Temple Meeting with Soviets, June 13, 1978

P-1-C-7b [Editor’s note: This page is a piece of scratch paper, the reverse side of a document relating to a meeting between Richard McCoy and members of Peoples Temple. It does has significance in its own right, though, and is reproduced here.]

Sharon Amos

USSR Cde. [Sergey] Kramarkeno (Sharon, Sandy J)

-asked if they got my answers back about one of our leaders going to the USSR [text crossed out] for medical care, he said they hadn’t gotten enough information to submit that we only had told him about the diagnosis and he had asked for treatment that had been given and the entire history but hadn’t received it and when he did receive it he would request immediately for an answer about treatment in the USSR

-I asked if he had heard about the answers on a delegation going to the USSR or answers from Moscow to our questions and he said that there was no answer to anything yet even when I asked about the reply to our sending letters to pen pals but he said that might take some time to assign the penpals etc.

-I asked him about exodus but he doesn’t know anything about that and we really have to talk to the charge de affairs so I made an appointment but the day we got there, [text crossed out] Wednesday 14/6/78 the charge de affairs Kathenko he said was sick and we’d have to make a new appt. or maybe meet with the Ambassador

-I said we’d like to meet with the Ambassador would that be possible, he said yes and [text crossed out] told me to call back Monday 19/6. I did so and he told me the Ambassador wouldn’t be able to meet with us but the Charge De Affairs would. (when they missed their appt. because the charge de affairs was ill, they didn’t bother to notify us about it)

22/6/78 meeting with Charge De Affairs Kachinka and Cde. Sitcoff (Marcie, Anita, Sharon)

-we first showed them the written material of JJ’s health/ they both read it intently and said they would submit it right away

-then showed him the attached written material which they both read intently, but they said they could not speculate on what the answer would be,