1. The NOIWON Notation
  2. Leo Ryan Autopsy and Death Certificate
  3. Autopsies
  4. Reports of the Deaths of American Citizens Abroad
  5. FBI Opens Investigation of Peoples Temple
  6. Department of Justice Bills Officers of Peoples Temple
  7. Guyana: How It Was, a radio documentary
  8. “A Witness to Tragedy and Resurrection” by John V Moore
    1. Statement of John V Moore
  9. The Dissolution of Peoples Temple
    1. The Court’s Wrapping-Up of Peoples Temple Affairs
    2. The Guyana Emergency Relief Committee
    3. The Peoples Temple Receiver
    4. The Wrongful Death of Daniel James Beck
  10. Guyana Inquest
  11. Investigation of Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
  12. The Death of Michael Prokes
  13. Guyana Index
  14. Congressional Hearings and Reports
  15. The U.S. State Department Crimmins Report
  16. Real Estate Brochure for Peoples Temple Property
  17. Rep. Tom Lantos Tribute to Leo Ryan
Last modified on May 1st, 2015.
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