Articles from San Diego State University Special Collections

  1. SDSU Library Digitizes Stephan Jones’ Photograph Collection, by Robert Ray (2020)
  2. An Archivist’s Farewell…, by Robert Ray (2020)
  3. … And a Letter of Introduction, by Anna Culbertson (2020)
  4. Peoples Temple and Jones Family Photographs Digitized by SDSU, by Robert Ray (2018)
  5. Peoples Temple Collection at San Diego State University Continues to Grow, by Robert Ray (2017)
  6. Peoples Temple Collection at San Diego State University Growing Stronger, by Robert Ray (2016)
  7. Important New Collections of Peoples Temple Material Gifted to San Diego State, by Robert Ray (2015)
  8. Tape Digitization, Preservation Efforts Near Completion at SDSU, by Robert Ray (2013)
    1. SDSU Announces Creation of Jonestown Art Repository, by Robert Ray
  9. San Diego State Library Uploads Hundreds of Temple Tapes as mp3s, by Robert Ray (2012)
  10. Report on the Peoples Temple Collection at the California Historical Society(2011)
  11. Peoples Temple Records at San Diego State University, by Robert Ray (2008
  12. Name Index to Jonestown Tapes Highlight SDSU Peoples Temple Collection by Leah F. Rosenblum (2005)
  13. Additional Archival Resources for Research on Jonestown Available at San Diego State University by Jennifer L. Martinez (2004)
  14. Jonestown Audiotape Project Donated to San Diego State University, by Mark Fein (2003)
  15. SDSU Offers Support To Peoples Temple and Jonestown Research(2001)