Joseph Mazor Letter to Charles Garry

While it is still unknown how or when San Francisco private investigator Joseph Mazor first came into contact with disaffected members of Peoples Temple and relatives of Jonestown residents, by August 1977, he had introduced himself to the Temple itself as a representative of those families, working to return several children from Guyana.

In an August 10 letter to Temple attorney Charles Garry, Mazor asks for assistance “in the expeditious return of these minors, eliminating the necessity for the parents to file formal complaints.”

The letter says that it includes the “parent or guardian demand for the return of the individual minors,” but the copy recovered from Jonestown has only one such attachment, an August 11 request from Walter Jones, acting as the legal guaradian for Vincent Lopez.

Walter Jones had left the Temple with Grace Stoen a year earlier, on July 4, 1976.

Joseph Mazor letter to Charles Garry, RYMUR 89-4286-NN-8-D1 – NN-8-D2