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“Jonestown Radio”

“Words Fail”, by Abby Bradley (2010)

From the Page to the Stage: The Other Plane, by Sara Brody (2017)

Articles on staging an opera, by Daniel Buckley
The Challenge of a Jonestown Performance Piece (2013)
Jonestown Opera Project Finds New Life (2011)
Jonestown Project: Painting with History (2009)

Jonestown as Greek Tragedy, by Donna Deverell (2009)

The People’s Temple, by Leigh Fondakowski
Jonestown Comes to Chicago Stage, by PJ Paparelli (2013)
The Experience of an Actor’s Lifetime, by Michael Morrow
Building the Peoples Temple Family, by Andrew Korzenik
Speaking for Those Who Cannot, by Jo-Jo Brown
PJ and the American Theater Company, by Laura Johnston Kohl
Chicago Students Visit Evergreen, by Kathy Barbour
Youth Theatre Makes Peoples Temple Breathe Again, by Garrett Lambrev
The People’s Temple Performed at Napa Valley College (2011)
Telling the Truth, by Jennifer King
Awake My Soul, by Cristhian Ayvar
A Year Reconsidered, by Dawn Johnson
Grieving Peoples Temple, and a Daughter, by Donald E. Lacy, Jr.
Yankton High School theatre club, Yankton, South Dakota
The People’s Temple: A Student’s Journey to Understanding, by Maggie Downing (2010)
The People’s Temple Reaches Students in South Dakota, by Terry Winter (2008)
The People’s Temple Completes Chicago Run (2008)
People’s Temple Reveals Jonestown’s Diversity, by Tim Decker
Alchemy of Theater Turns Straw into Gold, by Cheryl Graeff
From the Road to the Stage, Jonestown Teaches, by Editha Rosario
An Evolving People’s Templeby Laura Johnston Kohl
Post-Premier Reflections and Reviews
The Difficult Act of Surviving: Notes on The People’s Temple, by Leigh Fondakowski (2007)
The People’s Temple Looks Towards 2007, by Leigh Fondakowski (2006)
The Portrayal of a Temple Member on Stage, by Kelli Simpkins (2006)
Reviews of The People’s Temple, 2006
The People’s Temple Premiere (2005)
The People’s Temple Play Completes Bay Area, Alaska Runs; Moves to Minneapolis, by Leigh Fondakowski
Christine Miller: A Portrayal, by Margo Hall
People of Jonestown Find Voice on Stage, by Tim Carter
The People’s Temple: A Review, by Laura Johnston Kohl
What Does The People’s Temple Do For Our Understanding of the Real Thing?, by Garrett Lambrev
The People’s Temple: The Audience As Participants, by Michael Bellefountaine
Not What It Seemed from the Outside, by Barbara Storms
Jonestown docudrama yields no easy answers, by Paul VanDeCarr
Fade to White: Scott Saul Revisits Jonestown
Pre-Premiere Articles
Jonestown Play to Premiere in April (2004)
Dower Theater Project Brings Jonestown to Stage in October (2003)
Theater Team Shows Complexity of Jonestown Interviews
Theater Project Collects Voices of Peoples Temple (2002)
Temple Story To Go On Stage, by David Dower (2001)

Heaven Down Here, by Andrew Jamieson
Avant-Gospel Jonestown Creation Informs Subsequent Works (2023) NEW
Heaven Down Here Presented before Sacred in Opera Initiative (2017)
Peoples Temple Chamber Opera Performed (2015)
Heaven Down Here: Peoples Temple chamber opera (2014)
Heaven Down Here: Experimental/gospel chamber opera based on Peoples Temple worship (2013)
Opera to Revolve Around Temple Church Services (2012)

White Nights, Black Paradise, by Sikivu Hutchinson
Staging White Nights, Black Paradise’s Virtual Performance at the Museum of the African Diaspora, by Sikivu Hutchinson (2020)
White Nights, Black Paradise: A Meditation On Hunger, by darlene anita scott (2020)
We Deserved Better, by Glenda Randolph Bates (2020)
A Superficial Interpretation of a Complex Reality, by Eugene Smith (2020)
A Commitment to Understanding and Justice, by Jordan Vilchez (2020)
Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple examined in new play ‘White Nights, Black Paradise’, by Wanda Sabir (2020) 

Jonestown, a musical by Carl Kelsch
Studying and sharing the story of Jonestown (2012)
Exploring ambivalence in Peoples Temple (2011)
Spending years with the story of Peoples Temple (2010)
Taking an Audience to South America, 1978 (2009)
Exploring Peoples Temple through theater (2008)

De Tempel Invites You In: A Review, by Jeffrey Krul (2023) NEW
Seduction to the extreme, by Fay van der Wal (2023) NEW

Jonestown, The Opera??, by Scott Lines, Ph.D. (2008)

Combing: A Recollection of Working With Adrian Hall, by James Reston Jr. (2023) NEW

1978, a play by Mohammad Shojael
A vague murmur of art (2017)
An Image That Thinks (2016)
Review of Jonestown Tragedy in Iran (2015)

Christine, an opera by Perry Townsend
Getting there … The Christine opera keeps growing (2018)
Christine Miller Opera Taking Shape (2015)
Christine: Voice for the Silenced (2012)
Profile in Courage: Christine Miller (2009)

In My Father’s House, a play by Ken White
Production of My Father’s House Cancelled (2012)
True Believer or Charlatan, Committed Activist or Opportunist? Who Was the Real Mike Prokes? (2012)
My Father’s House Advances in Research, Staging (2011)
Means to an End: Thoughts on the Writing of the Stage Play, My Father’s House (2010)

Jonestown: A Multimedia Chamber Opera, by Evan Williams
Words Fail: Reflections on Writing Jonestown (2014)
“In the Hands of Others” (2013)

Bloodlines to Oblivion, by Jamal Williams (2018)
Bloodlines: An Unfulfilled Premise, by Aaron Duggan (2018)
Bloodlines: A Jonestown Subtext to a Family in Disarray, by Annie Dawid (2018)

An untitled theater piece on Jonestown, by Meghann Williams
Moving the Needle on the “Jonestown Piece” (2012)
Nearing the End of Comfort (2010)
Jonestown to be Portrayed as Betrayal of Hope (2009)

Missing Pieces, a play by Anna Wisniewski Costello
Missing Pieces: A play in hibernation (2010)
Missing Pieces Temporarily Shelved (2006)
Drama of Fictional Jonestown Survivor Nears Completion (2005)
Playwright Considers Life for Adolescents in Jonestown (2004)

Slain In the Spirit, an opera by Susan Yankowitz
Slain In the Spirit Completed, Writers Seek Backers (2006)
Opera and Novel Describe Jonestown Visionary Dream (2005)

Reviews of other works

Jonestown: The Musical: A Review by Norman Scott (2004)

Performing Arts and Drama Notes from the jonestown report