Articles, the jonestown report, 2013

  1. Drinking the Kool-Aid, 2013
    1. Drinking the Kool-Aid: An Introduction and Partial Directory
    2. Jonestown Finds Way Into American Slang
    3. Drinking in Images, by ieva swanson
  2. Integrity and Jonestown Research, by Edward Cromarty
  3. A Usable Past and a Usable Future: Research Must Not Forget the Survivor Community, by Holly Folk
  4. 06-00-chs3
    Photo courtesy of the California Historical Society
  5. Why “the ordinary” is extraordinarily important, by Heather Shearer
  6. Your Help Is Needed to “Collect All the History”, by Mike Lieber
  7. The truth is in the cheesecake, by Phyllis A. Gardner
  8. Followership, Sacrificial Leadership and Charisma, Dissertation of Wendy M. Edmonds
  9. In Search of the Norwood 27, by Katherine Hill
  10. A Brief and General Overview of Jonestown Historiography, by Jason Dikes
  11. Contested Knowledge: What Conspiracy Theories Tell Us, by Rebecca Moore
  12. Air Force Pilot Tells of Experiences in Jonestown Bodylift, by Chris Knight-Griffin
  13. Ghost Town, by Antony Arcusa
  14. A Long And Suffering People, by Annie Dawid
  15. Peoples Temple and the Stockholm Syndrome, by Manca Gartnar
  16. Is There Such a Thing as People Hoarding?, by Carl Kelsch
  17. Articles by E. Black
    1. Wives of God, Mothers of the Faithful: Edna Rose Baker and Marceline Jones as Mothers Divine
    2. Jonestown and Woodmont: Jim Jones, Mother Divine and the Fulfillment of Father Divine’s intention of a Vanishing Divine City
  18. Jim Jones, Jesus and Revolutionary Suicide, by Michael Haag, Ph.D.
  19. Defined by the Father: A discourse analytical case study of the last speech of Jim Jones, by Anssi Viljanen
  20. Jim Jones and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) Part IV, by Dr. Gary Maynard
  21. From Cuttlefish to Cults: Can Biology Explain Jonestown?, by John C. Wathey
  22. Murder by Thorazine: A Look at the Use of Sedatives in Jonestown, by Bonnie Yates
  23. Diplomatic Intervention of the Jonestown Conspiracy, by Riley de Leon

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