Letters to Dad (C)

[Editor’s notes: This page was transcribed by Cole Waterman. The editors gratefully acknowledge his invaluable assistance.

[The letters on this page derive from several sources, principally FBI Section 126 • EE-1 • Letters to Dad (A-F)FBI Section 130 • EE-2 • Letters to Jim Jones; and FBI Sections 121-123 • BB-31 – BB-32 • Tim Stoen, D Touchette.

[Insofar as possible, these letters have been arranged in alphabetical order of the writer’s last name. The letters retain their original spelling and grammar.

[Peoples Temple member often used old reports and documents as scratch paper, using the reverse side of these pages for their letters. We have labeled and transcribed those scratch pages which include information about Jonestown.]



[Editor’s note: This poem may also be found here.]

Poem by Christopher Campbell

“Our Home to Stay”

Where we live and work today
Vines and huge trees were in the way
Now on this fertile land
Our home and farmland stand
Against the threes and soil I’ve fought a battle
And now we produce poultry, pigs and cattle
Hard work both by day and night
Is our way to make production bright.
Through the sun and rain we work fearlessly
To occupy the fertile land productively.

There is so much that can be done
We find no time to idle around
We do provide time for play and fun
Cause there are things that should be done
However we will never forget
There is still room for improvement yet
With [illegible words] the days go by
We’ll achieve the goals before our eye
Our home would be a great community
Cause we work co-operatively in unity
And without the taughts of going away
This happy place will be our home to stay.


EE1-C44a – 44b

Marion Campbell Letter to Jim Jones


Dear Dad.

I was so happy to Know that I could die at ease, although dad, I was at death door on the train in Barstow, which I lost lots of blood. I was going to Omaha, Neb on vacation also Denver Colo, the police take one Look at me and said this is a end for me but I Know you were with me. I was satisfied to Know that I could die with all of my comrade without a struggle. Dad, I do Love you very much.

Thank you Dad
Marion Campbell



Marion Campbell Letter to Jim Jones

Dear Father:

The reason why we left our land which we were a slave also there were many rejects In our (their) society.

No 1. Senate Bill 14-27 [1437]

Which allows policeman arrest us if we do not do or say what they want us to say, other words to be an Uncle Tom or Aunt Jane, turn into traitors against our fellow men.

No 2. Racism

No 3. Neutron Bomb in which all people will be destroyed everything thing else will be at a stand still

No 4. Buzz Bonds which the plane flies low, and also destroyed into the mountain

King Alfred

No 5. It is a plan to eliminate people.

No 6. The Klu Klux Klan plans of destroyed the black man also yellow race, Indian also the poor white

Thank you Father
Marion Campbell



Vities Cannon note to Jim Jones

I beleave father is the most loving pastor on this earth. I beleave soclism is sharing, caring, an carry for one another to the end.

Vities Cannon


The Writings of Jeff Carey



Karen Carr Statement on Socialism

What I feel about Socialism

I feel that socialism is in which the means of proction is equalie diveid amont the people and not to indevided and be equal.

My belives

I belive that this is a Revolution and and what father have been saying is True and that we are going to have to fight are die.

Thank you dad!



Ruby Carroll Letter to Jim Jones


Now is the first Day of a New Life not a new years this is the way we should Look at this thank you very much for a new home.

Thank you
Dad & Mom for a New Life New Home New Family
Thank you Ruby Carroll



Ruby Carroll Letter to Jim Jones


I was a bitch in Georgetown becase the Band and Shirly [Shirley Hicks] do not alway talk to me about there clothing soon enough before the show so I was upset about this and I still try to do the best I could to keep the family together. There were meeting at night with the group in witch other member get out there feeling about the day and this would make the next day better.

There was a better understand with Everyone after you talk to us before the trip the show was much better the feeling was good and the sister try much hearder to keep with all the job.

Dad I am Learn to be more unstand Each day, but I did miss be home for 2 week from you with some who is not strong can be very heard.

Thank you for home us home with so much Love Thank you Dad.

Ruby Carroll


EE1-C60a – 60c

Ruby Carroll Letter to Jim Jones

Wed. Day in Mabaruma [Guyana]

[illegible word] had lunch. have a nice place to stay here all the family is fine after the Boat Ride here the show all went well.

There were good P.R. by all members of the Band.

There were three show here in the Mabaruma area put on by the Band they were all good the first one was the best at the school Everyone there was very please with the show and there on Children play all the Children at one school saw the show over and the Band talk about there Interment [instruments] to the Children and at this show all the GDEF [GDF, Guyana Defence Force] Come to the scool Drunk and Drank and pass there Bottle about in the Back of the scool and two come up front and stared to Dance and I told Shirly [Shirley Hicks] to stop the show.

The show went well in Georgetown there was no trouble at all. They were well received in town. The show at the Club went over well they Dance to most all the song there the Soul Stepper did not Dance the they only Dance at the Center on Sunday. Soul Stepper can be a real pain as they want to go every place the Band go even if they are not Done and we say no they get upset with Ruby, Shirly or Deanna [Wilkinson] about this and this happen with us in town.

The trip on the River Boat as all right Pattie [Cartmell] had some of the Band with here and Shirly and I was with the rest in other place on the Boat there were Soda for Erey one there were Plenty of food for Everyone on the trip and she stop the show. And Mr. Jackson one of the Government office in Mabaruma had a party and the Band went and Mr. Jackson had 4 or 5 other men there and there were drink there and Jerry Rye [Jerome Rhea] and Kenny Wilhite [Sr.] were Drunk they were in and out of the Kitchen where the Drink were at I did not see them Drink but the way Jerry was act I would stay he was Drunk. I did not see any one Else Drink or act Like they were Drunk I Left the party Early because one of the Brothers was ill and I told him he could go home at that time Clifford [Gieg] was at home sleep and he went home and short I was at home with them.

Some of the GDEF Come by our house and ask for food this is the way people are there they Do not mine ask you for food or what Ever you have. Keith and Stanley Wright Like to play to much and they tease to much.

Jerry Wilson is a good young person to have when you are Doing P.R. and we all need to Learn what in the P.R. book.

Some of us do not know what in the book to talk so we should all Know what in the book one man up there have one of the Book about the project.

The Band could not practice to much because Every time they start the people would come to the house and stay all day

there is a Man in Mabaruma who would Like to by 25 Live Chicken from us if we have any to sell.

And there are a Lot of People who say they will be Come to see Jonestown and some of the people they have heard about us want to see how we Live

Ruby Carroll



Ruby Carroll Note to Dad on Tim Stoen


I have a daughter that look very much like me and maybe she could dress and some of my old clothing that she have and pass as me.

Ruby Carroll


BB-31-a-241 – a-242

Ruby Carroll Letter to Dad on Tim Stoen

Dec. 19, 1977


if Tim & Grace [Stoen] had there [their] place broken in and they were ruffed [roughed] up and all our people were in a meeting and we were no way involving our member and we could some dope addice [addict] there were some male living in West Oakland that offed to steal Don Carroll son for him that was before the court turn him over to Don. And maybe there are some other that is willing to help our cause that we have help and maybe Russell Jones will come and help us take care of the men that got Chris [Lewis] and maybe Russell can get some addice to ruff up Tim and Grace or may [maybe] a set of bad brake on there car or may the car catch on fire just little things that has happen to other people that would shake him up.

And if he is in a office have JoAnn Carroll pay him a visit she looked some much like me how her use another name or have here [her] lure him out to some place as if she was me and beat the hell out of him. Dad if I have to go back to the State I will keep my mouth shout [shut] what I am not promos you that I will not kill the Myrtles [Mertles] or the Stone and any other that get in the path to get the other that is with these.

I have had 3 months of peace that is more than some people have in a lifetime. Thank you dad there is only one death at [and] that is the hell you are in now. Fine [Find] out how many people want to come [illegible word] these over and let hell brake loose.

There is only six people in my family left in the State, and if you wish I could cook lunch for Tim if he come over in January to see you.

Ruby Carroll



 Ruby Carroll Letter to Dad on Tim Stoen


see [seeing] as Tim Stone was in the DA office he is the one that is the cause of Chris’ death, and Tim and Grace [Stoen] should be set up to and there are people in the states that will do it for (dope) along there are hipe that will ripe there or just to be doing something and there are some that can’t stand turncoats as they call them. That is what they call Tim Stone and he is the law to thim [them].

Ruby Carroll


BB-31-a-239 – a-240

Gloria Carter Letter to Dad on Tim Stoen

Gloria Carter

Dad –

I think Tim Stoen is taking orders from people high up –

I think he is part of a plan in the conspiracy –

I feel that they are doing this so soon after Chris’s [Lewis] death and Mother’s [Marceline Jones] attempted poisoning to try and weaken us.

Stoen and other traitors know from your example in the past that you have never given in to those that attempt to do harm to the people – I think they have several motors for everything they do, and will not stop with a small sum of money.

I agree not to give money –

I’m willing to do whatever necessary to stop them – and if they tried to stop Mother and our comrades in the States from coming we should move as a group to fight for them – I have no suggestions now other than telling them through Peoples Forum we stand strong and will not be intimidated.


EE1-C19a – 19b

Gloria Carter Letter to Jim Jones


Dear Dad,

I want to let you know that I agree that I agree that the wisest thing to do is not put couples together apart from the collective like in Georgetown.

Tim [Carter, husband] mentioned to me before he left that he wished I could go with him and Malcolm [Carter, son] too. I was very goddamn mad and told him I would not want to go to Georgetown if he was there or not, and that Malcolm gets good care here – I don’t wish Georgetown for him. I have the guilt of bringing Malcolm into the world and I feel I would bring more harm to him by taking him out of the nursery and the atmosphere there – It is easier to say this then if it were actually happening – I am a mom and would think about Malcolm. I don’t deny that I don’t mean to take away from the fact that Tim has worked hard and shows leadership and willingness to be the bad guy (I’m referring to the job he had here) – but I feel at times he is emotional and damn worry shit trips on me and Malcom –

I feel guilty about bringing Malcolm into the world and I have guilt over the years I’ve been here – How I let you and the cause down – I remember my selfish trips and wanting to leave the group. I remember how repressed and goddamn passive I’ve been in the past –

I remember being wishy-washy in my thinking – and fucken stupid –

I feel guilty for not showing awareness to the suffering of black mothers and babies –

Know there are many Lula Rubens around the world  –  Mom Talley and Alma Thomas too.

I have guilt for my being quiet – I work on comforting people daily and stateing my opinion.

I know I have not yet conquered this – I should speak my mind too –

I want to fight and am grateful to you for the opportunity to be able to die for a just cause  –  I feel the children and seniors should be taken care of – I would not want to see more suffering come to them in time of battle.

You asked us to write up what we have stolen – I have taken 1 small blanket from the baby nursery, 1 washcloth, 1 small pillow, and I have taken food after the babies have eaten and eaten it too when I should not have done so. I also found 1 pair of jeans one night late in the showers that I never turned in – I will return what can be returned and stop eating baby food and snacks.

Sincerely – Gloria Carter



Jocelyn Carter Letter to Jim Jones


I believe in Revolutionary Suicide. I will take care of Kaywana [Carter] and Mark [Marquess Rhodes] and Isaac [Rhodes] if I’m needed to and if the need arises.

I know that it is not easy to do but under those circumstances that would be arising then would make it easier to do and fast due to getting the job done.

I figure if any of our where here at that time the [they] wouldn’t come out until they thought it was over with.

I was thinking of cutting myself on my leg, so that the blood could throw them off, Playing dead, when they enter to Kill them.

My first Idea to kill them was with a gun, but they are very scarce

So maybe some sort of bomb or grenade (I hear Jair Baker knows how to make them) could be use to blow them and me up.

This plan could be used for those of us who are mobile at the time, but the places would have to be places example: Radio Room, Office, Community Building, etc.

The people doing this job would have to time the explosives as close as possible.

As for Georgetown I agree that at some point for survival some of us may have to go in an put ourselves afire.

I think it have more emphasis if there were 3 and they were integrated and ranged age wise.

I am willing to go and do this. I know after you have diesel on you and it is lit you [several words crossed out “would feel too much”] It would be over soon.

As far as Kaywana stands, It is more important to keep you operating securely than myself for her sake. The love and [cross out word “care”] you give her I can never give like you can.

Thank you Jocelyn Carter


EE1-C43a – 43g

Tim Carter Letter to Jim Jones

Jim I doubt if much of what I say [illegible word] be new, but I will relate my ideas on the situation according to my experiences.

In any guerilla warfare, any defensive strategy hinges on what your enemies objective is. If it is assasination, security measures can be more centralized. If it is kidnapping, if the enemy has arms, there is little our people could (or would) do in isolated situations. They could be kidnapped and held as hostage, trying to work on your mercy and compassion for your people. Almost all you can do in a situation like that in way of defense is to have an armed guard with every work group, which isn’t very practical right now. If the objective is harassment and demoralization, which frequently is the tactic as it works on an organization from within, it is the most difficult of all to guard against. The Vietnamese were masters at this type of thing. One advantage of the guerilla war is that the guerilla has time on his side – he can take his time waiting for the right moment, waiting for defenses to be down, to strike. A guerilla can fire one shot into a compound, putting everybody on the alert – taking time away from work, building the “war psychosis” of the target, wearing nerves and patience down – and then disappear for two, three or more days, depending on what the guerilla wants to do. The V.C. had Americans wasting millions in ammunition and immeasurable amounts of mental and physical energy. The V.C. would sometimes sneak into a compound past the security and leave notes, or steal something, to help fray nerves and lower moral [morale]. I imagine much of what what we will face depends on whether the agents they have hired are Guyanese or American. If he is a Guyanese, he will have the advantage because this is his country and his people. One of the old timers here (whoever is most trusted by the Guyanese people) might ask around in Kaituma & Matthews Ridge if any Americans or strange Guyanese have been hanging around. I don’t know what kind of hostility we created by laying people off the job, but that would be fertile ground for an agent to work either for information or as a hit-man. I don’t know if we can check that sort of thing out or not.

Our people are going to have to develop that survival instinct that has you always watching tree lines, listening for sounds, just generally being alert to their situation – that is definitely a deterrent to any guerilla.

As I said before, it depends on the objective (I know you are the target, but the means they will use for their ends, I don’t know). As spread out as we are during the day, it would be easy, I feel, to kidnap one of our people. But then they would have to negotiate a hostage, or wait for us to make our move, whatever that would be. The fact that they got as close as they did the other night is very disturbing. You should have an armed guard with you until this shit lets up, and you should be armed at all times. Our perimeter is very hard to defend because there is so much tree line, and there is no defense line (fence, moat, etc.). At night our perimeter is not lit, offering a definite advantage to the guerilla. We should be most cautios when there is fog or no moon. In Vietnam on a foggy night the V.C. went around and killed people in every other bunker, so when morning came, on either side of you, your buddies would be dead. That put fear in almost everyone in the DMZ area. Even though they could have killed everyone, they accomplished alot more with what they did.

I’m sure that our show of force yesterday caught the enemy off guard, but they will be back. Maybe its just me, but I feel guns are the best defense. I know only a very few can be trusted with them, but fire must meet fire. A guerilla war, waged effectively, is almost impossible to adequately defend against.

I would urge that all crews have at least walkie-talkies so that if any contact is made it can be relayed immediately. I also think there needs to be a midway security point, as with the length of our road it is too easy for people to get off, etc. If a car is allowed to enter, the number of people should be noted. All security posts should know what that number of people is so the car can be checked through the entire compound. If anybody gets out, all posts and crews can be alerted and on the watch. We could also throw a perimeter up in the general area and defend or search and destroy. If we could build some sort of perimeter with lights around it, it would help. Its much harder to see in or sneak in with bright lights around. I honestly don’t know how far to take this thing. They have endless possibilities in the form of terrorizing and harassment. They could lob a mortar shell into our compound, and even if they didn’t hurt anybody physically, psychologically I feel they would do much damage. Guerilla warfare is frequently a mind game, nothing more, yet can effectively demoralize entire armies as the Vietnamese proved so well.

Generally speaking guerilla activity is heaviest at night because of the protection it affords. If it occurs during the day it either means the enemy is cocky, and sure that he has us outmaneuvered or more firepower, or plain stupid. In Vietnam if you were hit during the day that was the time to really start worrying because you could bet your life you were outnumbered. It was extremely unfrequent to have any guerilla activity during the day.

Our people need to react better. They don’t react as if it was their life at stake, because if they really believed it, there asses would be running to the lines. At least that’s the way I feel after this last drill.

One tactic the Koreans would use to try and scare the V.C. was at certain times to call drills and open up with everything at once – mortars, artillery, machine-guns, small arms, flares – everything. The sound created is, or can be, quite frightening, and sometimes they even hit something. If you don’t hit something, it will catch the guerilla off guard, either drawing him in or away. That’s the objective, anyway.

I don’t know what else to say – I’ll write up any other ideas I have.

I don’t know if it was reported to you or not but when that attorney came in yesterday and passed our crew, he gave us very hostile looks. But when he saw me, he did a double-take with his head and looked around and gave me a really hostile look. Several people, besides myself, noticed that. At the time I didn’t understand it, but now that makes sense.

Thank you for making provisions for us and those in Georgetown. I was worried about them, although now I feel stupid about it. I didn’t say anything to anybody, but you knew. Thank you again.

Tim Carter



Patricia Cartmell Letter to Jim Jones

to: Dad

From: Patricia Cartmell

I relate to you as a dad so in that respect as a daughter to her father there is sexual feelings but not like I want to go to bed with you.

Sometimes the announcements get to me but I do like to hear what you are talking about.

I raised my hand when you asked about those who were haveing a friendship with someone and attached to someone else. Donnie is a good friend but as a boyfriend I’m not interested. I’m more interested in Wesley [Breidenbach] as a equal-boyfriend but once sex is a momentary ich it will just pass on.

I am very impatient with the children at times out of my own selfishness of not wanting to give more. I think the grass is greener somewhere else at times when I allow myself to get depressed. I get depressed out of my own lazy and selfishness because when I stay very busy from morning until I go to bed I’m not depressed because I don’t [page tear] of myself so much.


Undated Letter to Jim Jones from Patty Cartmell

EE-2-b-16a – 16j

[Editor’s note: The numerous spelling and grammatical errors in this note have been corrected. There are several unintelligible sentences which have been transcribed as written.]

Dear Jim,

Thanks again for the trust you have placed in me.

I really have wanted this confidence and “I will not disappoint you.”

As far as jail I’m not worried at all. That was a momentary thought. Frankly, I know I would do better than before.

There isn’t too much in life one can be certain of. I do know that I care for you, Patricia [Cartmell], Tyrone [Cartmell], & communism! I’m not politicized as I need but I swear I’m trying!

I feel bad about the store – Rhevina [Rheavianna Beam] hasn’t enough to last for two more weeks. I told Hugh [Hue Fortson], but it takes a while to get stuff & [Mike] Prokes keep saying there’s no money.

If I could ever get the cooperation I know absolutely I’ve could made 10,000 a week, but we have got to have clothes & recorders.

People here have held back clothes, sheets, jewelry – there are duffel bags of shit hidden away. It makes me sick the way people hide stuff – but there the loosen on fruit & money.

I appreciate Kay [Nelson] project but had I once got the effort from the people to make clothes, spreads & items for store we would have made a fortune!!

Ruby [Carroll] has made the job for us difficult. She is incompetent for the job & wasteful as hell with good material!

Rhevina said Ruby has wasted crates at least 5 crates of material with foolish – making pajamas for kids – even the [illegible word] wondered why we use new cloth for stuff. Sheets have still been cut up for clothes. We got a dress from a new sheet – Sheet was worth 40 – 50 & dress was worth $10.00. Just stupid shit like that!

I don’t feel Kay will push Ruby for us – Like, she will – when it’s Kay who needs the all-out project, Kay will push. I’ve not been able to get 1 broom from Ken to get orders on. I ask Ruby for a moneky to get orders in Kamaka for Xmas & she has an excuse so I can’t take orders unless we get a moneky – & if Guyana store sells moneky for $18.00 – I’m sure Kunaka – I could get $25.00.

I didn’t mean to go into a monologue, but I so wanted to make a go of the place. I’m sure my motives are not pure & I want your approval – that whatever – I still know we needed the money.

Thanks again for your confidence on this trip. I would never knowingly misuse that trust.

I do care, for all my faults.

Take care – I’ll miss you – love my girl. Take care of yourself & tell Patricia how dearly she is needed & loved!!!

Bye until–

Your commander (Patty [Cartmell])



Walter Cartmell Test Answers (partial)

rehadilitaled condicts [rehabilitated convicts] he would like to get the people out States Before they reasted [arrested] People difrent thand hapend at the courthouse Bosten where they put up a sine every bolly should owne a nigger for slaves. Gov. wants to issue a I.D. card for everywone an the Law would know where you worke an where you goe an what you do.

You talked aboute watter an an houses on watter an for housing for People.

Walter Cartmell



Angelique Casanova / Scheid and Georgianne Brady Letter to Jim Jones

To: Dad

Fr: Angela Casanova & Georgianne Brady

Pat. Dad I have a few ideas about defending ourselves.

  1. I think that us children should be trained as the Jr. Sat. just like China has little red Guards. We could carry messages and fight to defend our Land.
  2. Since Guyana wants this part of the land I think we should threaten to be Venezuelans and maybe they will do anything to keep us here and then we could ask for a treaty saying that they will leave us alone.
  3. Maybe when the enemies are having a meeting some of us could go in thier and go CRAZY on them. Get Gasoline wikies and throw it in on them.
  4. We could have a big Group of People go out during the night sometime and break up into groups of 3 and go to different enemies houses and kill them in a way that they can suffer.
  5. I’m not afraid of death because you have brought me from the States which was dealth anyway. Im willing to do ANYTHING that is needed to bring communism: set myself on fire, Put a bomb on me and run in to some honkeys: or even fight for our land that you have got us.



Dianne Casanova Letter to Jim Jones


To Father
From Dianne Casanova

These are the people I am attracted to:


  1. Norman Bible – he is still in San Francisco but I liked him in the the States and I want to go with him when he gets here but the rule is 16 and over he is 18 and I am 14.


  1. Judy Ijames & Sharon Cobb – I can talk to them very well and they will talk to me and lisen.

Thank you Father
Dianne E. Casanova

Father one thing about the age limit is not okay me but I fill [feel] other 14 year olds would like to be able to go with someone but not go into the 6th month thing until we are 16 years. This is my opion to this subject.

Thank you agian.



Dianne Casanova Letter to Jim Jones

[Transcriber’s note: In this letter, Casanova consistently spells her first name with one ‘N,’ while in other letters she spells it with two.]

Diane Casanova


I believe that Socialism is when all people have no Racisied comments thrown in there face and when you have something to live for and die for and they have every thing in common no one has to much and no one has too little.

And if you are not true Socialist the Facist they do not mess with you and try to Ruen what you have Built up are try to kill our Leaders.

[Marginal note: “Words can tell”]

To speak for my self I thank you so much so for providing this place for us and at least I saw real Socialism freedom for 1 month and 2 weeks and now I am ready to die for what I Belove in. They will have to take me Before thay take you are [or] one of us.

Thank  you for your love and conserd for us all and for showing us the wright way to go.

Peace your Socialist
Daughter Diane Casanova


EE1-C65a – 65b

Donald Casanova Letter to Jim Jones


The reasons that we are here.

The reasons that we came to Guyana are many. We came here so that the Senior Citizens would not have to Face the pain of racist. The KKK has grown, 20 chapters In California Alone. The Nazie party is growing rapidly. The Nazie party is growing so rapidly that George Meany of the AFI-CIO said that the Nazie is crushing the Labor party. The Nazie a [are] putting 150 million dollars into Anti-Black, and Anti-Minority material.

You saved the people from going through food riots. Also A Nucular war. Scientist say that Nucular War is enevitable because of the Russians New lasar. A laser beam capable of destroying Any ICBM 500 mile from their boarder.

Also have to look at Dr. Irkmas [Paul Erdman] theory that the Arabs could Start a war over oil or Just because the Sultan thinks he’s the messenger of God. He expressed his theory in the book “Crash 79” [The Crash of 79].

Also in the U.S. we have to worry about Ethnic weapons. That was brought to light so clearly by Dr. Haumerslaugh [Richard Hammerslag] who said that the weapons had the Capability of being put in the same water supply but only killing the one Ethnic Group.

Also had to worry About All the Senate bills. Mainly right now S.B. 1427 [1437] which says And [any] officer of the Law can jail you if you do not Answer like he thinks you should.

There is also a law that says that Anyone can be charged with Murder. A 14 year old boy is waiting for the gas chamber right Now in Florida.

There was also the Cleometric System In which the Economy is so poor some would have to be killed And A percentage put back In Slavery.

The Neutron bomb is Also A threat. A bomb which will kill People but Not harm property. This precise bomb can be programed to only blow up Certain Areas And be Accurate within yards.

The Bakke decision which Pres Carter is now backing. And many more.

Thank you
Don Casanova


Undated Note to Jim Jones from Don Casanova

EE-2-b-17a – 17d

[Editor’s note: The numerous spelling and grammatical errors in this note have been corrected.]

Dad –

From Don Casanova

Just some thoughts in retrospection. When I arrived in Jonestown 16 months ago, Jonestown was known in the gossip circles as Joyce and Charlie’s [Touchette] kingdom, mainly because they had absolute control on everything. Also the way they treated people (sadistic attitude in discipline, [illegible word], special treatment, etc.).

Anyway the main point is they had total control. Personally I believe they enjoyed this controlling everyone’s life. Because when you came out to Jonestown and started changing this administration they became threatened. A lot of the negativity started at this time because of them. At the time, the finger of negativity was pointed at Charlie. But I’ve always felt Joyce had something to do with it. She always came off so clean and innocent. Anyway, she was always giving special privilege to those she liked. (I don’t know about Patty [Cartmell].)

When the new administration started, she was not immediately put into a post. There was a notable change in attitude, but settle down after becoming administration of kitchen. She normally was nasty with most people.

Now when all the talk started about going to Russia, there was an element that didn’t want to go. I believe both Charlie and Joyce were part of this. [Illegible word] (Last night 10 minutes before you talk about opposition going to USSR, Charlie told me and Mike P. [Prokes] he didn’t want to go because of the weather here. But nobody stood up to challenge you when you asked.)

It seems to me that is [if] someone would be so self-centered as to even think of living here without you, they must either be insane or hostile. [Next sentence crossed out: “This is my point if Joyce is this hostile.”]

1) When I’ve seen her prepare your food, she has tight control on it.

2) Because she’s close to Steve this would give her an area of trust.

3) * The question is, if she’s hostile enough to stay here after the group left, is she hostile enough to poison you?

I know if this was projected to most anyone it would be immediately thrown away. I believe she has this much influence.

Maybe I’m totally wrong, but it’s a possibility that I felt merited some thought.



Maryann Casanova Letter to Jim Jones


During the 1st crisis I was on the front line until the nursery needed me for the baby I was supervising – the children were noisy & I was helpful – but since then the situations have changed and with the organized plan you have set up for them I don’t see that I’m even needed there at all and would appreciate reassignment where I can be better used.

I offer myself – I haven’t the knowledge of a plan but am sure I could carry out instructions to carry off a plan to get Jim or anyone else; & will do anything.

Maryann Casanova



Maryann Casanova Letter to Jim Jones


Dear Jim Jones,

I have so much to be grateful to you for I could center a book on it.

I was a messed up person when I came to you and had dreadfully messed up trying to rear my four children. I am grateful for the unfoldment of all our lives and all the people I have seen blossom in this group since I joined. Thank you for bringing us to Guyana most of all Thank you for sharing your vision & giving us Socialism –

Maryann Casanova



Maryann Casanova Letter to Jim Jones

Monday 1-2-78

To Jim

Re: Attractions

I remember when you hugged every member of Peoples Temple & everyone coming to meetings in each of our main cities.

That hug meant a great deal to me. I really felt for the 1st time that someone really cared for me not sexually but sincerely.

I do recognize that I am attracted to you and I don’t feel guilty about it like I do other attractions.

I think it is normal and I don’t allow myself to get hung up in fantasies about you.

I do have attractions to others and I do feel guilty about them. I think it very selfish on my part in this stage of our development with so much to do to desire companionship. I see often where I am above zero. Very seldom do I feel hostile to you but every time I do – it’s only moments that I can clarify my hostities to you are really covering above zero things about myself that I don’t like to face – like feeling sorry for myself & my own narcissism – I am grateful for your determination to teach us – every meeting and every lesson on the PA helps me to learn something. I crave learning the communist character that you can give us and I’m very hostile to noisy people while you’re talking – Thank you for giving life to our lives without your there was no meaning –

Sincerely & Gratefully
Maryann Casanova



Richard and Mary Castillo Letter to Jim Jones

The reason I am here is because I am free, and to get away from Capitalism, consentration Camps, ethnic weapons, Atomic bombs and to keep from being arrested for what the Capitalist want to arrest me for and not for what I really did.

The United States will soon be in danger of not having water or oil for energy purposes. While here we have plenty.

Thank you Father
Richard & Mary Castillo



Richard Castillo Statement on Socialism

Richard Castillo

Socialism is fighting for freedom.

Socialism is wonderful.

Socialism is sharing food with one another.

Socialism is made up of the working class.

Richard Castillo



I Love You All My H

Richard Castillo


The Writings of Eugene Chaikin



Letter to Eugene Chaikin from mother Frieda Chaikin


Dear Gene,

I thought you would like to know that Ray is in the hospital (has been for a week) and will have spinal surgery on 9/22. He is at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Orange.

I saw him last night & he was quite cheerful though he is in a great deal of pain. He has no choice on this point, they tried physical therapy, medication, etc. but the pain in his spine (ruptured disc) & left leg persist.

Hope the children & Phyllis like their new home & are happy & feeling well. Would love hearing from you. I take it that you are coming back to S.F. or am I wrong? Please call if you can.

Lots of love,


EE1-C7d – 7e

Frieda Chaikin Letter to Eugene Chaikin


Dear Gene,

I just came home after spending several hours with Ray in the hospital. He is doing very well – got on his feet last night for a minute or two & today is able to walk a few steps without pain.

He had some Temperature last night & this morning but the doctor says it is normal after so much anesthesia. He no doubt will be going home in a couple of days – he wants to leave tomorrow but that remains to be seen.

He looks great, feels weak [illegible word] but is relieved of this terrible pain in his leg. His back seems to be healing very well.

I’ll probably go back there – to the Ranch – on Sunday.

Hope all of you are well & happy. Please write.

Much love,


EE1-C68b – 68a

[Editor’s note: These two pages appear in reverse order on tbe FBI’s pdf.]

Gail Chaikin Letter to Jim Jones

Socialism is the most hated thing by the States and unfortunately the States has much political influence in most countries in the world.

Life isn’t worth living unless you you have something to die for. Dad I don’t want to die an old lady I want to die fighting. I can never repay you from all the concern and love you showed me when I was starving myself and everyone else thought it was hopeless. I know I put you through a lot of hell by doing it and I feel proud to be in the ranks and the only way I’ll ever be



able to repay you a little bit is to kill one of them basters. I know your life is Nothing but undescribable hell for you and thank you for preparing this place for us and putting 100’s and thousands of dollars in it for us and trying to find a place for us to be safe. If they touch you they have to kill me first.

Gail Chaikin



 Phyllis Chaikin Letter to Dad on Tim Stoen

Concerning what to do about Tim Stoen. I see the Achilles’ heel of Stoen is his drunk narcissism and drive to be around anyone who might have power. I remember when we were still in Redwood Valley he was willing to risk his image with you and blab to a reporter because he flattered him. When he met Gene’s [Chaikin] brother he couldn’t be himself but had to throw his medals around – did the same with me – I’ve hated the motherfucker and would participate in whatever way I could be useful. The natural way for him to go would be at some fancy function and one of Finkles friends might pass him a poisoned canape.



EE-1-C-28b –C-28e

Letter from Phyllis Chaikin to Jim Jones

[Editor’s note: This letter is discussed here.]

Dad – Last night I wrestled with views presented at the meeting. I keep coming back to the view that revolutionary suicide is the only solution we have. If the young men in the GDF fight because they are told or believe we are a threat to their nation’s economic and political survival, their suppliers give them unlimited directions and supplies because they are fascists. I don’t see we will survive continuous skirmishes with the continually dwindling force and arsenal. I see bravado behind many that are for fighting that if we warred hard enough we could protect you and the integrity of the group. I disagree – either choice the leader, the group would not survive – our enemies power and resources are astronomical powers are limited. The thing that disturbs me most about a fighting war is our lack of control of the consequences. The very people who resist revolutionary suicide because they want to save their asses would make excellent captives for the enemy – saying anything they (illegible) to under the illusion that they would be protected. Many of us would have to be tortured but I worry we would break down. We are not familiar with the life of physical suffering as the brave peasants of China, Viet Nam, and Russia. Ultimately I trust only you. The enemy is clever and that which would be fetched from our mouths would be calculated to harm the worldwide struggle of brave people. We in a fighting war would not have control of which of us and how many of us would be taken in as captives. Though the strongest might kill themselves before being taken. The weakest – no matter what they might say in public meetings – would not kill themselves and would be the first to talk. The problem of parilyzed [paralyzed] and maimed survivors was not solved to my satisfaction. If we don’t have a solution to being sure we are not leaving half alive children when the enemy is not breathing down are [our] back, we surely run more of a risk when the enemy is.

My proposal is the following – As it appears we will have to take the ultimate step, we prepare the people by reading the words of strong, assertive revolutionaries of the past who took this choice over the PA system. One aspect of the resistance is its unfamiliarity, particularly with leaders are people look up to. Their [There] should also be discussion of this tactic in the school and socialist classes. When the time comes that all our alternatives have been used up we will meet as a group in the pavilion surrounded with highly trusted security with guns. Names will be called off randomly. People will be escorted to a place of dying by a strong personality Joyce Touchette, Jan Woolsey [Wilsey], Sharon Amos, Carolyn Layton, Maria Katsaris, Paula Adams come to my mind who is loving, supported, but not sympathetic. They (victim/escort) are accompanied by two strong security men with guns. (I don’t trust people to arrange their own death any more than I trust someone to put himself on Learning Crew for 2 weeks, but both can be arranged by outside pressure and no alternatives left open.) At the place of dying they are shot in the head and if Larry does not believe they are definitely dead their throat was slit with a scalpel. I would be willing to help here if it’s necessary. The bodies would be thrown in a ditch. It might be advisable to blindfold the people before going to the death place in that the blood and body remain[ing] on the ground might increase the agitation.

The idea sickens me. When I’ve been on the line in the past and thought I would be fighting I felt exhilarated. Though I [am] nothing great with a cutlass, I knew I could do something to divert the enemy or add some jobs, or give medical help to a fellow fighter – active hit the enemy one way or another. There is nothing exhilarating about this plan. It is horrible, but it is safe.


EE1-C57a – 57d

Phyllis Chaikin Report to Jim Jones

Evaluation Members Medical Staff

  1. Tim Carter – Appears to be working hard – since he also works with school hard to tell. We will start checking each others schedules next week. Appears cooperative, will confront me on what he doesn’t like, comes on still don’t think I know where he’s at enough to give a complete evaluation.
  2. Sharon Cobb – Hard worker, will listen to both sides of question, very passive, says she doesn’t like visiting the nursery and doing examinations but is willing to – Will not be able to do much of it until Sunday because of the tightness of the staffing.
  3. Dorothy Brewer Hard, hard worker. Works many more hours than scheduled. Well organized, good follow through – not into relationships in office. Possible hostility toward men occasionally taken out in jabs @ Larry [Schacht] and Tim [Carter] – but very conscientious and considerate in scheduling Larry – Her best plans are not working out, however due to the number of emergencies and big back log.
  4. Larry Schacht – Hard worker, conscientious – has gotten more organized with his schedule and follow up. More willing than others to share his knowledge – will start teaching a class to the nurses once a week in areas in which [crossed out word: “they”] we can treat pts so his schedule will be less crowded. He is starting with the



He is overworked. We are working to make it better – but the need is so great. Has periods of irrationality at times – morose – emotional, but when rested works very cooperatively to make health care better in Jonestown.

  1. Annie Moore – Hard worker – good with wounds. I have a harder time communicating with her than the other workers – but I persevere. She goes along with the program at times reluctantly. Well liked by the patients and staff.
  2. Judy Ijames – Hard worker – appears to have alot of repressed hostility. Sometimes slipping out in remarks I wonder why Larry wants to see Bea [Beatrice] Bell every day and he didn’t want to see Amondo Griffith every day – those kind of remarks – cooperative with the new medical program – though at times seems pissed by the structure. Nicer to patients – well liked by staff.
  3. Anita Ijames – Hard worker – least knowledgeable perhaps of supervising nurses. Appears to want to learn most – greatest capacity for compassion – warmest nurse to patients. Extremely cooperative. Appears to like the program but will criticize aspects or make suggestions.
  4. Liz Ruggiero – Hard worker – possibly works with the program. Is happy we are having classes with Larry.



  1. Sue Noxon Not lazy but careless at times. Once she poured hot water over a gauze directly on a wound – when hot compress was called for. She does not always follow nursing orders. I have confronted her strongly – told her she was on probation and that all her charting would have to be cosigned by another nurse – that she would be closely watched. Since then she has been working better. She is not well liked, people talk about her appearance to others in front of her – not a helpful thing to do – She had a double portion of bisquits this AM – I will confront her about that tonight.
  2. Don Fields Appears to respond well to strong confrontation and structure. Tim is checking his med books everyday is doing OK. Seems to like the new system.
  3. Marilee Bogue – Part time help – frequent smart assed attitude toward Dorothy Brewer, Tim Carter, and myself. Seeks alliances with supervising nurses. Works efficiently but not as consistent and industrious as rest of staff. She cannot work in fields due to back problem. I have considered that maybe she could work in another department but the load is so great and she would be hard to replace. I am presently considering having her check all the school children everyday for sores – Sharon Cobb found 48 in school children yesterday 24 had not been reported or treated. Pat G [Grunnet] and Tom G [Grubbs] say that are not in position to deal with problem



with teaching but ok if representative from nursing station comes and checks children every day.

Dianne Casanova – Part time helper while boils are healing. Excellent worker.

Pauline Simon– Part time – works under dining tents posting temps, weights, pulse, BP on pts vital signs cards. Works well. Takes responsibility seriously but will talk to much if she’s inside station.

Medical Staff Members Evaluation
from Phyllis C.


EE-2-a-5a – 5b

Undated Note of Self-Evaluation to Jim Jones from Phyllis Chaikin [Bloom]


Dad – I am painfully an elitist – was always told it was wrong but am in spite of it. Hate religion – draw into my thoughts or fall asleep when it’s going on. Know why it’s necessary and appreciate your non-elitism in carrying people through it as a means to an end. Hate meetings [illegible word]. Like my job – Extension of my ego – like to build stuff – at one time building was a relationship with Gene [Chaikin] – Think of you as my leader – don’t like to be too close – but want your approval – Think of Mother as my mom – role model – your [you’re] too far developed for me to identify with very much – I resent you when you push me, but it has helped me to grow strong – Sexually – most attracted to Chaikin right now. Have mixed feelings behind it. Because of the six day war & wondering if a relationship will cut down my productivity – of the two the productivity is more important –  Think about torture lack of sleep scarcely more than most pain things – when my brain gets scrambled I worry most about my behavior. Could not live with my conscience as a traitor.

Phyllis Bloom [Chaikin]

How about each week having a separate country to cover for news, 8 hours a day – I don’t think we are ready for it with our production needs being what they are – I don’t see people necessarily working harder. The med [medical] staff would need more people to cover the 24º … have to take from depts that are asking for staffing themselves.


Undated Statement on Jim Jones’ Pain from Loretta Chavis


Loretta Chavis

Dad, some of the pain that I think troubles you are 1. Getting our family here from states. 2. Worrying about the class enemies that left this great movement & now are trying to destroy all of us here, Tim Stoen, Murdels [Mertles],  [Mike] Cartmell, Cobbs, etc. 3. Lack of concerns & [illegible word] that about 80% show in this community, people not keeping community clean & beautiful, people wasting supplies & not working hard as all of us should.

4. Wondering who is going to be the next one to leave the movement & start shit like Debbie Blakey & others. 5. Providing the $1500 expense for all of us here in Jonestown. 6. Trying to keep your blood pressure & blood sugar level normal. 7. Just knowing that 3 out 4 babies in the world are starving. 8. Trying to eliminate anarchism in this community, so that all will protect Marxist-Leninist practice & theory. 9. Trying to organize every department & keep production high, so that we can get all our people here & others that will be coming with a nuclear bomb hits USA. 10. Educate all so that we can be sensitive, so that we can know & understand suffering and pain of our black brothers & sisters all over the world.



Robert Christian report to Jim Jones

Bob Christian
Socialist Teachers


Red Brigade– Has continued their demand for the release of 13 Political prisoners. Presently they have the former president Aldo Moro, which they have announced that unless their demands are met he will be executed publicly for crimes he has committed against the people. The Red Brigade is a well organized group of revolutionaries who are fighting for the rights of the working class people. They have been successful thus far at hyjacking several air planes, and several Bombings. All funds they receive go to help those fighting for liberation around the world. They believe that change can only come thru the barrel of a gun. The Red Brigade has the support of such nations as the USSR and Yemen who have offered them sanctuary in their Country. The most outstanding thing about the Red Brigade is that they are not afraid of death. One must be willing to risk hers or his Life for what they believe in. This is the only way to bring about a Society that is Free of Racism, Sexism & Fascism.

Afghanistan – Recently won a great victory from a Fascist Society, in a 24 hr coup. It was surprising because the Fascist elements had a good hold in the Govt. But the military turned the tied [tide] when they gave their support to the Socialist, who were fighting For independance. The County is now called the Republic of Afghanistan, and has a Revolutionary Council set up to Govern the Country with Comrade [Nur Muhammad] Taraki as President.

Ethiopia & Somalia

Located in the Horn of Africa continues their arm conflict over the Ogadan which is a area located where the Red Sea joins the Aden Sea. The Reason for their arm struggle is so that they can gain control of this small passage, which would mean a great deal to either Country. Ethiopia is being backed by The Soviet Union & Somalia by the Facist U.S. So far Ethiopia has a clear cut advantage.

U.S. – Facism continues to take hold in the U.S. as Congressman [Charles] Diggs have been Charged on numerous accounts of Using his own money For ways other then the U.S. calls respectable. He faces over 135 years in prison. He has denied the Charges but being black in the U.S. we know he will get no justice. But Nixon can steal millions, and they gave him a beach resort. Down with U.S. Racism and Imperialism.

Taylor Alabama is another scene of Racial Hate where 3 blk Children were burn to death and a goat placed on them, offering them as … a … living sacrifice, but WHITE Klu Klux Klan, But one day United States Imperialism, Racism, will come tumbling down into the seas, and the last big cancer will Die a slow death, and will remember everything it stood For. Race Riots are breaking out all over the U.S. both North South East & West in such cities as Chicago, Detroit, New York, D.C., Cleveland, Los Angeles, Houston and many many more.

Along with racism comes Senate Bill 1437 a bill with former Senate Bill 1 ideas just reworded, which will take the rights of the people away completely. It would eliminate demonstrations, Freedom of the press, remove the rights of the 5th admendment, and many other measures that would throw the U.S. back 100 years and bring about a outright Dictatorship such as the one in Germany under Hitler.

United States is also facing food shortages, fuel shortages, unemployment, and poor [illegible word] problems which they have no answer excepted the eliminating of all Poor people under the Cleometric Theory.

Also there is considerable unrest with the present Govt. Carter now is traveling through the Midwest trying to regain support which half his support is gone. The People have no confidence in the Carter administration. He will be touring Calif, Oregon, Colorado, and Washington, preparing for the new elections.

South Africa – The White Regime of SA. has just within days attack Angola, and push 100 miles into their territory. They (SA) stated that they were looking for Guerrilla’s operating out of Angola. But thanks to the support of USSR & Cuba the attack was repelled.

South Africa is stilling practicing its apartheid Gov’t (separation of the Races) Just a couple of days ago women (Black) went to apply for jobs and was met by police forces using Water Hoses in cold weather and whipping them with whips. South Africa is getting the majority support from Big U.S. Corporations, & the U.S. Gov’t. White Racist South Africa must fall and will, because black & brown people will not rest until such regimes as that of S.A. & U.S. are torn from the Face of the Earth. One day our black & brown Comrades will once again rule their land, and be free to Govern themselves. Bravo to a Revolution that will SHAKE Creation and liberate our, (my) Black Comrades, and that will tear down White Yankee Imperialism. We will never forget the death of Steve Biko and the deaths of millions of black in Africa.


Day of the Jackel [Jackal]–

Was a movie film about the attempted on the life of Prime minister DeGaulle. The Assassinator (the Jackel) was a very calm and very thorough operator. He planned his Assassination in a very detailed manner. He used numerous passports and disguises to evaded being found out. Not only that but the men who Hired Him Didn’t even know who he was, & He worked alone on his own terms. Those who founded out about him had to be eliminated and order to secure his idenity. He prepared himself for anything that might have happened. He used both sex with women & men to conceal his where abouts. This is a Good point because in order to be a revolutionary, you have to be willing to sacrifice not only your life but any moral Blocks one might have. One also must have determination and not get side tracked by sex, money, or anything else that could come between one and his obligation. Toward the Ladder part of the movie as he was being traced & his cover blown. He had a chance to either go through with the attempt against great odds, or to make a safe get away, because the money was already in his bank and he could have called the whole thing off. Instead he chose to carry it out, and managed through great odds to get one shot off. The mistake that was made was the fault of those Hiring the Jackel, because he had asked them not to Leave the building until the job was complete if they had of listen he probably would have gotten Away with the assissination. Also if there had been anyway to obtain a gun with more then one shot at a time He should Have Because he was greatly limited. Also he should have had some other type of decoy when it came down to the final Time. It shows what one man can do with the right Knowledge and equipment.

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

The USSR is made up of 15 countries within the USSR Control. Moscow is the Capital of Russia. Their population is somewhere around 250,000,000 people. It is the largest Country in the world. Most of its borders (area) lies in a very cold area, and in most parts of USSR it has only 3 seasons.

USSR is leading the world in oil & steel productions with some of the most Modern Mills and factories. They Provide education for all, and also pay all college feeds. They have numerous collective farms, where the Majority of the food stuff are Grown. They use very modern equipment and both Female and Male are Represented in these Collectives.

Women play a major role in the industries of the USSR and Farming and technology and most of all the Govt. Over Half of all the Govt officials in USSR are woman and not just professional people. The Govt is comprised of every type of person And of every trade. As a matter of fact most of the officials are None Professional. The military, is also very actively involved in serving the people they spend so many days working in Hospitals, Education, Farming.

The most important thing about the USSR is its support it gives to all struggling undeveloped Countrys fighting for liberation. That support which no other nation have given.

Chilli [Chile]

The Military Coup which took place in Chilli was a Blood Bath. The Book which Dad is Reading showeds the some of the tactics, used by the Coup. A newspaper publishing Co tells in detail what took place. How they broadcasted the news of the events going on during the Coup. How the staff at the Paper made a decision to stay together in the building even though they were being fired upon. The writer of the book talks about the beatings they endured once the military entered their builting. Tying their feet and hands together, attached to each other with No Room to move. They were forced to run in this positions being beat, Hit in the brains, clubed. They were forced to lay in minibus and taken to the Stadium where they joined 100’s of prisoners all tied. They were met by Men with machine guns, automatic weapons. They were forced to stay awake for days at a time and made to run around the track until they fail from exhaustion and Hunger. They were greeted by a man Know as the prince who was in charge of the Military forces there. He spoke very eloquently showning he was well educated. He talked about the military advantage they had and showed them the 50 & 30 cal. Machine guns. Trained on the prisoners to cut them in half if they moved. He spoke against all Marxist, Negros, & Chilleans that was degrading Chilli. One 50 year old man sleep was struck by a soldier he grabbed for the soldiers Rifle, and was butted with the weapon in the stomach and groin. The old man swing up and caught the soldier on his Chin with a well placed blow. At that Point he commenced to beating the man to death, and kick his skull in and sent the dead body rolling down the stairs. He was a Bravo old man. Later on a 9 year old child with running up the stairs and Bumped into a soldier only to be shot in the chest, and one brave man committed suicide, but before he plunged to his death he shouted Victory to Marxist Chilli. Numerous days followed with tortures and beatings and hunger. But one day the Chilliean people will also receive their Victory.


I feel Guilt Knowing that all the money I used to purchase Cars, gas, clothes, food, went to pay for such tortures as those received in Chilli, So Africa, Rhodesia, and Cuba even the U.S. itself. This Guilt should and will be something that I will continue to reflect on, because I realize that unless I recognize Guilt I will Loose the reality of what is happening around me today. I will remember each and everyday the blood dripping from the faces of those beat with the butts of rifles in Chilli. I shall not forget the Blacks in Africa that have been put in concentration camp with no food, medical care, or proper housing. I will not forget the Killing of people like Steve Biko or Malcolm X, or the child that had to pull on a string to pull off the groins of her dad. I shall never forget the Hangings of Blacks by the KKK or the Castration of blacks in Prisons, or the mothers that had to have their babies in the fields.

These and many more Atrocities I will feel that Guilt because I was partaker of that fascist society. And oneday I will try to repay to My fellow Comrades that died and suffered for my part in their sufferings. Though my debt is great, there will come a day when I can undo a fraction of my guilt.

Thank you Dad
For showing me my short coming.

My Commentment

My Frist objective would be to rid the People here of Tim Stoen & other key people in the Conspiracy. At which Point I would proceed to make plans to make a last stand either at a convention such as a Democratic Convention & Republican. Or if the man power was available a attack on the Govt offices in Washington itself. I would need either Bombs or some type of explosive devices, Along with a semi or automatic weapon or what Ever was available. I would plan a time where I could launch my attack on a Government Convention where 1,000s of these rich Capitalist would be. I would find the highest possible level without being Conspicuous, & blow up has many officials as possible, and if no way out I would die right there.



Robert L. Christian Sr. Letter to Jim Jones


I have many guilts. I know I did not do my part while in the States. I wasted money on food when I was living communal, also I asked for extra receipts for gas which total somewhere around $45.00. I also spend various amounts of my checks, instead of turning the full amount. I also could have procured much more if I had not spend many hours down by the beaches and just driving around. In my own mind I figured I put in probably 10% of my time being productive for this cause which I bare a heavy guilt for. Because of my selfishness I have fail to live up to any degree of standards that you have set.

I have always been critical of many of your ideas especially of those in dealing with our lighter complextion members, I always felt that you where closer to them because they held so many key positions.

In reality though I was seening in you what I wanted to be. Knowing that I could not ever fill the position of a equalitarian that you are. Because I was too self-center and believed in Nationalism more than anything else. In short I was a reverse racist.



I came to this cause not because of your healings, to me that was minor. But I saw in you a Revolutionary personality that was willing to stand against any opposition, and speak out against sufferings that Blacks had to go through.

But even after seening you living and demonstrating equality, I stood up here in Jonestown and openly rebelled against your authority, knowing very well that this could have cause Anarchy in some of those looking on. I feel this guilt.

I owe a great deal to you Dad for even putting up with my Anarchy and my moods. I know and realize that in these pass few weeks you have opened up your heart to us, and now it is time for all of us to grow up and give you that support that it takes to win people to Communism. Yes I will bare this guilt for the rest of life.

I would never leave this cause now because I realize that there is no place for us. (You) We are many years ahead of these times in your philosophy. I now only live to do your will because life has taken on a new revolutionary idea. You asked would I be will to kill those who might betray this cause? Yes, even if it means taking my own family lives, that might betray this cause.



I often wondered what would happen, if you died or was taken away. This do bother me. I previously made the statement that if something did happen to you I would leave, but I know I could not do that because our seniors and children would have no where to go, as a matter of fact even would I. I would be willing to revenge your death in every way possible. (I should say revenge in the principle that you stood for.)

I do think that you should if you haven’t already appoint a board to be in charge if something should happened to you. Because I do fill that problems would arise and that Anarchy is always lurking around the corner.

One thing that I have learned from working in the warehouse that is people like you as long as they think you can do something for them. As you have always said.

Thank you Dad for giving me this opportunity to express myself, and my inward feeling. I hope one day that I will make a Communist for our people.

Thank you Dad
Bob Christian



Bob Christian Test Answers

Bob Christian
June 9, 1978

  1. Social Democracy, Troyskis–, Anarhy, Revission
  2. Proposition 13 is a bill designed to cut taxes in one area and raise taxes in another. Proposition 13 if passed will put 500,000 Govt workers out of work in Calif. alone.
  3. Arm struggle – is a struggle to gains one Liberation not through peaceful means but through a Physical & violent struggle. Terrorism is a person who a group who try to changes things through violent means but with no real purpose.
  4. A. Cannot Protest near a Govt building
    B. Police right to enter into home without a search warrant
    C. News people cannot reveal things involving the Govt
    D. Takes away the 5 amendment
    E. People are not alot [allowed] to strike
    F. News people must reveal source of information
    G. People cannot gather on a corner if more than 2
  5. Zaire
  6. Kiss His Ass was the statement because [U.S. President Jimmy] Carter was trying to force him to excepted [accept] & negotiate with the Rhodesia Govt.
  7. Religions Science Fiction & etc. Keep people minds looking for a better life in the Hereafter. Also for people to be satisfied in the conditions they live in
  8. Country in the movie Z & US are similar Because they both Promote Violence in order to Suppress groups, by placing set ups in the Organizations, also by making every group look like their Promoting Communist Ideas
  9. Only saw frist 1/2 hour of movie (Have Security)
  10. Robert Mugabe & Joshua Nkomo – are leaders of the (Patriotic Front)
  11. Carter stop the SALT talks because USSR will not stop their asistance in those struggling for Liberation in Africa. U.S. are asking to withdraw both Cuban & USSR troops, advisors and not to intervene in any African affairs. USSR stated that they will continue.

[12. and 13. are missing]

  1. Withdrawel of Cuban troops & USSR troops & advisors also to stop suppling those struggling for liberation with war material.

[15. missing]

  1. China, U.S.,
  2. Say nothing and call P.T. Home office and state why you’re arrested, and where you are located

[18. missing]

  1. [Anwar] Sadat – Egypt, [Menachem] Begin – Israel, [Fidel] Castro – Cuba, Ian Smith – Rhodesia, [John] Vorster – Union of South Africa, [Leonid] Brezhnev – USSR



Letter from Ray to Peoples Temple member Vernetta Christian


Dear Vern,

I received your letter and Bobby’s letter. However, I am still quite puzzled as to just why all of a sudden you gathered the kids up and went to S.A. [South America] on the spur of the moment without telling anyone. This does not seem like the sister I know.

Just what is your mission there and do you plan on staying? I hope you didn’t forget to tell Tina [Christian, Vernetta’s daughter] about what I said about her birthday present. Tell Bobby [Christian, Vernetta’s son] we miss him & all of you very much.

Our prayers are with you and I know that God who gave us His beloved Son, Jesus Christ does hear & answer prayers.

Of course, Daddy says for you to come home. I told him it wasn’t quite that simple. Can you imagine he’s even talking about riding a plane. That’s how important you are to us.

I noticed you typed your letter, where were you in the church office or something? Well let me hear from you soon by phone or letter. Just what do you do in case of emergencies? God keep you safe in His arms.

Johnny sent his Love.

Love, Ray

PS-The kids send their love & they too are concerned about you.



Vernetta Christian note to Jim Jones


I’ve seen the ones who suffer in battles – its always the children. I don’t wish to see them go through the pain. A quick method to put Bobby & Tina [Christian] to rest is all that I’m concerned with. I won’t mind fighting then.

With honor I thank you Dad,
Vernetta Christian



Vernetta Christian Test Answers

Vernetta Christian, June 9

  1. Trotskyism, Anarchism, Social Democracy, & Revision
  2. Proposition 13 was passed in Calif. it will put many people out of jobs & do away with benefits, welfare, etc.
  3. Arms struggle is the physical battle to bring about a change in the system. Revisionist feel Terrorism is one in [and] the same but Terrorism doesn’t help the working class. Only through arms struggle can a change take place.
  4. Can’t picket Can’t participate in meeting to discuse [discuss] strike, cannot protest court decisions Can’t protest the IRS, can’t strike, police can arrest you if they think you’re not telling the truth.
  5. Cholera – Zaire disease
  6. [Joshua] Nkomo told [U.S. President Jimmy Carter] he could Kiss his fat black ass. Carter has been pressuring Nkomo in relation to Cuban & Soviet intervention.
  7. Science Fictions, etc occultism, etc. They oppress people because it keeps the people believing in something that don’t cause them to think about their condition. They are brainwashed & as a result – don’t revolt. No use in Marxism.
  8. The country in the movie is like the U.S. because U.S. is leading to the same thing. It is becoming more & more Fascist each day as in “Z.”
  9. Police wouldn’t help the deputy because they didn’t want the same to happen to him.
  10. Patriotic Front for Liberation of the Zimbabwe
  11. Carter stopped the SALT [Strategic Arms Limitations Talks] talks because of Soviet capability with laser beam technology & killer satellite which they want removed.
  12. Kampuchea & Vietnam conflict has come about because Kampuchea says Vietnam is oppressing them & the land & sea agreement is a big issue. Kampuchea Pro-China & Vietnam Pro-Soviet.
  13. Chilean ship. Esmeralda war ship that bloody torture took place & protests have been going on about the ship docking in many countries. However it was well received in S.F.
  14. Carter’s demands on the U.S.S.R. He wants U.S.S.R. out of Africa – Wants Russia to stop or destroy Killer satellite
  15. Greece wants to withdraw from N.A.T.O. because Turkey is receiving military aid.
  16. China is threatening to go to war with Russia.
  17. If arrested you don’t talk call our attorney
  18. [Martin Luther] King would have been considered a U.S. revisionist he didn’t believe in arms struggle.
  19. Sadat = Egypt
    Begin = Israel
    Castro = Cuba
    Ian Smith = Rhodesia
    Vorster = South Africa
    Brezhnev = U.S.S.R.
  20. The magazine was “Look.”
  21. “Z” means = He Lives
  22. Johnny Harris was Black man in North Carolina Prison who managed to get a letter out saying how cruel & inhumane treatments of prisoners that went on. He is to be executed.
  23. Joane Little is a young black woman who was jailed in No. Carolina & was supported by Julian Bond’s group [Southern Poverty Law Center] who managed to get nationwide support for her – as a result she was released, but due to a jealous boyfriend he got her to come back to No. C. where she has recently been sent back to jail.

Terrorism is like bombings that take place in buildings which truly hurt the working class cause – must be arms struggle.



MaryLou Clancey Letter to Jim Jones (typed)

To: Jim Jones
From: Marylou Clancey
Re: questions asked in security meeeting Fri..7/4/78

1. What would be my reaction if you were to suddenly be assasinated or die?

My gut immediate response is “revenge”. Revenge first most those immediately responsible for your assassination/death. Then avenge all of those who attempted to crush Peoples Temple i.e. Grace Stoen, Tim Stoen, the Mertles, Linda Swaney, Jim Cobb etc… This would have to be done under the direct instructions of a leadership group or person for effectiveness of plot. These “avenging acts” it seems could lead inevitably to a total confrontation involving our whole family. However, I can visualize the possibility of a vanguard group performing these avenging acts “underground” and still secure Jonestown. The continuation of Jonestown would be the hard part. Because it has been your total commitment and strategies that have kept our organization going in a positive strain. Every day I become more thoroughly convinced and disgusted of the total shallowness and self-centeredness of the human race (myself included). This realization increases my respect for your untiring efforts to help a degenerate human race. I know myself that I could do my best to maintain under a new leadership and continue to aid the work by following the princibles and guidelines you have so carefully and thoroughly set. If this would be the collective decision, I would help. This may mean “putting under the gun” many so-called followers who could not maintain in your absence. So be it. This cause is the vanguard and most solid functioning union of communism in existence. It has come too far to do [go] down too soon. If it does it must be with a shout of rage heard world round.

Shit– there is nothing worth living for. The grip of imperialism and fascism (CIA_Odessa) is so enmeshed in the world. There is only the battle to further the progress in the development of the Communist 3rd World. Jonestown–by mere existence has aided the battle. Today – tomorrow–20 yrs. from now – YOU – we, have not failed.

MY FEARS: Dying? No. My first confrontation with death was the P.C. experience in S.F. a year or so ago. I was totally convinced yet I was not sad or regretful – greatful yes. 2nd time was the first major crises here on the front line. The tears of you and your son Jimmy convinced me the end was near, as it was. I was afraid, yet anxious for the fight. I get nervous sometimes when I am in a situation with John [Victor Stoen] and Kimo [Jim Jon Prokes] such as the other night at the house when all the lights went and we were there alone. After comforting them, I grabbed for a gun. It was reaction mixed with fear for thier safety.

Torture: After reading “The Question” I am more confident with my capability to withstand torture. It gave me good insight and stimulated some insight of my own. I can’t say I wouldn’t be apprehensive of pain – but afraid of dying – no.


EE-2-b-5a – 5b

Letter to Jim Jones from Mary Lou Clancey, August 1978

Aug 2, 78

To: Dad
From: MaryLou [Clancey]
Re: Negative remarks by me


I am one person who Carolyn Kirkendall’s self-analysis evoked a feeling of guilt in. I have always had very passive pattern of not reporting myself when I fuck up. Her open admission put me to shame. One thing I recently did was talk very negatively the several people about the dentist Dr. Ng-A-fook in Georgetown. I have a very bad and painful experience with him when he “removed” my wisdom tooth – with an excessive amount of leaving for more than 12 hrs following. So. Instead of keeping my fat selfish mouth shut and reporting it to you I indulged in a big case of self-pity and told severalpeople about my bad experience. This obviously included criticizing Dr. Ng-A-fook very strongly – I went so far as telling those in Georgetown there refused to go back to him to stop the bleeding. Some of the people I told were: Maria [Katsaris], Joan [Pursely], Evelyn L. [Leroy] (in G’town) also the people who were with me in the dentist’s office. I made some remarks to such as Pat Rhea, Lillie Victor, Joyce Douglas & Tim Carter [marginal note addition: “Karen Layton”]. In Jonestown I told Mary Wotherspoon, Rita Lenin [Tupper], Rhonda Fortson, and I also reported it to Shanda [Oliver]. I called him a butcher.

I apologize to you because I was so well taken care of for 3 days here in the SCU before I went to Georgetown: you provided me with a full course of antibiotics, codeine, and Tylenol and ultimately saw to it that I was flown in to finish off the problem and get it pulled.

Another thing I was hostile about was that it was prearranged for me to go into the hospital and for Dr. DeCosta to do the extraction (since it was an abscess) but there was a communication breakdown when I got to Gtown and they took me to the wrong dentist.

This still does not justify my negativity!

After I came back here I saw a PR book in a quote that Dr. Ng-A-fook had put in the Guyanese Paper about Jonestown. I also realized the fact that he had provided a lot of free services to us here. I even went so far as to tell a couple people that if he was the dentist who Birdie Arnold hit that I didn’t blame her. Oh boy, I was really undercutting to you and structure. I am an extremely self-centered person. I should have excepted [accepted] the pain and use that as a lesson and been grateful that I was providing the care. People all over the world can’t afford to go to the dentist.

If you want to bring this to the floor it is all right. Undeserved public admission are talking negatively and being a self-centered, self-pity little bitch. I won’t undermine structured like this again. Thank you,




Joicy Clark Letter to Dad on Tim Stoen


This is what I think about Stoen. If there as a way that he could really be made to suffer before he dies, this I would prefer. I am ready to go on the line anytime.

Thank You Dad.
Joicy Clark



Joicy Clark Letter to Jim Jones

Dear Dad,

I used someone else’s sheet and did not return it for awhile; but now it has been returned.

The house Supervisor let me use it as she saw no name on it; but I did and did not tell her. (It was returned in our laundry bag by mistake) I should have returned it sooner.

Joicy E. Clark



Joicy Clark Test Answers

Joicy E. Clark

  1. What are the four enemy of Communist
    1. Anarchism
    2. Reviesion
    3. Troskysim
    4. Social Dem.
  2. Tell you can about Prop 13
  3. Plan arm struggle

In the picture Z the Leader was killed becuse he was trying to help the [illegible word] were in a struggle in countries Greece.

  1. 7 items on Senet Bill 1437
  2. What country did the Disease freak out, killed?
  3. What statement spoke by Joshua Nkomo to [U.S. President Jimmy] Carter
  4. Why does the Chareman use the mint of Religin
  5. How does US compare with Picture Z
  6. Why didn’t the Police Help in Z. Picture

[Transcriber’s note: Document EE1-C77b is a page numbered 10 through 22 that is otherwise blank]



Nancy Clay Letter to Jim Jones, as written by Don Bower

Sept. 5, ‘77


We left the U.S. because we wanted to be free. We came here to be safe from all earthquakes, and to be free from concentration camps. I came here to be free from Senate Bill 1427. Here I am safe from genocide. I came here because they would Kill all black people and would have put in slavery.

PS also the drought that that had come up on us No water

Nancy Clay
Nancy Clay
by Don Bower
for N.C.


EE1-C11a – 11c

Stanley Clayton Letter to Jim Jones

A Personal Letter From Stanley Clayton


Dear Dad,

I’d like to apologize for being such a disturbance person towards the cause. I’d like to be truthful towards you and to myself because for so many years I’ve been running from reality of who I am. At this time I’m not afraid to say that I’m a homosexual because I want to look at this so that I can grow to be a better comrade to my brothers and sisters. I’d also like to apologize to you because over the years that I’ve been in the cause I always wanted to do my own thing. I never thought of the collective until this point. Now that see that I made a hellified big mistake which I shall never forget what I’ve done on the front gate. It left me with a lot of guilt that I’m beginning to be a very paranoid person. Everything that I do I do out of paranoia because I’m afraid of what they might do to me or say to me. I feel that because I feel this way I’m bringing on a lot of problems. My work has gone down. I’m really beginning to cop a bad attitude and a lot of the time I feel depressed. But I do want you to know I’m looking at myself every way that I can “to get” out of this state of mind. Also I want you to know that I haven’t been doing my discipline like I should. I will get back in line and start showing up for discipline. Just one more thing. I feel left out in the educational field. I never had that much schooling. The time that I should have had been in school I was out stealing because school didn’t mean anything to me at that time but now when I look around and see and hear a lot of the young people come forward with the understanding they have about communism, it touches me but I feel bad because I don’t know too much of anything, only some of the teachings that you have taught me and I feel lost in that area. But I don’t think that’s anybody’s fault but my fault because for all the years that I’ve been here I should have been paying a lot of attention to you instead of goofing off, laughing, and playing. So at this time I want you to know that I’ll be looking at myself, keeping a good attitude, paying more attention to you at all times. What I’m really saying is that I’m going to change. I want you to know one thing about me. I want you to know that I’m really grateful that you took me in to be a dad to me because I never had a dad before because I’ve seen my mama run with different men and that none of them sat down to talk to me or given me guidance when I was seeking for it. They just ran over all of us, just getting what they wanted from my mama then leaving which I feel left me in a disturbed condition because I was always disturbed about that but that’s one of the things I’m grateful for I don’t have to go through that kind of shit. I just want to thank you for letting me share this time with you.

Thank you Dad
Stanley Clayton



Ida Mae Clipps Letter to Jim Jones

1) Why we left the United States?

Because of the Senate Bill 1427 [1437].

2) Because of the Nuclear Bomb.

3) Because our Seniors can walk around in Safety without being Molested.

4) We are free from the Smog an earthquakes

5) Because we are free from racism an our children can be brought up in Socialism.

Ida Mae Clipps
Dorm 5.



Sharon Cobb Letter to Jim Jones



I hesitated to write this letter, but decided to any way. If there is a group or a few people sent somewhere to fight I would like to be involved in it. This is a very beautiful country but I can’t really say I enjoy living. I dread the thought of living on and on for years. I don’t mean this to sound suicidal because it isn’t meant to. There were times in the past when I considered suicide, but not now – at least not for no reason. Even when living in Ohio and before listening to you I thought about death. You’ve kept me alive these many years.

Anyway – if I had my choice I would rather die at an early age – and for a reason. There are really no ties binding me. I have no children and no companion. Nat [Swaney] will have Pat [Swaney] when she gets here and Stephanie [Swaney] will have Doxsee [Swaney]. In view of this, it would be somewhat easier for me than for some others.

So, if the opportunity arises, please consider my request.

Thank you,

Sharon Cobb

A jail sentence would not matter either.



Sharon Cobb Letter to Jim Jones


Sharon Cobb

  1. Judy Ijames
  2. Becky Flowers
  3. Ava Jones

I have always felt close to Judy & Ava particularly. I know that sex and fondness go hand in hand.

Tim Swinney – he’s the “he man” type and I’ve always been interested in that type.

Philip Blakey –

Was interested (or should say – liked) Sebastian [McMurry] until he arrived here and was in nurses office every day.

Have also always been fond of Kevan Grubbs – I guess that’s also a form of sexual attraction.

There is really no one I want to fuck. I don’t think I have any more illusions in that area. They’ve all been demolished – either by experience or others’ experiences.



Leona Collier Letter to Jim Jones


Jim, the reason I am sending you these shirts, is that in some of the films you appear to be bloated. Maybe these shirts will be helpful.

Everyone is always happy to hear your voice, when you come on the radio. When you are on the slides and film, everyone clap & cheer each time you appear.

The people have supported well in most cases.

Projects & Phone Pledges

Jan.  $5,600
Feb   $8,000
March $9,300
April to date of 15th. $5,200

This does not include, soap, sheets, medical supplies, and etc. that they bring weekly.

Leona C.


Note to Marceline Jones from Leona Collier

EE-2-b-15a – 15b

Dear Mother,

Thank you again for helping me get the straight message across to the proper understanding. Nelma Jones will arrive Tue 29th 11:30 PM. She did express today that sure like to work with Wanda King on x-rays. She said there are new things in the x-ray field as she wanted to make Wanda aware of them. Other people that I know she knows very well is

Johnnie Jones
Alice Ingram
Rennie Kice
Francine Mason and
Ava Jones.

Although I don’t know what Ava feels about her. I am saying this because T. [Teri] Buford told me Ava was unhappy about hearing she was coming although I feel that Ava will override any discomforts Julia feel about her, on the basic of the Greatest Good to the Greatest Number, especially if she realizes that as far as I know this is a peaceful visit.

Thanks again to you and the Office for everything.

Peace, Leona Collier


EE1-C66a – 66c

Inez Conedy Letter to Jim Jones

Dorm 2-41

Dear Father –

Peace and Love.

Some of the reason why we left the U.S. were these

The Baki [Bakke] Decision, refusing Blacks and Minorities the preveleges of Law and Medical training.

The Neutron Bomb which will destroy human in as small a radius as 200 to 300 yards and not move even a Glass or Straw.

Senate Bill 1427 [1437]. Black Minorities could be arrested if he could not give the arresting officer that answers that the Officer wanted him to say, as if the accused could read his mind.

Also a chemical has been made that can be placed in water that will kill only Blacks and not whites – this scientis who discovered this was jailed put through regious pressures and allowed to die of cancer that the system had infected him with.

Father we do wish both, question and answers – that we may study as we work – which should create a very different atmosphere or climate than exist. I do wish to study and get greater knowledge and understanding

Thank you Father
Inez Conedy



Mary Ella Cook note to Jim Jones


Father why I left the United States to Be with you an the family. The Reason I left the United States the nucari war. The Reason I left United States Because Earth Quake

I left United States Because concreation camps  I left United States Because Senate Bill 14-27 [1437]

Mary Ella Cook
Dorm – 5



Mary Ella Cook Letter to Jim Jones


Dear Dad

i am writing you about this Place it is Beautiful i like it But it Rain to often for me. All the Beautiful trees an i would like it Better if I could walk good an injoy the scenery an if I Had a good low heel shoes I could ingag walking and looking i Could do more work. And if i Could get some Hair vasaline for my Hair when I don’t Put vasaline my Hair it itch like it got lice. My feet i cant wear a shoe with the toe in i have arthritis in one toe that is the Reason.

You said for me to tell you what to Do with Tim Stone [Stoen] i would use my Power on Him Make Him have a car Reck an Make Him get knock out so he never Knew any thing the Rest of his life. he wont Even Know you or Grace Stone [Stoen].

I will Close

Mary Ella Cook



in the states i mis my son and His family also my sisters & Brothers an my cousins the one cousin was Just like a sister to me.

thanks for Putin me on a Diet I lost 50 Pounds less than 4 months I was 184 when I come here now I waight 134 ¾


BB-31-a-223 – a-224

Barbara Cordell Letter to Dad on Tim Stoen


I think the reason that Chris was done in was because the Mertles and Stoens were afraid of what he might do to them. So he told the people they are consorting with to get rid of him because they were afraid for their lives. I think we should scare them by having some of our known members to look them straight in the eye several times a day for a few days but to use different people for this so they don’t do to one like they did to Chris. I doubt if they are sleeping to well right now.

Barb Cordell


BB-31-a-134 – a-135

Candace J. Ingram [Cordell] Letter to Dad on Tim Stoen

To: Dad
From: Candace J. Ingram [Candace Kay Cordell]
Date: 20 Dec 1977
Re: Stoen

I feel that I would kill him or anyone else for this cause, if they have done anything to hurt or destroy this socialist family. If I could just be shown the way to do it. Even if it was by getting them in the jugglar [jugular] pain by stabbing him or even plain poisoning. Just whatever means I had to do it! What if you came over here I would murder him with cutlass in hand. Because he has been here before and knows the beauty of this place and go back to fascist grave America is treasonous. So I would be willing to kill Tim Stoen or even Richard Cordell and Harold also! If he keeps up shit. As I saw his little parables in Cindy 5 page letter he wrote of negative thinking!

Thank you Dad!
Candace Ingram



Candace Cordell Letter to Jim Jones


I failed you in my work. I do want to go to FL [Freedom Land] and I know I will have to work to get there. I’m willing to work right now. I will do my best to make sure I keep no one from going. I will live up to principle. And do whatever needs to be done from me. And I will set a good example for others to follow.

Candace Cordell



Chris Cordell Letter to Jim Jones

Chris Cordell
June 29, 1977


I remember last night in the meeting you showed us some articles from various newspapers that dealt with world end economic issues.

You said that in one article Anita Bryant was going all over the U.S. trying to get rid of homosexuals and gays. She says that they are bad and that they should not have any rights and should not be allowed to get jobs. She said she was coming to “Sin City” (San Francisco) to get rid of gays and homosexuals. Because of Anita Bryant the gays in Miami Florida where she is famous were defeated and most of the people there are against them now and fighting right along with her against Gays.

Another article dealt with a painting on the glass window of one of the Federal Buildings in a city in the U.S. It said – “Everyone should own a Nigger” This sign was up for several days without anyone protesting or saying anything about it.

You showed us article after article dealing with how the fascists regime of all over the world is trying to do away with Jews, Blacks, all people of color that is not pure white, and homosexuals, and gays as well too. Everyone of color and the gays are getting their rights taken away day after day in the states. This will lead to race wars and sooner or later lead to a nuclear Holocaust as you said over and over again for years and some people are just now beginning to write things saying that this is true.

Thank you for your teachings Father


EE1-C8a –8c

Chris Cordell Letter to Jim Jones

Dec. 10, 1977

Dear Dad,

I know that you may not feel that I have to say this but I do because it bothered me for a long time on my concious. I really want to say how very deeply I’m sorry for all of the shit and pain that I put you through down through the years. Sometimes I wish that you would have went ahead and let me die or go to Prison and died there (a slow and painful death, which I myself believe I needed for what I put you through. Maybe you have forgotten some of the bad things that I have done but I can’t. I am not as forgiving as you are of mistakes made. And because you did not let me die when I know I should have by all natural means many of times, I wish to ask of you may I be one of the first to go, if this were ever a mission where a few of us would have to go and risk our lives or give up our lives for this cause. Because I know now that if my life wasnt taken away by the capitalist honkies I would rather lay it down for a good reason – for my people – and my cause which is Socialism-Communism way of life. You have been too forgiving and loving to such an asshole as myself. I feel the only real way that I could pay you back is to give up my body for the cause that is the only thing I have left of any value and some really value that a lot.

I really felt a lot of sorrow last night as Grandma [Lynetta] Jones was put away because in a sense of the word she was the only grandmother I ever had besides all of the precious and dear grandmothers in this cause. I felt that she was dear to me in one way or another because for one she said nothing except that she refuses to testify on the grounds that it might tend to incriminate her. And because of her stand as she said yesterday “We are all here and made it possible for me to be here alive and able to give up my body for the cause through you that was possible.

I want to say that it really made me sick yesterday when I went up and heard you speaking about the struggle that your mother went through down through the years. People were talking, not giving respect it made me so mad that I wanted to scream. I should have taken down some names but I did not try hard enough to get a paper and pen. That was my negligence And I’m very very sorry dad. But these people who did not show Respect and were talking and letting the children play know who they are, and should feel ashamed as I do for not speaking up against them.

I also want to say something else to get it off of my head. Every time that there is a crises I always have my eyes open because I have pictured in my mind people coming on the property to attack us who have down through the years Sold out this cause and have become our traitors. I have seen them amongst the fascist dogs coming to take our children and our lives away from us. I hope that some day they are apart of the enemies coming in here to stir up trouble because I for one will be looking out for them everytime we go to the front line to defend our land and our lives. But I don’t care about my life, I would just lay it down to keep them fascists pigs from running over a free world under Socialism-Communism. I myself will not let them take this away from us. I will make them kill me first. And they will not take away my one and only dad. You.

I will not let them take away my only source of hope the only thing that has kept me alive all of these 20 long years. I also want to say again that if Harold [Cordell] ever gets over here it will take an awful lot of work and proving to get me to except [accept] him as my so-called dad again. The one who brought me into this god-damn capitalist bourgeouis world. It will have to take a lot of teaching to get into this assholes head that he is a (0) like the rest of us. And there is no respectable woman in this Socialist-Communist cause who will have anything to do with him for what he is now. So he has to change right! I know he will! Because if he don’t there are other ways. And I want to be in on every bit of it. I sure hate to write long letters like this to you Dad, but these were a few things that bothered me and things I wanted to say that I just had to get out to you. I hope I havent taken up too much of your precious time. Thank you again and again for all you’ve done for me, (Saving my life!) I can only think of one thing that can repay you in any small way and that is to give my life to you, and this great cause!

Thank you Dad,
Your son,
Chris Cordell



Chris Cordell Letter to Jim Jones

Dec. 17, 1977

Dear Dad,

I really hate to bother you with matters such as this because I know part of what burden we all here put you through, but I myself cannot deal with this matter any longer. I’m speaking of Betty Jean Gill. This matter has been going on since I left the States and broke up with her because of being tired of the games and shit she pulls. I’ve tried like you said we all must do before writing anything up anything to deal with it personally myself. It’s just gotten too far out of hand. I don’t know how to deal with her without knocking her block off.

It all started when she made friends with Charles Westley [Charles Wesley Williams], because she knew he and I were good friends. She started telling Charles how much she liked me and that she wanted me back, and for him to try and help her get me back. Then the next thing I knew she was jealous because I was talking, quote unquote, with Alida Santiago. She started a whole new thing then telling Charles, Kenny Reed, and Acquinetta Robertson [Devers], that she wishes me and Alida would stay out of her face because Alida lived next door to her. So when that kind of calmed down she started it up again saying she wants me back. So I wrote her a little note because all of these gossips around here were telling my mom and a few other people that I was trying to go back with Betty Jean. So I wrote this note which said in so many words that I didn’t want anymore to do with her, to leave me alone, and stop telling others about how you want me and so on. I told her that I only wanted to be left alone from her because I am trying to be a good Socialist worker-fighter in this cause. And so now just a few days ago she comes and tells Charles that she is no longer pregnant that the Doctor and three nurses can verify that fact. She said also that this means she is free now and she wanted Charles to help her get me back for her. When Charles told me this new News I decided this is the last straw. If I can’t get through to her maybe you can dad. I don’t want anything to do with this immature little girl any longer. I want her to leave me alone so that I can properly do my duties. If there were anyone you would be the first to know. Because I don’t want to go with anyone or marry anyone unless I’m positively sure I want them. I’m not and I’m determined not to make the same mistake as Harold [Cordell].

I hope that this will be able to be dealt with tonight. Because I don’t want another day to go by with her trying this shit. I don’t want her and that’s all there is to it and that’s all I want to say to her. Maybe you can help get it through her sick, ignorant, capitalistic, bourgeois mind.

Thank you Dad
Your son
Chris Cordell

P.S. I thought about what you told me to think about. I still want to do it. Even more now that worse comes to worse. And they assasinated Chris Lewis. This makes my mind more and more determined. All I want to do is go down knowing I gave my life for a Socialist cause. Where others might live in Peace, Freedom and Equality, Happy as one people. That’s all I want is to know that I contributed in some small way to bring this about.

Thank you Dad



Chris Cordell Letter to Jim Jones

Chris Cordell

Dec. 18, 1977
Jonestown, Guyana
South America

Notes out of the book COINTELPRO

Cointelpro is the code-name for – Counter Intelligence Program. A program run by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation). It is called the FBI’s secret war on Political Freedom. As a political police for the government of the U.S. The FBI was assigned the role of determining what’s fit for the American people to hear and what is not. Socialism in their opinion is not fit. The ruling-class of America say that socialism is a subversive idea, because it is impossible for the people as a whole to own all the resources and wealth and use them for their own welfare.

In the early 60’s Socialism was winning a good portion of the ballot. But the FBI had to intervene and cause disruption, corruption, and confusion amongst the American people to bring down the cause of Socialism. Harassment, other threats, and at times in many cases Assassinations of Political leaders such as John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and Fred Hampton, and George and Jonathan Jackson.

As an example of some of the harassments to Black Political Leaders and others. In 1964 the first Black man to run for president of the U.S. nominated by the SWP, was Clifton DeBerry. The FBI tried time after time to downgrade him in the press and it didn’t work because their lies could not be proved to we. When Malcom X publicly announced his break from the Nation of Islam, on March 12, 1964, He said that he was going to support local civil rights actions in the South and elsewhere. He also said to the people – “We should peaceful, law abiding, but the time has come for the Blacks to fight back in self defense whenever and wherever he is unjustly and unlawfully attacked. Then he turned around and challenged the government and said: If the government thinks I am wrong for saying this, then let them start doing their job. The government did think he was wrong, and the FBI did a job for them. (continued on back side)



A job to quiet one great Political Black Leader. In which a job they fulfilled on February 21, 1965 in Harlem, New York. 3 men gunned him down in cold blood. Malcolm X was assassinated by the FBI program.

Another job which they (the FBI) called “a good show” was the murder of Fred Hampton of the BPP [Black Panther Party]. A man whose name is William O’Neal was an FBI infiltrator and was Hampton’s personal bodyguard, and the Chief of Panther security. O’Neal gave the information of the floor plan, where Hampton was staying to a local agent Ray Mitchell who in turn turned it into the State’s Attorney’s Office just before the attack on Hampton’s apartment. Along with this information was a report of two illegal shotguns, most likely put there by O’Neal. The police knew just where he was (Hampton) and shot only in the corner of the room where Hampton and Clark were sleeping. This is proof of the gestapo style assassinations which they carried out. For O’Neal’s services he was paid over $10,000 from January 1969 thru July 1970.

Some other movements which have been attacked and harassed by Cointelpro are the SWP [Socialist Workers Party], YSA [Young Socialist Alliance], NAACP, BPP, and the CP [Communist Party] and many others too countless to name. Not to mention our movement who we have proof of down through the years that they had to have connection with some of our conspiracies too. And if we were still in the U.S. they would finally find a way to destroy us as they have many, many other great men and movements.

Thank you Dad for bringing all of our people out of this type of harassments and destruction that would have most likely happened to us also.

Thank you Dad
Your son,
Chris Cordell


Undated Thank You Note to Jim Jones from Edith Cordell


To My Only Friend

[Transliteration of Russian for “thank you”] for the lovely meals you give us. I don’t like seeing you sick and having to put up with all of us. You are the only friend we have. I look around and look at all these people you have brought over here and that alone is a very great miracle. I often think – I always think about all you have done fowr us. We just don’t deserve it.

Edith Cordell


The Writings of Harold Cordell


EE1-C12, EE-1-C-35

Poems by Jimmy Cordell

[Editor’s note: This poem may also be found here.]

By Jimmy Cordell

As the twilights dim, I see him,
his name is Jim
He has looked and he has found,
it’s so great to step on our communist ground.

He’s brought us here to build this land,
working together with cutlass in hand.

Working, striving day by day,
he is blessing us in every way.

Our land is beautiful, from beans to the banana,
at last we have made it to a land called Guyana.



Loretta Cordell / Coomer Letter to Jim Jones

Thank you Father

The doctors in SF were ready to operate on my so-called “injured” knee cap 2 days after I left

Since I’ve been here in this beautiful land it gets better every day now and the “limp” is almost gone. Dr. [Larry] Schact says it is just a little arthritis.

Loretta Coomer
(night-time supervisor of all 13 babies)


EE1-C46a – 46b

Loretta Cordell / Coomer Letter to Jim Jones


To: Dad

From: Loretta Coomer

Being with you for as many years as I have been with you, I should have a lot more conscientiousness and guilt than I do have many times. I have thought about the black people in our congregation, who have been through so much, suffered so much injustice as a result of being black, and yet somehow managed to avoid the issue. Oh! Yes! I have felt guilty for being the same color of skin as their oppressors and have cried about it because I’m sure I have reminded some beautiful black person of someone they hated. I have lived with that ever since I’ve known you. So much so that it used to irritate me (and still does) when I see some of our lighter-skinned people continuously sitting together or more than 2 or 3 sitting together with the room full of black people. You have made me that observant.

I often feel bad because I have to scold or be forceful with black seniors a lot in the food serving line, but also realize they too have been conditioned and sometimes respond only to “white” authority – and that makes me very angry. The black sisters serving can tell some people something and that person gets mad. Then I’ll say the same thing and they are very nice and accept it and go on their way. This happens 2 or 3 times a day and it causes some hostility from the other servers.


EE1-C47a – 47b

Loretta Cordell / Coomer Letter to Jim Jones


To: Dad

From: Loretta Coomer

I was the one Bob Christian was referring to last night who had suggested the possibility of a central supply for clothing.

I realize and told him at the time that it probably was not possible because:

  1. We have no such building available
  2. We don’t have the proper personnel
  3. We conscientiously are not ready for it

But my thoughts regarding this came about when I see some people with hardly two changes of clothes and some with more than one trunk. I thought (if we had none of the three excuses mentioned above) we could have full-time personnel who did nothing but keep the clothing sorted and arranged in sizes. More personnel would also be needed for passing it out, clearing it to be given out, and others to wash, plus more washing machines. This I feel is definitely in the far future but should not be erased completely merely because some are not ready for it now. I myself would be willing to turn in all of my clothes, whether or not everyone else did, and get just enough clothes to last for 3 days and keep doing that. If everyone did that, we would have more space for beds and no one would need trunks or crates stacked up in the cottages and dorms.

It’s just a thought.

Thank you, Dad, for taking the time to care and read all these damn notes.

Loretta Coomer



Loretta Cordell / Coomer Letter to Jim Jones


To: Dad

From: Loretta Coomer

Regarding your request for those who have stolen since they’ve been here in this beautiful Jonestown, I am writing my apologies for taking advantage of the people and falling into the category of the elitest.

I have not taken anything from any one person in particular. But I have taken when I needed while being trusted to work in the Peoples warehouse.

I sneaked out a blouse with sleeves, 1 Pr. panties, 1/2 cup Clorox, and a bra. I will not ever do it again because I realize now why we have the problem of so much stealing here and will carry out my part to have it all stopped someday. If I need anything in the future, I will go thru the normal procedures which are set up for the benefit of everyone.

Thank you, Dad, for stirring up our conscientiousness. Loretta Coomer



Loretta Cordell / Coomer Note to Jim Jones

My Sexual Attractions

by Loretta Coomer

  1. Diane [Deanna] Wilkinson
  2. Norm Ijames
  3. Marthea Hicks
  4. Debbie Touchette
  5. Irra Johnson

[Transcriber’s note: Bracket around last four names listed above, leading to following.] I have never really admitted my feelings to these four but I’m trying to admit to myself that that what I feel towards them even though it is “latent” and will stay that way.

[Transcriber’s note: Marginal notes] Also, I realize there names are all “what I can never be” physically – young Black Beautiful – but that I try to be mentally.



Mark Cordell Letter to Jim Jones

There was alot of articles you showed us.

The articles about the Boston courthouse in Boston Mass. There was a sign on the door that said; Everyone should own a nigger. It was up for three weeks.

A article on Models been rape. It was showing a model been mistreated.

Andrew Young was a polition [politician] against raccism. They make him look foolish in the papers, and made a cartoon on him; Racist boy, Racist dog, Racist fire hydrant, making him look really racist.

A article that there was proof that the pentagon drew up plans for killing blacks and fighting South Africa.

A article that said that blacks were happier and more physical fit when they were in slavery.

5,000 Gays march on streets for rights. Antia p[Anita] Bryant was causing trouble for the Gays. They wouldn’t let Gays be teachers, because they were with children. And Gays don’t mess with children, like parents do. The Gays were best of teachers too.

Anita Bryant won against Gays in Florida.

The lonest street [Delancey Street Foundation] was getting false articles on them because they were helping criminals. I think his name is [John] Maher he is been persequted on criminal charges.

The KKK has increase 100%, and there children were uniforms also.

There is a police network that goes to major cities. Police dont have to answer to nobody also with Canada it is the same thing before the Nazis Germany.

In Africa you had to were a I.D. card that had your religion on it. Were you lived. The states is bringing out a worse I.D. card. Were you live. Were you do business with were you work. Were you spend your [illegible word] at.

Thank You Father I am here
Mark Cordell



Yulanda Crawford Letter to Jim Jones

Re: Ron Crawford

Residence: 22 Betty Street, Ukiah, California

Staying with: A girl named Georgiana and her son.

Throughout our three years of marriage he has had three homosexual experiences and has continuously had one night stands. He has been a know alcoholic (i.e. Rum). He smokes marijuana, he has also abused common Rx. In one instance I was cleaning his study Room and found my dad valiums, codeine, Quaaludes and phenobarbitals in his drawer. This was common practice of his to pick up these medication and mix various drugs to keep him high. Ron has never been able to function properly unless under the influence of some kind of drug.




Francine Crenshaw note to Jim Jones

To: Dad

I feel before the conspirators would be aloud to take my child from this Socialist Community I would rather he be a victim of Revolutionary Death. The seriousness of this make me commit myself to follow threw with this task at our Leaders will.

Francine Crenshaw



June Crym Typed Letter to Jim Jones

June’s negative letter over our policy decisions, she agrees with Gary [possibly Peoples Temple attorney Charles Garry] as opposed to us:


[Editor’s note: Seral names in this letter are likely in code.]

[Handwritten at top of page: “From [holepunch] I would say we better have June over for awhile!”]

from June

12/1/77 Meeting at Eric’s place with Irene, Martha

I find myself in an increasingly frustrated state of mind because I agree with Eric’s legal strategies, which seem to directly oppose strategy coming from overseas.

In the past one of our best selling points has been when we were in the public eye, i.e. the Peoples Forum. Eric wants a film. The film that came over was so cut up, the sound was crappy and still is not right, it’s just a home movie. All that time what went into that, why did it end up that way??? Now I get the impression we dont want to do any film, either with Guyana camera crew or foreigners. I think Eric’s point of wanting the film is that there is precious few media coverage on us now, in the alternative press. There are times in which to present an argument, a “creshendo” as he calls it, and once that time in thepublic eye has lapsed, the strategic timeing is lost. We are overdue – all the public is hearing now is the enemy. Only the Bay Guardian covered our demonstration against the Examiner, and then just with one small photo and a 2 inch caption. He wants to show the film to the world – I couldn’t care less. I don’t give a shit about the world, but at this point locally we need coverage, and he has contacts for distribution. He is interpreting our reluctance to do a movie as a sign there are weaknesses over there we don’t want the public to see, ie the camera crew. He said outright that he had doubts before he went over there himself. If he had doubts, think of all the others who hve doubts, in just as prominent of places as he is. His doubts because of lack of firsthand experience is analogous to those people who’ve never seen the place and hear nothing but the establishment press, etc. If they saw a film, would they not be more convinced of the positive side?

I think part of Eric’s strategy is based on communication; the more we don’t communicate our message, the more we remain silent, the more those outsiders who might be won for what it’s worth to our side through media or whatever will tend to sway to the opposition. People who left, enemies, want to speak to their relatives; they use this ploy to sell the argument that we dont let our people talk to their relatives. Eric is selling the point publicly, in court (i.e. the Olivers [Concerned Relatives Howard and Beverly Oliver] ) that any relative can speak to their relative overseas via our radio. We dont close ourselves off to anybody, in other words. But when they ask, and we say the radio is out, etc., they just keep on harranging with the same old shit, that they can’t speak to their child, etc. Irene Edwards sister came on to her sister with ridiculous accusations which were obvious to any ear – the sad fact is that this was not taped and we have no proof of it over here now. You have a perfectly sane woman in Guyana speaking for herself, and this sister comes on and makes ridiculous accusations – the sister is the weak part in the argument.

The only way I can interpret the present silence is that we are not considering any holding action here in the states while this attack goes on, that eventually this thing will wind up entirely over there, there is no one to convince over here because no one in the end will believe it anyway.

In the meantime, I feel very disloyal because I obviously agree with Eric and the line we are taking is directly opposed; therefore, I am directly opposed to our line… I am going to have to talke to Martha and Irene more about this, and hopefully Mildred because I do not want to be in such an opposite position.




 Millie Cunningham Letter to Dad on Tim Stoen

Dad you know you have done so much fore people you have went out of your way to help every one & the more you do the more we ack up.

Tim Stone do not deserve any money nore any consideration from you are [or] anyone. Keep the money & send him a bum [bomb].

Millie Cunningham



Millie Cunningham Letter to Jim Jones

Dec. 25, 1977

Dear dad, i am writing to let you know i don’t want to go back to the United State. i like here and i Do thank you for giving me a home in guyana state. Also the last one at home is my son Claus Cunningham I know if it is your Will he Will be here and i am thanking you in advance. dad i think this is a Beautiful place and i like here i want to make it my home. i thank you for the job you gave me. You dident have to do it But you did. you are the only dad i Ever had. there is no one like you and Mother. i have other love one back their But i chose to come here where you will Be i know you will never leave us and forsake us thank you dad.

Mille Cunningham


Undated Note on Jim Jones’s Worst Pain from Millie Cunningham


What Would Be Father’s Worst Pain

Father’s worst pain would be worrying about the burdens of the world. How the people are disobeying him. The hungry babies going to bed hungry every day.

When you think of how people are spending so much money & time for foolish things, instead of giving to the poor, the sick, & the needy.

I feel so guilty for the way I spent money on foolish things in the States. I hope to make up for what I have done wrong one day. Would like to go out & sell cakes & cookies to bring up the production.

Thank You Dad

Millie Cunningham


Undated Letter to Jim Jones from Millie Cunningham


Dear Dad:

Just want to thank you for everything that you done for me. When I was in the rally, I was hurting so bad, I look over at you and I got relief. Now I am ready to go back to work. They want me to come in at 5 PM. I will be late when I come in to service so I thought I would let you know and is this OK with you. Thank you for your love & concern for all of us.

I love you. Millie Cunningham