Articles by Heather Shearer

Heather Shearer is the Associate Chair of the Writing Program at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her paper entitled “Crossing into the Promised Land: An Activity-Theoretical Analysis of Application Paperwork Used by Peoples Temple Members for Entry into Jonestown,” was presented as part of a larger panel called “Bodies in Rhetorical Space: Discursive Bias and the Transgression of Physical and Social Spaces” at the Rhetoric Society of America Conference.

Dr. Shearer can be reached at or at

The value of the archive (2018) NEW

Why “the ordinary” is extraordinarily important: Researching Peoples Temple and Jonestown through the experience of the rank-and-file members (2013)

Reflection on Jonestown Memorial Dedication (2011)

The Textual Practices of Peoples Temple: How Did Texts Help to Build the Promised Land? (2010)

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