FBI Section 74 C-5 White Night

C-5 consists of two parts, both related to statements of the people of Jonestown, expressing their attitudes about death. The first entry is a collection of several letters written by three individual members to Jim Jones expressing their willingness to commit suicide and/or get revenge and/or fight to the death against Temple opponents. The second document is a lengthy memo prepared by Rita Tupper, likely prepared about the same time, summarizing similar, shorter notes, written at the request of the Jonestown leadership during a White Night.

The citation for these documents should open with the FBI’s official designation of these records, which is “RYMUR 89-4286.” Each individual page in these records has a unique number. The first page of the second document, for example, is marked “C-5-a-6”. The complete citation for that page, then, would be “RYMUR 89-4286-C-5-a-6”.

PDF page numbers
Number of pages
Citations of pages
C-5-a-1 – C-5-a-5a
Statements of Commitment to Death
C-5-a-6 – C-5-a-65a
What Would I Do If There Was a Final White Night
Originally posted on June 22nd, 2018.

Last modified on April 3rd, 2019.
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