Serial 1003

[Editor’s notes: Several of the subjects whose names are deleted in this serial are known to the editor. Those notations have been indicated by red type.

[The first two pages of this serial were duplicated as part of Serial 1876.

[The tape supplied to the FBI by Carol Boyd was eventually released under the Freedom of Information Act. The transcript and a summary of the tape are on this site. The photographs on the roll of film — described below as Q5 — are photographs 8-14 on the Family Photos of Jonestown Residents page.]

United States Government
Date: 12/1/78
To: Director, FBI
(Attn: FBI Laboratory and Photographic Unit)
From: SAC, Baltimore (89-173)

Subject: RYMUR

Re Hyattsville Resident Agency telephone call to Mr. [name deleted], Photographic Operations Center, 12/1/78.

Enclosed for the FBI Laboratory on the following items, which were obtained at Andrews Air Force Base (AAFB), Maryland, in connection with the captioned matter:

Q1. Bullet fragments from forearm of Jacqueline Speier.
Q2. Unknown item removed from forearm of Jacqueline Speier.
Q3. Bullet fragments removed from right forearm of Steven Sung.
Q4. Bullet removed from left shoulder of Ronald Javers.

Enclosed for the Photographic Unit is the following, which was obtained at AAFB, Maryland, in connection with the captioned matter:

Q5. Roll of film from [Carol Boyd].

Enclosed for the Bureau is one copy of FD-302 reflecting recovery of Q4.

Enclosed for San Francisco or the original and seven copies of same FD-302. Also enclosed for San Francisco is one cassette tape obtained from Mrs. [Carol Boyd], which contains conversation between her and her two nieces, [Judy and Patty Houston], who were members of the Jonestown Settlement. San Francisco should note that Mrs. [Boyd] requested that the state be returned to her upon completion of captioned investigation.

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BA 89-173

The FBI Laboratory is requested to examine Q1 through Q4 to determine their potential evidentiary value.

The Photographic Unit is requested to process Q5.

Results of the examination of enclosed items should be returned to San Francisco or disposed of by the FBI Laboratory upon completion of above requested examinations.

The Photographic Unit and San Francisco should return note that Mrs. [Boyd] specifically requested the return of Q5.

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Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/1/78

[Name deleted], Orthopedic Surgeon, Malcolm Grow Hospital, Andrews Air Force Base, Springs, Maryland, gave the bullet removed from the left shoulder of Ronald A. Javers to Special Agent [Name deleted] on November 21, 1978. The only item removed from Mr. Javer’s shoulder was the bullet. The bullet was wrapped in gauze pads and placed in a plastic vial with Doctor [Name deleted]’s name on a piece of masking tape placed on the vial. Doctor [Name deleted] initialed the vial next to his name.