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(Note: This tape was transcribed by Richmond Arquette. The editors gratefully acknowledge his invaluable assistance.)

Jim Jones: (reads slowly without affect; radio broadcast periodically discernible in background) –of the neutron bomb in spite of con– conservative Democratic and Republican opposition. (Pause)

Israelis refused to comply with withdrawal demands of United Nations from Lebanon. This brings about strong indictment against the Israelis by Kurt Waldheim, United Nations’ executive secretary [Secretary General]. (Pause) [Hugh Foot] Lord Caradon, who is chief British delegate to United Nations Security Council, drafted its lar– landmark Resolution 242 on Israeli security and Palestinian rights, has called upon the council to update the resolution so as to insure Palestinian self-determination on territories seized by Israel. Caradon’s call, contained in a recent article in The Nation magazine, came amid attempts by Israeli fascist Premier [Prime Minister] Menachem Begin to reinterpret the resolution denying what it calls for– that it calls for withdrawal of occupying forces in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. (Pause)

Filipino dictator [Ferdinand] Marcos has ordered the army and the police to break up all demonstrations. (Pause) The opposition party that was being led by a senator [Benigno S. Aquino, Jr.], who has been held for five years without trial by the dreaded Marcos regime, who now has the favored support of Cesar Chavez of the farm workers union, United States. The election, which was contrived and fraudulent, of course went in favor of the dictator Marcos in the Philippine islands in the Pacific Ocean. Marcos, as you know, has murdered some fifty thousand opponents in the last year, including his own best supporters, five millionaires. Indeed there is no security in capitalism. Only a communist society promises security, as we have a thousand strong this morning to guarantee that we will eat, thousand strong guaranteeing medical care. That is, there should be anyway, those that would go out and give their bodies, any way necessary to protect the family. At this point it is Father that has risen always to the need by– through the years, saving every penny he could scratch into a buffer that will last certainly months if we were cut off from all funds. (Pause)

Unemployment, the news says in the background, is at an un– precedented high. The trade deficit continues to be startling to U.S. economic authorities. We’re having to import in United States, due to the erosion of lands and lack of production, unemployment. We’re importing more than we are selling, creating a very difficult situation, that most say will most certainly eventually lead to total economic collapse of the capitalist system.

The campaign against the neutron bomb, currently underway throughout Europe, emerged dramatically when President [Jimmy] Carter has been forced by a hundred and fifty thousand petitioners to acknowledge it on public television and say that he will stay the production of the monstrous evil weapon that kills all human and animal life but does not touch property. Property (Pause) is the God– (Pause) is the God indeed of capitalism.

Cluster bombs, anti-personnel weapons (Pause) have been used by the Israelis in Lebanon. Each bomb throws tens of thousands of pieces of shrapnel in civilian communities. The Menachem Begin regime of fascist Israel refuses to change its expansionist tendencies (Pause) –

Eugene Propper, Assistant U.S. Attorney on Monday, showed Chilean government officials evidence collected in the U.S. which identifies the two persons now believed to have carried out September 1 assassination of opposition leader, good friend of Peoples Temple, who I prophetically warned to not go to Washington, Orlando Letelier, in Washington D.C. The two, Michael Townsley [Townley], an exile from the U.S., and Chilean Army Captain Armando Fernandez [Larios], were issued visas to enter the U.S at a Chilean government request a few weeks before Letelier and associate Ronni Martiff [Moffitt] were killed. Propper is said to have conveyed a State Department request to have the two questioned before a judge.

In a related development, it was announced Tuesday that General [Manuel] Contreras, a confidante of the Chilean dictator, dreaded dictator, who was put in power by our merciless CIA, Augusto Pinochet, has resigned his army commission. General Manuel Contreras, once a powerful force in the ruling military junta, was head of the National Intelligence Directorate, DINA, at the time of the Letelier assassination, carried out by the Chilean CIA in conjunction with the USA CIA. (Pause)

The statement issued on Friday by the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the great new socialist black government in [the] Horn of Africa, said peace can be secured in the area of the Horn of Africa only if the leaders of Somalia, without any conditions attached, abandon any claim to parts of Ethiopia and Kenya, as well as Djibuti, the statement concluded. The Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is resolutely rejecting the attempts by the U.S. multinationals and government and its allies to interfere in the solution of matters which fell under Ethiopia’s sovereignty. Those are in particular attempts to link Somalian troops withdrawal with the presence in Ethiopia of military personnel rightfully invited by the Ethiopian government from Cuba and the Soviet Union, as well as a proposal to send foreign observers to Ethiopia. All those attempts are tantamount to an interference in the internal affairs of the socialist Ethiopian black nation. They are unacceptable to Ethiopia and cannot serve the cause of establishing peace. (Pause)

The Cuban foreign minister warns the Somalian regime and the USA and Egypt that there will be no toleration for any further attempts to invade the Ethiopian territory. A Pan African news agency, embracing 49 African and Arab countries, is expected to be in operation by the end of the year, a spokesperson for the Kenyan International Information Ministry said this week. (Pause)

A statement issued here this week by the leadership of the communist party of Israel, called the Rakah, said bitter experience shows that holding onto occupied Arab territory, whether in the Sinai, in the West Bank and Gaza, or in the Golan Heights, has not given Israel security, despite what is claimed by the government. The statement issued by the Communist Party’s Central Committee (Pause) condemned the recent Palestinian commando raid into Tel Av– Tel Aviv, saying the attack helps Begin and his government to divert public opinion in Israel and the world from its own deeds that are sabotaging peace efforts.

The United States warned Mexico that this country– country’s joining OPEC, might bring about trade reprisals, tourist boycotts and credit restrictions. In an article in Foreign Policy, a publication put out by the U.S. State Department, Professor George Grayson disclosed that Mexico’s joining OPEC, which br– also Venezuela is taking independence of USA and refusing to fi– find US policy as her own. But anyway it disclosed that Meco’s [Mexico’s] joining OPEC, State Department said, might be punished with a boycott similar to the one that took place in 1975 to keep tourists from traveling to Mexico. As you know, Synanon, the only other cooperative left in California besides ours, had to run away leaving its property, some of it with us, and flee to Mexico. Grayson says Mexico’s foreign debt makes this nation further exposed to threats. Of the underdeveloped countries that are not members of OPEC, together with Brazil, Mexico has a greater debt on the world market than any other.

Nicaraguan dictator, Anastasio Samazo– Somoza is using U.S. mercenary pilots to attack the growing armed resistance movement in that central American country, charged Nicaraguan exiles in San Jose, Costa Rica. The exiles said that the nationwide spirit of revolt against the Somoza tyranny has infected even the Nicaraguan Air Force, which the dictator no longer trust[s] and has grounded. The places of regular Nicaraguan Air For– pilots– Air Force pilots have been taken by US mercenaries, bought by Somoza, under the cover of technicians and consul– consultation experts, to Atlantica Airlines, the exile said. When a dictator of many forty years cannot even trust his own air force, it shows there is no security in capitalism.

Nationwide demonstrations in the United States to free the Wilmington Ten have brought no response from either Governor James Hunt of North Carolina or President Jimmy Carter, who seems to choose to ignore the entire situation.

A spurt in youth unemployment (tape edit) from twenty-seven point nine percent to twenty-eight and a half percent, has sparked a call for a march on the nation’s capital, that is Washington D.C. An organizer for the Youth March for Jobs Committee said, “Our answer to this new rise in youth in– unemployment in USA will be to bring thousands of youth in Washington over this very weekend, the April eighth weekend.” Stand by–

(Tape edit) (silence for several moments)

The Panama Canal Treaty is causing concern in Capitol Hill because the Prime Minister of Panama [General Omar Torrijos] has said there have been too many amendments, and it’s not acceptable. The last amendment, pushed through by the reactionary USA Congress, was that the Mason Lodge on Panama’s territory was to be held as sovereign territory and property, this howd– half-million dollar piece of property, was to remain the sovereign property of the United States. Indeed, the small but brave, valiant Panamanian people have decided that the Panama Canal Treaty, now changed so many times and abridged and amended, is unacceptable, totally unacceptable. President Carter is fearful that this will mean a failure of the Panamanian Treaty to pass the Congress in its final form next week.

Right-wing economist, the man who has brought the people of Chile unofficial inflation rate of more than sixty-five percent, unemployment of more than thirty percent, even higher under-employment and extreme poverty engulfing more than thirty percent of the population, would now like to bring the people of California the Jarvis-Gann Initiative. Milton Friedman, or Friedman [mispronounced, then corrected], Nobel prize winning economist and the fiscal wizard most responsible for the fascist murderous Chilean junta’s economic policies, officially endorsed the fascist initiative earlier this month. The Jar-Garvis– the Jarvis-Gann Initiative, Proposition 13, before the voters on the June sixth ballot, will drastically limit spending and revenues by both state and local governments. Under the guise of providing homeowners and commercial property owners with sixty percent reduction in property taxes, the Jarvis-Gann initiative is directed first and foremost at social spending and public employees. It would have a devastating impact on public education in this state. “I strongly favor the Jarvis-Gann amendment,” said Friedman, to the n– San Diego Union, “although it is not in any way the ideal measure.” Friedman would prefer Jarvis-Gann to go further, not only restricting how much revenue government can raise, but more specifically restricting government spending at all. “Another” (tape edit) “point that anything which reduces the amount of money available for government to spend is a good thing,” Friedman said. “Let’s pass Jarvis-Gann, and then expand the movement by moving towards a more effective type of limitation of government’s growth.”

Lieutenant [William] Calley has become the mayor of the small community in Georgia where he now resee– resides, and is the most popular man in town, though suffering from several heart attacks, apparently not quite able to live with his own guilt, for murdering nearly two hundred children during the My Lai offensive, not to mention adults, young adults. They were tortured and killed. We all heard of My Lai, but no one was ever really brought to trial. Lieutenant Calley lives in a two hundred thousand dollar home, but as I said, perhaps a little conscience remains in him, because he does not seem to have peace of mind, even though he has been freed. As always, US deals very, very patiently with fascist and Nazis. But if anyone is a socialist, they are considered suspect.

As always, I’ve been up all night, and urging you to go out today, to fight for our people’s right to exist. We will not have our property much longer, because of the evil, insidious policies– (Pause)

You’ll have to excuse– Attention. You’ll have to excuse, I found myself sleeping while talking. It’s been so long since I’ve rested. That’s quite an experience, to come to and find yourself asleep while talking. So I do not know the last statement of news, and if it made no sense to you, it was coming out of my sleep, though I did not drop the microphone and continued to talk.

Could you describe the basic causes of economic depression under capitalism? There seems to be some disagreement on the question in socialist circles. This was an article, a question posted to the New Times. You are right. There is disagreement on the basic causes of economic crisises [crises] under capitalism, and not only in left circles. The capitalist spokesmen, by and large, have come to realize that crisises are an inevitable part of their evil system, but they lack a coherent explanation and fall back on placing the blame on mis– on mistakes in government regulation of the capitalist economy. Karl Marx, the writer of The Communist Manifesto, the father of our beautiful Marxist views that’ve been implemented from his theories by the practitioner [Vladimir] Lenin – thus making us Marxist-Leninists – Karl Marx’ explanation of economic crisises, worked out one hundred and twenty years ago, has proven its absolute validity ever since. Disagreements among students to Marx result from the fact that his analysis is not simple. Often people emphasize just one side of it, rather than considering all the main features of a balanced way. Sometimes Marxists will say economic crisis results from the contradiction between the social nature of production and the private character of appropriation. Well said. That’s a true, and it’s fundamental– That is true, and it’s fundamental. But it’s just a beginning, it isn’t concrete enough to explain the phenomenon. The main point, in the full e– explanation, are as follows: The driving force of capitalist production is the accumulation of wealth. The capitalist tries to get as much profit as possible in order to invest it, expand his operations and make still more profit. (Tape edit) Interesting news in the Atlas stated that of the capitalists that have made vast profits, less than two percent of them live beyond 55 years of age to enjoy the profits that they have bilked out of the oppressed working classes. But to collect his profits, he has to sell the goods that are produced, and the fire– (Pause) and the end of a significant part of those goods must be sold to the workers in every prosperity and boom period. The capitalists expand their capacity and production much faster than the wages of the workers go up. Sooner or later the failure of the market to expand rapidly enough begins to cut into small profit margins. The capitalist[s], evil as they are, calculate that further expansion will cut their profit rates, and the capital goods industries becomes less actives– less active in many spheres, throwing workers out of their jobs and uh– (Pause) cutting. (Pause) (tape edit)

Stand by. (Pause)

But to collect the profits, he has to sell the goods that are produced – that is the socialist – and in the end a significant part of those goods must be sold to the workers. In every prosperity and boom period, the capitalists expand their capacity and production much faster than the wages of the worker go up. (Pause)

It is suspected that the retiring commander of the Army, US Air Force and Navy, commanda– commandeer– Stand by, drifting off into sleep again. The Commander of the United States Armed Forces General Brown [George S. Brown, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff] and his supporters still persist that he was injected with cancer cells to replace him because of his anti-Zionist attitudes and expansionist– anti-expansionist views that he held.

Sooner or later, the failure of the market of capitalism to expand readily enough begins to put into profit margins. It cuts in badly to profit margins. The capitalist[s] calculate that further expansion will cut their profit rates, and the capital goods industries becomes less active altogether, flowing– throwing workers out of their jobs and cutting purchasing power still further. Meanwhile, stocks of autos, clothing, and other consumer goods pile up, and there are layoffs in these industries. Weaker capitalists, suck– stuck with goods they cannot sell, go bankrupt. Laid-off workers, unable to pay off mortgages, have their homes foreclosed, or they go crazy also. But no one– (Pause) But no two crisises are exactly the same. Sometimes they start in the heavy industries, sometimes in consumer goods, and other times in the financial markets, but sooner or later in every real crisis, all parts of the economy of capitalism are involved and will be destroyed.

Enough reading for the day. For commentary of the news, I’ll be back midday. As I said I’ve been up all night, I hope you get some highlights of the news.

Secret FBI papers reveal that the Rosenbergs were murdered, without one scintilla of evidence that they were spies, as they were charged, and murdered, executed in the electric chair in New York. (Pause) FBI files in the hands of our attorney Charles Garry, his friend, reveal that there is a national conspiracy still going on to destroy all leaders of any influence in the Indian or black community. They have a case they’re going to attempt to defend, in a matter of days, proving, highlighting, absolutely the efforts of the FBI to destroy those they feel are politically unpopular, as was the case with Julius [and] Ethel Rosenberg, who left their nine- and ten-year-old children [Robert and Michael Meeropol] alone in the world, because they had no choice. They were murdered by the fascist police state, even as far back as [U.S. President Dwight D.] Eisenhower.

Well, you’ve had some idea of the news. The Soviets are adamant, claiming they will use new super-satellite warfare technology if USA does not permanently ban the neutron bomb. Apparently Carter is reasonably convinced, as he has backed off, and holding now a temporary stay of the building of the neutron bomb.

All my love, and have a very good work day. Produce out of concern for our people who are waiting on you to liberate them from hell that’s indescribable. You should listen to their reports all night as I’m on the radio, or listening to their reports coming in. They’re books and lo– books long. They’ve been very brave to stand there and fight, because everything looks lost in the United States, and only here is there hope. Ron Dellums, the congressman, thanked us for offering sanctuary to Congressman [Charles] Diggs. As he himself admitted, it was a political frame-up. Congressman Ron Dellums is a black from California.

Much love, please produce, please produce is the appeal of all. Peoples Rally this evening. Let us all put our soul, mind into production so we will have the best co–

End of Side 1


Side 2

Jones: (more animated) –so excuse me for being delayed. I did give you morning news after being up all night. I don’t know whether you observed the morning news. I had an interesting experience. Been some days since I had rest, and I’ve twice gone to sleep holding a microphone, and come to and realize that I was continuing with the news. So if the news had any kind of strange twist, please tell your Father. (short laugh) I don’t know uh– I really don’t know what I said. I think it was only a few seconds. But this morning I warned you that I– when I came to, that uh, I’d been asleep, and I was reading and yet sleeping. It’s a strange phenomenon that I have, to keep pushing myself. So if you’ve had any news this morning, probably only lasted a few seconds, that was slightly confusing, to the few that listen– which I know, to my heartbreak, few listen, as much as I hate to talk, I would think out of consideration for that, you’d listen, ‘cause I only want to help you. I’d do anything in the world to help all of my children.

The official jobless rate as you know went up – soaring – three percent this month. You can tell by listening to the news that the economists really don’t know what the hell to do to plug the dikes. But they just don’t know what’s happening. They’re afraid of uh, making devaluations of money, afraid that it’ll affect the inflation rate. They don’t know how to control the situation. Basically because I gave you some reading of – and commentary, my own personal ideas – they don’t know how to control a capitalist economy without war. When you get a disproportionate number of people on the streets without work– Teen, teenage em– unemployment in Detroit, seventy-one percent, black teenage unemployment, and whites getting out of hand. Same in the Bay. Well, in the past, the Labor Department hasn’t had to worry about that, ‘cause the military would take our sons, drop them off in a place like Vietnam, let them fight for the big corporations’ resources there and holdings, but the sons won’t fight, and they’re afraid– now that it’s mostly a black army, ‘cause nobody else’ll take the shit work but the blacks – they’re afraid to trust the blacks in the richest continent in the world, which is black, because they’re afraid they’ll turn those guns on the ruling class.

Capitalism takes another life. The propane heater blew up, the flames ate through the walls, and May Greckoff [phonetic] died alone of smoke inhalation on the ash-covered bedroom floor. Credit the San Francisco Lighting Company, the public utilities companies of California, with last week’s murder of May Greckoff, a sixty-five-year-old blind widow, disabled and diabetic. In its drive for maximum profit, the monopoly shut off the electricity, to the (Unintelligible, sounds like Lionhurst) home, when the victim could not come up with a two hundred and sixty dollar payment, because she’s living on the modest welfare, due now with the cutbacks, of one hundred and twelve a month. “At night I could see candles flickering,” recalled a neighbor after the fire. “And one day her daughter was carrying in a propane tank, the kind for a small heater.” Greckoff’s daughter, Carol Jugg [phonetic], and three grandchildren, were all there when the blind one panicked and died. First and second and third degree burns were on the rest of the people involved. The electricity cutoff forced them to check into– part of her family, there were twelve living there to try to make ends meet, in East Oakland. They had checked into a cheap motel, just to get hot baths and showers. “We had no idea an elderly disabled person was there, or we would’ve contacted Social Services,” contended the public utilities company, after the incident, California. The public utilities company attempted to peddle a similar line last December after its electricity termination led to deaths of three young children, in the East Bay also. “The tenants had to resort to candles for lighting, but we had no way of knowing,” said the public utilities spokesperson. Public utilities is supposed to be owned by the people representing them, but when anyone is poor or black – and these families were black – their electricity is cut off. “After all,” they said, “people”– one spokesman for the public utilities company said, “These people don’t pay their– they don’t pay their fare, they shouldn’t get their share.” Now that’s very cute little humor at the expense of a blind diabetic woman, three children, and several with first and second, third degree burns.

Charge: conspiracy and death. A one-million dollar lawsuit was filed last week by the parents of Janet Sloan, who was killed last year in an accident at the Sun Shipyerd– Shipyard near Philadelphia, one of seventeen such accidents that year. The suit charges that Sloan, an inexperienced worker, was deliberately assigned to extremely hazardous work because she spoke out against dangerous working conditions at the yard. Sloan, an organizer for the Communist Party, had been working at the yard for only six months, and when she was assigned to work on a small welding platform fifty feet in the air. The platform was out of sight or shouting distance of coworkers. The good trade union organizer Communist Sloan fell from the platform and lay unnoticed for several hours while dying of massive injuries. Communist, black, placed in the– deliberately placed in extremely hazardous work conditions, and some seventeen more have been done the same way in that Philadelphia plant.

Goodrich, one of the big ruling corporate elite companies that maintains the fascist state of South Africa, the fourth largest tire company, has asked the United Repub– Rubber Workers Union, URW, for a no-strike contract when the current pact expires a year from now. The union, while rejecting the idea for the time being, is continuing negotiations on the proposal in order to best serve the interest of both the union and the company. Another example of bossism that has sold out the trade union movement. When the union movement gives up its right to strike, the death of labor – free labor – has come. As you know, in order to have a revolutionary situation, you have to have a strong Communist Party, a strong Socialist Party, and a free, independent and strong trade union movement. None of these ingredients are alive and well in the United States.

Nazis fill the streets five miles long in St. Louis. The Nazis had boasted they would goosestep through a white working-class neighborhood here, decked out in full storm trooper regalia. And the Nationalist Socialist Nazi Party of America, discrediting the word “socialist” to try to confuse the working class, made their entrance, despite a community pra– protest on all levels. Some one thousand four hundred brown shirts with swastikas, just as in the days of [Adolf] Hitler, waving the banners of “white power,” “kill the niggers,” marched through the working class, to a stunned and observant crowd that watched quietly, even in the black neighborhood of St. Louis, as the mob of Nazis – fourteen hundred brown shirts, in flatbed trucks with police escorts – went down the streets. At first it seemed an angry crowd of people lining both sides of the streets would show the indig– indignation that might keep freedom alive in America. They greeted the fascists with jeers, taunts, and sporadic barrages of snowballs, stones, eggs, and tomatoes. But then they backed off as the police ran into the crowd. A tactical squad, that is.

In a related development, Jewish community leaders in Skokie, Illinois have called for a peaceful countermarch to the Nazi march that’s been upheld by the Supreme Court for April 20, the anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s birthday. Would it surprise you to know that there is no city in America that will not have a march of brownshirts, Nazis, goose-stepping, saying “Heil Hitler”? In U.S. cities, English cities and West Germany, it is called by BBC a resurrected cult. It’s as if Jesus had returned, it’s as if they’ve made a Christ or a Messiah out of Adolf Hitler, because all over Germany, he’s worshipped, eyes become moony-eyed, and adulating at the very name of Adolf Hitler, mass murderer who killed all minorities, gassed them, starved them, tortured them and took their skin and made lampshades out of it. What is it with the human race?

I didn’t have much time to give you news today. You know that Carter, forced by a massive protest even in his so-called NATO alliance comptr– companies – companies is more correct – countries has uh, temporarily stayed the production and deployment of the horror weapon, neutron bomb. Primarily, however, the Soviets have assured him, and did place a test of something in orbit to show that they do mean business, and they said they will make neutron bombs within 96 hours if he insists on doing it. They said we will have a neutron bomb ready in 96 hours. Said the Soviet Union knew of the neutron bomb in 1950, gave it up as barbaric. Said some of the US’s plans for war strategy and destruction, would make Attila the Hun look like a preacher.

Family farmers are suffering. The corporate wheel has taken over seventy-seven percent of all farms in the United States, corporate rule taking over the stores, the businesses. You’d think that people who talk about competition would see some slight contradiction, but the businessman doesn’t have any competition, small businesses can’t make it, as the corporations swallow up the last vestige of independence, where the little businessman could make it, in the farms.

This, I think, gives you a little bit of the news. Time to go back to work. It’s interesting to know that the Communist Party, Revolutionary Communist Party, that had been strongly pro-China in USA, has split. The Guardian, used to be pro-China, has left the ranks of the Chinese because of their counter-re– revolutionary tendencies, and their betrayal of the– those who have changed policies, fundamental differences in policies, since the death of the great Mao Tse-Tung. The majority group, headed by the party chairman Bob Avicon, sums up directly and succinctly its position on events in China since the arrest of the four leaders [Jiang Qing (wife of Mao Tse-Tung), Zhang Chunqiao, Yao Wenyuan, Wang Hongwen] that wanted to bring China back into a revolutionary position. He said the wrong side won. We still believe that masses of Chinese will finally come back into the international movement, but in the meantime, the Revolutionary Communist Party, RCP – that was the Chinese Communist Party USA – has left the support of the reactionary foreign policy war-mongering leaders of China.

Philadelphia cops kill eleven people in arson death. Jesus Christ. The Philadelphia police and the city’s entire judicial system are once again on trial. In a case which opened last week, six Philadelphia cops are having to give answers to a federal inquiry from the rashist– racist and brutal investigation and fire-bombing of black homes in Philadelphia, and Puerto Rican homes. In one case, four members of the family of Redames Santiago [phonetic] and a neighbor were murdered, when their home in the racially-mixed Feltonville area of [the] city was destroyed by fire that the police set, and stood back and cheered. US Attorney General [Assistant U.S. Attorney] John Penrose said in his opening statement, the accused detectives were guilty of conducting a brutal, botched investigation, and assisting in mobocracy, in one of the worst murders in the city’s history. The detectives coerced witnesses into naming someone outside the police ranks as the killer. But under pressure from the black community, at least there’s an inquiry going on. However, if anything is done about police, it’ll be a first in United States. As a Civil Rights Commission US, as I gave you last week, has said, that the police have turned more racially brutal than at any time in the history of the United States.

I love you very much, back to work, let’s produce with all of our hearts. I might say: California is trying to pass legislation that will ban all homosexual teachers. Thank you.

(tape edit) (tape silence)

Jones: –the papers, doing their evil work, had completely brainwashed the American public, and said all socialists were evil and out to subvert US society, and were against God, motherhood, the country, and apple pie. I mean it was almost that ridiculous, the brainwashing that went on (tape edit) socialists didn’t love their children, socialists didn’t have the feelings of ordinary people, they were like robots with strings on them from Moscow. But she [Lynetta Jones] knew her son, and she had one thing that some could do well to remember her for in some kind of commemoration tomorrow: she had undying loyalty. She knew I was kind, she knew I was good, she knew I cared, so she risked all. If she had broken under the pressure and given them any information that could’ve proven that I was in Chicago with Paul Robeson, because some of us had just escaped from a paddy wagon on the way to be arraigned as guilty of violating anti-subversive laws, I would’ve had to pick up my little cubs [Agnes, Jim Jr., Lew, Stephan, and Tim Jones], my adopted cubs, Marceline, and like all of my other fellow workers, fled the country to save my children and others from being hurt. Marceline wouldn’t have minded, but I would’ve had to’ve saved others that could’ve been hurt by my arrest. You would then never’ve had this place that’s given purpose to your life, if you have any sense, the greatest purpose you’ve ever known.

Think about Lynetta Jones, and the little white fence, who wouldn’t seek help, who wouldn’t accept healing, but gave her life and every penny, the largest donation of anyone to keep this program alive. Faithful mother, (Pause) beloved friend of all of you, who gave hours of her time when she was so ill back in the States and here, with your counseling matters, your tax problems. She never knew how to say no, but more than anything, she could stand up to the FBI and the CIA and the fascist terror, and say “I refuse to testify,” no matter how many times they insulted her, sneered at her, even she said the spit from their mouth as they would ring back at her, “That’s commie talk,” she said the spit would fly in her face, but she never changed her response for seven hours. We have a Heroine of Communism Memorial, and we should not forget her sacrifice. Where we see beauty, exemplify it, and live up to it, to try to copy it, ’cause she was just a humble woman from the hills of Arkansas, self-educated, pulled herself up by the bootstraps, did one hell of a job of standing up for the little man, and the little woman, everywhere.

Being that our rain comes in the afternoon, the bulldozer should’ve been functioning every morning during the day. Farm analysts are concerned about this, so those in charge of heavy duty equipment, let’s please take this into consideration–

(tape edit)


Part 2

Wesley: –hey wait–

Donny: –biscuit –

Wesley: Here– (Unintelligible) –Give me that–  give me this– (Unintelligible)

[possible tape edit]

Donny: (loud exhortation) God, I hate him!

Wesley: Banana (Unintelligible word)? Banana (Unintelligible word)?

Donny: Biscuits, bananas! Want some bananas? Huh? Give me my cord! Hey, give me my cord back. Yes, the one you dropped on the ground, you shithead. Hey, (Unintelligible word), you shitkicker!

Wesley: Watch out, he’s– Watch out! (Unintelligible)

Donny: You shitkicker! Give me the cord, Muggs. Banana, banana, Muggs. You want a fucking banana? You better give it–


Donny: Do it again, you– (sounds like “fucking nigger”) God dang it! I hate him. (makes sounds of frustration.)

(electric saw stops. Mr. Muggs grunts)

Unidentified male: Bob Kice is gonna kill me!

Unidentified male: What price? (maybe repeats “Bob Kice.”)

Donny: God!

Wesley: Take him with you– (Unintelligible) Give me something to pop in (Unintelligible)

Donny: (laughter) He’s playing with his butt– He’s sticking his finger up it.

(electric saw starts again in background.)

Wesley: (Unintelligible)

Donny: Watch him (Unintelligible)–

Wesley: Don’t play with him!


Sound of something slapping or snapping.

Donny: Don’t leave yet, you bitch. Help me clean up this place.

Wesley: I’m not leaving. (Unintelligible)

Donny: (laughs)

Wesley: Has that monkey ever watched you undress?

(Laughter. The electric saw ceases.)

Wesley: He used to look at me, man.

Donny: (laughs) Would you help me?

Wesley: What do we have to do?

Donny: Clean up, don’t run off, you goddamn (Unintelligible word) –

Wesley: What do, what do I have to clean up?

Donny: Your area.

Wesley: I’ll clean it up these– (inaudible) I’ll clean it up. I wanted to go to dispatch and tell them because I don’t want them to making (Unintelligible)– (deepening his voice to imitate someone else) Wherever you are, including Muggs’ cage.

Donny: That doesn’t matter. You’re off duty now.

Unidentified male: I wanna tell ‘em though.

(Skill saw begins again.)

Donny: (yelling; joking, to Mr. Muggs apparently) I hate you too!

Wesley: All right here, stab my hand–


(Skill saw stops. Another sound starts up, possibly an electric tool.)

Wesley: So far it’s me that’s been stabbed–

Donny: (Unintelligible)

Wesley: (Unintelligible) –that was the best day we’ve ever had in a long time– When he pissed on himself.

Donny: That’s because I had the rope wrapped around his dick when I tugged it– (maybe he said that)

Wesley: (laughing) –wrapped it around his dick?

Donny: No he had– (Unintelligible) ran underneath his crotch–

Unidentified male: Oh is that why you (Unintelligible)–

Donny: When I picked him up–

Unidentified male: Yeah, ‘cause he– the fucking knot was in his–

Donny: Fucker’s got a ruptured nut.

(An electric tool stops and starts in the background.)


Unidentified male: How angry is this (Unintelligible word)?

Unidentified male: He is not– (Unintelligible)

Donny: Wesley! He dropped the cord right there and it’s by the side. Just reach in and grab it–

Wesley: Where?

Donny: Down there on the bottom.

(Mr. Muggs vocalizing grows in volume and is soon accompanied by banging)


Wesley: Muggs, Muggs.

Donny: See it, Wes?

Wesley: Yeah, I see it. Give me something to drag it out with.

Donny: Where’s he at?

Wesley: He’s way at the front–

Donny: Muggsy!


Unidentified male: What do you need? (Unintelligible) A screwdriver?

(They move away from the recording device and become inaudible for a period of time. Muggs grunts. After a time the electric saw begins again in the background and continues for a time. It stops, then it starts again.)

Donny: Where you going? (excited) Got it! Got it! He knows I got it!

Laughter and banging.

Unidentified male: Muggs. Muggs. Muggs. Muggsy, Muggsy.


Unidentified male: Here, Muggs. Here, Muggs.

Wesley: Give me the rope, give me the rope, Donny. (Unintelligible)


Donny: Muggie, give me the rope, Muggs! Muggs? Muggie! Here, give me the rope.

Wesley: (Unintelligible)

Donny: Come here, give me the rope, come here.


Wesley: Hey, Donny?

Donny: What?

Wesley: I think we won this battle. I think we’re losing the war, but we won one battle!

Muggs grunts.

Donny: Come here!

Wesley: I almost lost my mind–

Donny: (laughing) Wait, come here!

(Banging and laughter)

Donny: (laughing) Give me some slack, give me some slack.


Unidentified male: Let go, let go, I’ll pick up slack. Here, let go, I’ll pick up slack.

Donny: (laughing)

Unidentified male: Mm– hmm– I think the–

Wesley: I thought you said you got it?

Unidentified male: Ready?



Wesley: Gotta be fair, now be fair (Unintelligible)– Gotta be fair–


Unidentified male: That’s a– (Unintelligible)

Unidentified male: Don’t!



Donny: That’s it, fucker, we won.

(Inaudible joking and laughter for some time.])

Unidentified male: –funny as hell–

Wesley: (Unintelligible) –and here’s a screwdriver, (joking tone) you know I’ll stab you.

Donny: Here’s a–

End of tape

Tape originally posted December 2009