Articles by Joel X. Thomas

Joel X. Thomas has been a life long musician, performer, and recording artist. He is both a composer, sound technician, and audio engineer, as well as a certified scuba instructor. His knowledge of the equipment used in both studio and live performances has found a particular niche in understanding some of the nuances that are inherent in the tapes of Jonestown. He may be reached at

Mystery of Q042 Death Tape Unspooled (2022) NEW

The Songs on Q042 (2022) NEW

The Infrastructure of Jonestown’s Recording and Speaker Systems: A Photographic Overview (2022) NEW

The Power of Voodoo (2012)

A Distant Memorial, A Close Connection (2010)

Q 875, The “No More Mystery” Tape (2008)

Originally posted on January 24th, 2022.

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