Larry Layton’s Commutation Petition

In 1996, the friends and family of Larry Layton began a campaign to petition then-President Bill Clinton to commute Layton’s sentence. A large volume of documents was presented to the U.S. Pardon Attorney, a volume which eventually made it to President Clinton’s desk during his final days in office. Although Clinton did issue numerous pardons and commutations on January 20, 2001, Larry Layton was not among those named.

The following represent the sections of the commutation petition, prepared and submitted by Larry’s family.

Table of Contents

  1. Section 1-Petition for Commutation
  2. Section 2-Letter from Judge Robert Peckham
  3. Section 3-Pre-sentence report by Loren Buddress
  4. Section 4-Letters from Jurors
  5. Section 5-Letters from Prosecution Witnesses
  6. Section 6-Sentencing hearing
  7. Section 7-Letter from Frank Bell to Parole Commission
  8. Section 8-Parole Commission documents
  9. Section 9-Frank Bell appeal (letter missing)
  10. Section 10-Letter from Layton parole advocate Lois Franco
  11. Section 11-Letters from trial participants
  12. Section 12-Letters from members of Peoples Temple
  13. Section 13-Letter from relatives of people who died in Jonestown
  14. Section 14-Letters from members of Layton family
  15. Section 15-Letters from Prisoners
  16. Section 16-Letters from Scholars
  17. Section 17-Letters from Clergy