Guyana After Jonestown: A Special Section

  1. Jonestown from Guyanese Perspectives: An Introduction, by Laura Johnston Kohl
  2. Jonestown as Continuum, by Eusi Kwayana
  3. The Voices
    1. Jonestown as a Mystery to Guyanese, by Nastassia Rambarran
    2. Memories of a 15-Year-Old Girl, by Carlotta Melville
    3. The Postal Intermediary, by Merlyn Alphonso
    4. Hitching a Ride Down Memory Lane: With Captain Astill Paul
    5. A Story Associated with Jonestown, by Lloyd H. Marshall
    6. An Airstrip Eyewitness Remembers November 18, by Esther English
    7. The Trio in the Land Rover, by Patricia Waddell
    8. A Permanent Loss of Respect, by Wil A-Pluck
    9. The Rest of the Chorus
  4. Jim Jones and the Guyana Government: A Symbiotic Relationship, by Fielding M. McGehee III
    1. Miscellaneous Documents on Jonestown Website relating to Temple/Guyana Relationship
  5. Joanstown: A Different Look at Guyana, by Rebecca Moore

Additional articles by former Temple members which appear on this site include:

Other articles, stories and interviews from Guyanese perspectives which appear on this site include: