culture among the people, we request the following Planks For The Educational Section

1. The doors of all educational institutions to be open and free to all for universal education, with same rights for all to higher technical and professional training.

2. The abolishing in all educational institutions, and from books used for educational purposes in such institutions, of all references to racial conflicts or differences, and national glory through military feats, etcetera, with legislation making it a misdemeanor for any educator to teach such to his classes.

3. The abolishing of the conventional form of greeting, “H-e-l-lo,” from all educational institutions, and substitution of the word “Peace.” We also request the cooperation of the telephone companies in this respect, that a generation with Peace on its lips, instead of what war has been said to be, may come into being.

In concluding our Educational Platform, we could not do better than to quote the Words of our Beloved Savior, FATHER DIVINE, Who has come to us again in this New Dispensation, bringing “Peace on Earth, and Good Will to Men,” Whom we have recognized as the same identical CHRIST with all Power and Dominion, reigning now and forevermore as the Everlasting FATHER and the Prince of Peace in Bodily Form HE has said:

We will get just what we demand from every angle expressible, and we shall get it through legality by the ballot, and not by the bullet. For this cause I have encouraged and stirred the nation with the desire and ambition to seek a better education, that you might be qualified to pass the literacy test in whatsoever state you are living; that you might be able to go to the pulls and cast your ballots on the days of election, and vote in that one you are convinced will deal justly, and vote out the unjust official. . . .

“We will use the legal and political guns, but refuse to use those that are the expressers of destruction, for we are not conceivers of destructive ideas and opinions. Therefore we will not resort to violence through destroying mankind nor the visible things that pertain to this life, but we will destroy every endeavor or act of an unrighteous official and put them out of commission, that they might have no longer an existence among the people in unrighteousness and corruption.

“Righteousness, Truth and Justice must become to be a Living Reality, and as I have brought it thus far through legality, it shall be universally established . . . and every nation, language, tongue and people shall accept it as the Fundamental.


Add Plank Number 4:

4. The adoption of a universal language by all nations, languages, tongues and peoples-all governments to assist in establishing it by including it in the courses of study in all public schools and colleges.

Concerning this subject, FATHER has Personally spoken as follows:

For the purpose of bringing all men together, I came to convert all of the systems. There shall be no division after a while in language. There shall be one language. Now isn’t that Wonderful! Firstly it was essential to eradicate and abolish divisions among us as races, creeds and colors supposedly, but for the Perfect Work to be accomplished, there will not even be divisions in systems, languages, tongues nor people, for they all shall understand each other with the one language we are speaking.

“Now I did not say especially, it must be broken English as I AM speaking, but whatsoever language Divine Love and GOD’S Omniscience finds sufficient and quite efficient for the purpose, will be adopted, and all people shall talk it. I AM not especially trying to justify the American language as broken English, neither AM I especially trying to adopt it as the inter- national language, but as a Representative of Righteousness, Truth and Justice, I AM seeking a language to be spoken that will be of more effect, and more suitable for all nations, languages, tongues and people.

We thank YOU, FATHER!
Righteous Government Department
FATHER DIVINE’S Peace Mission Movement

Verified and Endorsed by
s/ REVEREND M. J. seek a better education, that you might be qualified to pass the literacy test