Fine Arts

Art as a Bridge between Jonestown and Modern Life, by Lorenzo Bacci (2018)

Notes on Jonestown Carpet, 2004, by Laura Baird

The Jonestown Library, by Nicola Bergström Hansen (2012)
The Books of the Jonestown Library (2012)
Reflections On The Jonestown Library: A Response To The Work Of Nicola Bergström Hansen, by Garrett Lambrev (2012)
The Excavation of Jonestown, by Nicola Bergström (2010)

Artist depicts jonestown lessons in childrens animals, by Andrew Brandou (2007)

Paintings by Nick Burgess
Tethered and Inspired by Jonestown (2012)
Painting Stories (2011)

Art by Allison Coleman Shank
Art for the People (2012)
Pages (2010)

The Jonestown Series, by T. Gordon
Peoples Temple Agricultural Project on Canvas (2012)
Summer Camp (2011)
Impressions of Jonestown (2010)

An Exhibit by Beth Houghtaling
Exhibit Combines Art and Soundscape to Honor Jonestown Dead (2017)
Jonestown Art as Therapy for Emotional Abuse (2016)

How to Become a Cult Leader: A Graphic Design Project, by Lyubov Klimova (2012)

Navigating Trauma: A Photographic Exploration, by Kevin Kunishi (2015)

He’s Still Able: Synaesthesia Art Project, by Jolene McDonald (2022)

Pieces of Jonestown, by Aaron Oldenburg (2010)

An Exhibit at San Diego State University, by Robert Ray
SDSU Art Display Nears End, But Collections Continue to Grow (2015)
Peoples Temple Art Exhibit Opens at SDSU (2014)

Jonestown in Model Form, by Daniel Russell
Jonestown Community Emerges on Smaller Size (2013)
Peoples Temple Sculpting and Diorama Project Takes Shape (2012)
The Miniaturization of Jonestown (2010)

A moment that contains all moments, by Sasha Sark (2010)

Walking through Jonestown’s Garden, by Karin Smith (2008)

The “Trouble in Jonestown” Painting, by Mary Lou Springstead (2016)

Chromatic Dispatches from Guyana, by Lars Wannop and Kingston Trinder (2017)

Art Notes from the jonestown report