Diego Harmon Composes Final Work for the jonestown report

Diego Harmon, who has composed a number of works in electronic music with Jonestown themes, has written a final piece for the jonestown report. “Dedicated to Socialism Dad’s Instructions” is a work incorporating the words from a tape recorded in Jonestown the day before Congressman Leo Ryan arrived.

His previous works include:

    • “Rev. Jim Jones (Filthy Capitalists)”
    • “Jonestown People Threatened by Mercenary Killers”
    • “Rev. Jim Jones parachute in on us deluxe”
    • “Rev. Jim Jones Congressman Ryan Music Video”
    • “Jim Jones: Lord of the Primates”
    • “Rev. Jim Jones (Loves good guns better)”
    • “Rev. Jim Jones (Trying to leave Jonestown)”

The selections are all located on his page on Soundclick.

Originally posted on October 13th, 2013.

Last modified on December 18th, 2021.
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