IV. Education, Housing and Population

This department covered a wide range of activities, including child care, counseling, and education. Tom Grubbs was the headmaster of the primary school; Dick Tropp was head of the High School. Ava Cobb Brown coordinated the counseling activities. Child Care was handled by a group. Assembled from lists and records found in the FBI documents, the jobs and workers listed in the Education, Housing & Population department are in this pdf file:

Education, Housing & Population Department Jobs and Personnel Listing

Education The teachers put together an educational program that covered pre-school through adult education. It was designed in such a way to allow Peoples Temple to receive accreditation from the Guyanese school system, so that the children did not have to attend Guyanese schools. In addition, the Jonestown medical department worked with a nursing school at Port Kaituma. Elementary and Secondary classes were held on a daily basis. High school students worked part-time with a project in Jonestown, to make education and work more relevant and related to life experience: studying, working, planning, communicating about ongoing projects. Assembled from lists and records found in the FBI documents, children of Elementary, Junior High and High School ages are listed in this pdf file:

Elementary and Secondary Students

Toddler & Pre-School programs were part of the Child Care program. Assembled from lists and records found in the FBI documents, the Infants and Toddlers are listed in these pdf files:

Toddlers & PreSchool

Educational records recovered are most complete for Elementary and Junior High. Records of staff working at high school level are fewer and appear by comparison incomplete. As more information emerges, this chart will be updated.

Elementary, Jr High, High School

Office & Support


Inez Wagner, Bea Orsot

General Library

Teresa King

Socialism Library

Debbie Jensen (Schroeder)
High School


Dick Tropp, Carolyn Layton


Jann Gurvich Don Jackson Marie Lawrence Carolyn Layton Chris Lund (Rozynko) Shirley Robinson Edith Roller Harriet Sarah Tropp James Turner
Elementary & Junior High 62 girls, 73 boys


Tom Grubbs


Clara Johnson

Master Tchr

Clara Johnson

Resource Tchr

Pat Gunnett


Rebecca Beikman Dorothy Brewer Rosie Burgines Betty Fitch Willie Grady Tom Grubbs Pat Grunnett Jann Gurvich Liane Harris Don Jackson Debbie Jensen  (Schroeder) Clara Johnson Naomi Johnson Shawntiki Johnson Verna Johnson Stephanie Jones Daisy Lee Carolyn Looman Christine Lucientes Yvette Muldrow Cardell Neal Darlene Newman Rhonda Page Pauline Simon Carol Stahl Marlene Tarver (Wheeler) Peter Wotherspoon

In Training

Tommy Beikman, Ellen Klingman, Jeff Carey

Elementary, Jr High, High School Teachers by Subjects

Lang Arts

Dorothy Brewer Rosie Burgines Betty Fitch Willie Grady Pat Grunnett Jann Gurvich Don Jackson Naomi Johnson Verna Johnson Stephanie Jones Christine Lucientes Cardell Neal Darlene Newman Edith Roller Deborah Schroeder Pauline Simon Marlene Tarver (Wheeler) Peter Wotherspoon


Daisy Lee, Edith Roller


Christine Lucientes


Rebecca Beikman

Creative Writing

Rhonda Page


Rebecca Beikman Pat Grunnett Yvette Muldrow


Yvette Muldrow

Perceptual Skills

Marlene Tarver (Wheeler)

Social Studies

Dorothy Brewer Rosie Burgines Jeff Carey Pat Grunnett Jann Gurvich Verna Johnson Darlene Newman

Black History

Betty Fitch Jann Gurvich Don Jackson Cardell Neal


Don Jackson Cardell Neal Debbie Schroeder


Dorothy Brewer Rosie Burgines Betty Fitch Willie Grady Pat Grunnett Jann Gurvich Don Jackson Naomi Johnson Verna Johnson Stephanie Jones Daisy Lee Chris Lucientes Cardell Neal Darlene Newman Rhonda Page Debbie Schroeder Pauline Simon Marlene Wheeler Peter Wotherspoon


Don Jackson Peter Wotherspoon


Willie Grady Martha Klingman


Margaret Davis Nena Downs Carolyn Looman Margueritte Romano (Bippy Davis) Mary Wotherspoon

Adult Education

Socialist Enlightenment Classes Socialism Classes + Political Enlightenment Classes became Socialist Enlightenment Classes


Carolyn Layton Dick Tropp Harriet Sarah Tropp


Political Enlightenment Classes: Rob Christian, Debbie Jensen (Schroeder), Mike Touchette


Carol Allende* Lucioes Bryant Jack Barron Dorothy Buckley Rebecca Beikman Vernetta Christian Robert Christian Joicy Clark Darrell Devers James “Reb” Edwards Connie Fitch Becky Flowers Pauline Groot Jann Gurvich Liane Harris Marthea Hicks Lee Ingram Don Jackson Debbie Jensen  (Schroeder) Naomi Johnson Laura Johnston Chris Jones* Johnny Jones (Brown) Ava Jones (Brown) Teresa King Rosa Keaton Tommie Keaton Tish Leroy Carolyn Looman Russell Moton Cardell Neal Darlene Newman Lois Ponts Jim Pugh Bob Rankin Edith Roller Pauline Simon Clevyee Sneed Harriet Sarah Tropp Dick Tropp Barbara Walker
* Which woman named “Carol” assumed “Allende” as a last name – and which person named Chris assumed “Jones” – is not known as yet. Several people in Jonestown took on new last names of people they admired.
Literacy Classes (Adults)


Jann Gurvich Carolyn Looman Don Jackson Lois Ponts Edith Roller Barbara Walker

Adapted from:CD2 v75p108 and CD2 v77p255 – p264 , CD2 v106 p6, and Roller Journal entries iJan 78-Aug 78. Assembled by Don Beck 5-08

Adult Ed classes were set up for literacy needs of the seniors who wanted them, covering socialism, geography, and news topics. Socialism classes were held every week to ensure that people knew more about socialism. Weekly Political Enlightenment classes were set up as well.

• Jonestown Community Elementary & Junior High School Staff
Jonestown Community School: Primary Report, July 7, 1978
• Elementary Schedule of classes & Class list, November 16, 1978
•  Primary and Pre-School goals
• Socialist Enlightenment Classes
• Socialist Enlightenment teachers, July 4, 1978

Women’s Revolutionary Socialist Movement (WRSM) Instituted to raise women’s self-awareness, this program focused on overcoming the perceived subservient roles of women in of US culture, especially in dating patterns and interactions between teenage girls and boys.

Women’s Revolutionary Socialist Movement (WRSM)



Marcie Jones


Ava Jones (Brown)


Zuretti Langston


Kay Nelson Jocelyn Carter Debbie Jensen (Schroeder) Jann Gurvich Teresa King Yvette Jones Sandi Jones (Cobb) Janice Johnson Shanda James (Oliver) Shirley Smith Teri Buford Paula Adams
Read notes of last meeting, plan agenda for future meetings, discuss progress and problems.


Teachers From this breakdown, we can see ages for school levels were: and Elementary (5 yrs-9 yrs) & Junior High (10 yrs-13yrs). Whether High School went from 14 yrs to 17yrs or 18 yrs is not known.

Elementary 5 yrsJunior High 13 yrs

5yr-9yr: Jocelyn Carter Shanda James (Oliver) Pat Grunnett 10yr-13yr: MaryLou Clancy (notetaker to Zuretti) Debbie Jensen (Schroeder) Pat Grunnett Shawntiki Johnson
Content: Self Respect, News, Education, Creativity, Socialist Concepts, Place in Revolution, Hygiene, Conduct

High School 14 yrsYoung Adult 19 yrs

Diane (Deanna) Wilkinson Jann Gurvich Rennie Kice Shirley Smith (notetaker to Zuretti) Andrea Walker
Content: Education, Self respect, Socialist concepts, Loyalty, News, Women’s place in the Revolution, hygiene, child care

Adults 20-49 yrs

20-30yr: Ruby Carroll Debbie Jensen (Schroeder) 31-49yr: Loretta Wilkinson (Cordell) (notetaker to Zuretti) Bea Orsot
Content: Education, Child care, Loyalty, Socialist Concepts, News, Women’s Place in the Revolution

50 and Over

Amanda Fair Alice Inghram Kay Nelson Edith Roller  (notetaker to Zuretti)
Content: News, Community Activities, Place in the Revolution

Adapted from:CD2 v75 p145 – p146 Assembled by Don Beck 5-08

• Diagram of Topics & Teachers
• Organizational Chart & Class Topics, July 7, 1978

Edith Roller recorded six meetings of the WRSM, and her entries offer a sense of the purpose of the meetings. Led by Marceline Jones and Ava Cobb Brown, the meetings usually included at least a drop-in visit from Jim Jones. Corresponding meetings were held with the community’s males as well, to teach them about the vital place of women in the socialist movement.

Entry dates to read in Roller Journals about WRSM








Tues 11

Mon 1

Wed 7

Tues 18

Wed 10

Wed 26

Counseling Counselor Groups: Understanding the need to resolve individuals’ emotional and psychological problems that arose in Jonestown, the leadership established four counseling teams and one “special counseling” group to be on call to handle them. The counseling procedure began in a person’s cottage or dorm as appropriate. The next step was to bring the individual before a counseling group. If necessary, the issues would be raised on the floor during public sessions of Rally meetings.

Counselling Groups


Ava Jones (Brown)


Andrea Walker


Kay Nelson
Regular Teams Thursday 7:30 pm – 7-8 out of group required for sessions. Notes to be taken by an * person.

Team A

Selika Bordenave Corlis Boutte (Conley) Anita Devers Tim Jones Day (Tupper) Rob Gieg Eartis Jeffery Erin Leroy Beverly Livingston Sebastian McMurry Russell Moton Yvette Muldrow Kay Nelson Maud Perkins* Pauline Scott Michelle Touchette Mary Tschetter Inez Wagner*

Team B

Jerry (Geraldine) Bailey Jocelyn Carter Ed Crenshaw Darrell Devers Farene Douglas Irene Edwards Amanda Fair Alice Inghram Laura Johnston* Naomi Johnson Lew Jones Valerie Jones* Jim Pugh Shirley Smith Andrea Walker (Martin) Jan Wilsey Lisa Wright

Team C

Claudia Bouquet Avis Breidenbach Rosie Burgines* Bertha Cook James “Reb” Edwards Marshall Farris Rhonda Fortson Mattie Gibson John Harris Judy Ijames* Jimmy Jones, Jr. Terry Jones (Carter) Ruby Johnson Beverly Mitchell Luna Morrel (Buckley) Darlene Ramey Tina Turner (Bogue)

Team D

Luella Brown Ruby Carroll Gloria Carter MaryLou Clancey Joicy Clark Magnolia Harris Lee Ingram Don Jackson Shawntiki Johnson* Johnny Jones (Brown), Jr. Sandi Jones (Cobb) Tommie Keaton Rennie Kice* Evelyn Leroy Versie Perkins Joyce Touchette Tony Walker Christine Young
Special Team – Emergency, on call as needed


Kay Nelson

Asst Supervisor

Christine Young (Cobb)


Jack Beam Ruby Carroll Judy Ijames Lee Ingram Laura Johnston Maria Katsaris Rennie Kice Karen Layton Kay Nelson

Adapted from:CD2 vol77 p84 – 85 Assembled by Don Beck 5-08


• Counseling Groups, Guidelines & Special Counseling Notes – Oct 7, 1978
• Counseling Notes (from July & August 1978 )

Child Care Child care was divided into two levels: infants and toddlers. Dorm 3 was set up for the infants.

• Babies born in Guyana – No passports yet
• Pre-School Program list of students

• Pre-School Program Organization Chart

Infants born in Guyana – no passports

Birthdate Place Name Parents [Adoptive Parents]
10-Aug-77 G’Town, Guyana Malcolm Rodriguez (Carter) Tim & Gloria (Rodriguez) Carter
29-Oct-77 JT Kamilah (Camella) Griffith Gloria Griffith
1-Dec-77 Berbice, Guyana § Travis Lang (Jelani Wilkerson) Ann Bunbry [Deanna Wilksinson-Adoptive]
9-Jan-78 ? § Montese Cobb [Darlene Ramey-Adoptive]
20-Jan-78 MRidge, Guyana § Shovani Walker [Andrea Walker-Adoptive]
4-Feb-78 JT LaShea Wilhite Cheryl Wilhite
14-Feb-78 JT § Monyelle Jones Eve D. [Sandy Jones Cobb-Adoptive]
14-Feb-78 JT § Marchelle Jones Eve D. [Ava Jones Brown- Adoptive]
7-Mar-78 GT Nawahskoki Rosa Gloria Rosa [Shonda James- Adoptive]
12-Mar-78 JT Takiyah McMurry Eileen McCann
13-Mar-78 JT Zateese Simon Melanie Simon
18-Mar-78 JT Ju’Quice Turner Tiny Solomon
11-Apr-78 JT Shaunte Marshall Shirley Mitchell
30-Apr-78 JT Cuyana Minor Cassandra Minor
7-May-78 JT Jonathon Jackson Kathy Jackson
7-Jun-78 JT Martin Luther Smith Ollie Marie Smith
9-Jul-78 JT Ebony Duncan Regina Duncan
10-Sep-78 JT Charles Henderson Pat Bowman

§ Appear to be infants adopted from Guyanese parents – but unconfirmed.

Pre-School Program (2 yr to 5 yr)


Ava Jones (Brown), Paulette Jackson


Diane Lundquist, Irra Johnson


Pat Grunnett

Food Service

Mary Ford

Nurse Practitioner

Sharon Cobb


Ronnie Berryman


Children (36)

Ruby Bright (5 toddlers)

Randy Carroll Johannah Davis Ishi Fortson YaVonne Stanley Lisa (Alizzia) Winston

Gail Chaikin (4 toddlers)

Becky Barrett Will Gallie Jay (J. Warren) Parks Crystal Simon

Patty Houston (6 toddlers)

Monique Bacon Angela Connesero Kimo Jones (Prokes) Camille Tom Neal Touchette  (Welcome) Jakari Wilson

Diane Marshall (6 toddlers)

Dante Carroll Dawnyelle Fitch Tiffany Garcia Mark Gosney Michael McCann Raymond McKnight

Gloria Walker (6 toddlers)

Mikey Carroll Richard Jackson Deshon Johnson Lonnie Newman Detric Walker Janila Wilhite

Diane Smith (6 toddlers)

Yolanda Berkley (Souder) Jamie Cordell  (Jameel Lawrence) Michael Felton April Klingman Tad Jensen (Schroeder) Rori McCann

Zuretta Langston (3 toddlers)

Jason Gieg Danny McCann Clarence Moore (Arterberry)

JoAnn Johnson

(no students assigned – but listed as a teacher)

Adapted from:CD2 vol75 p152 & CD2 vol75 p131 Assembled by Don Beck 5-08

– Don Beck