Fiction and Literature

Message from Jonestown, by Scott Blackwood, author of We Agreed to Meet Just Here (2009)

Novella to arise from Peoples Temple Research, by Tayla Boote (2014)

Articles about writing by Sara Brody
The Journey to Horrifyingly Wrong (2016)
A Search for Grace in Jonestown (2015)

Jonestown Revisited, a short story by Jan Carew (2014)

Children of Paradise, by Fred D’Aguiar (2014)
Fictional Cults Lack Verisimilitude, a review by Annie Dawid (2016)
Poetic Faith, a review by Annie Dawid (2015)
Children of Paradise: A Book Review, by Matt Fulmer (2015)

Dawid, Annie. Paradise Undone: A Novel of Jonestown. Inkspot Publishing, 2023. See reviews by Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons and darlene anita scott.
Articles about writing by Annie Dawid
Jonestown Manuscript Sees Partial Publication (2014)
Paradise Undone Not Quite Undone (2013)
Saying Farewell to Jonestown (2010)
Jonestown, a “hard sell,” (2009)
The Yuck Factor (2008)
Four Protagonists, One Author (2008)
A Writer’s Journal, Part II (2006)
Resurrection City: A Novel of Jonestown – An Introduction and an Excerpt (2009)
Fathom These Events: Jonestown, a Novel A writer’s journal, excerpts (2005)

Articles about writing by Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons
The World Needs Your Novel (2013)
I Only Want To Be With You, Charlie Brown (2013)
A Trace of Doubt in My Mind (2013)
Finding Jeanette McDonald’s Pool (2011)
As Long As There’s Life, There’s Hope (2010)

Jonestown: A Vexation, by Carmen Gillespie (2011)
Volume of Poetry Counters Erasure of Jonestown (2011)
The Vexation of Jonestown (2010)

Finding Truth in Fiction, by Jane Hammons (2010)

The Song of the Suicides: Revisiting the Jonestown tragedy, by Salvador Hernáez (2018)

Jungle Rot, by Kathleen McKenna Hewtson (2015)
Articles by Kathleen McKenna Hewtson
Jungle Rot Exposes Jonestown Holocaust (2015)
I wrote the book (2009)
The Jonestown Chronicles, or on trying to write a book a little shorter than the Bible (2008)
Literary Rot: A Critical Review of Jungle Rot, by Katherine Hill (2015)
A Response to Katherine Hill, by Tim Hewtson
Katherine Hill Replies to Tim Hewtson

Jonestown, by Wilson Harris (1996)
‘Something must come of this’: Confronting the faces and spaces of Jonestown in Literature, by Tayla Boote (2018)
Fictional Cults Lack Verisimilitude, a review by Annie Dawid (2016)
“Hell that springs from the grave of memory”: Sacrifice, Whiteness, and Extinction in Wilson Harris’ Jonestown, by Jonathan Highfield (2008)
Meditating on the Fate of the Earth and Its Species, by Gentian Miller (2018)
The Sacred and the Profane in Wilson Harris’ Jonestown, by Rebecca Moore (2008)

White Nights, Black Paradise, by Sikivu Hutchinson (2015)
Articles by Sikivu Hutchinson
On White Negroes, Jim Jones and “Sista” Rachel (2015)
No More White Saviors: Jonestown and Peoples Temple in the Black Feminist Imagination (2014)
Fictional Cults Lack Verisimilitude, by Annie Dawid (2016)
“Are We Black, Proud and Socialist?”, by Annie Dawid (2015)
African-American Women Find Voice in New Jonestown Novel, by Rebecca Moore (2015)

Blue Smoke & Mirrors , by Arnold Ludwig (2018)
Articles by Arnold Ludwig
Why I Wrote Blue Smoke & Mirrors (2018)
An Exploration of a Novelist’s Mind (2016)
Marceline Jones: Saint, Sinner, or …..? Invitation to a Dialogue (2012)
I Killed Jim Jones, Author’s Note (2010)
I Killed Jim Jones, Prologue
When “Because” Is Enough, by Bulent Atalay (2018)
Bearing Witness to Tragedy, by Matthew Fulmer (2018)
Manipulation, Mirrors and Mind Control, by Robert Westlake (2018)

The Girl from Jonestown, by Sharon Maas
The Girl from Jonestown Finally Published (2022)
Articles by Sharon Maas
The White Night Is Over (2013)
White Night: The Novel (2011)
The Girl from Jonestown: Three Reviews (2022)
The Girl from Jonestown: A Review, by Laura Elizabeth Woollett (2022)

Hungarian Novelist Takes on American Tragedy, by Hegedűs Máté (2018)

Six Unique Books, by Jolene McDonald (2023) NEW

A Boyish God, by Peter A. Olsson, M.D. (2013)
The Psychological Gestation of A Boyish God, by Peter A. Olsson, M.D. (2013)
A Boyish God: A Review, Laura Johnston Kohl (2014)

Marrow: An Origin Story, by darlene anita scott (2020)

Articles about writing by Sylvia Smith
Once It Was A Beautiful Idea (2012)
On writing a novel about Jonestown, in retrospect (2011)
Rounding The Corner: Reflections On Writing About Jonestown (2009)

Illya Szilak, Reconstructing Mayakovsky, Last Words and Final Numbers (2013)

Beautiful Revolutionary, by Laura Elizabeth Woollett
Articles by Laura Elizabeth Woollett
So I Wrote A Cult Novel (2018)
Leaving Jonestown (2017)
Two Women (2016)
From Carolyn To Evelyn (2015)
Life Lessons With Peoples Temple (2015)
Beautiful Revolutionary: A TV Drama (2014)
Reviews of Beautiful Revolutionary
This Is Not a Beach Book, by Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons (2018)
Revolutionary Beauty, by Katherine Hill (2018)
Reading Evelyn, Finding Carolyn, by Kathy Sparrow (2018)
More a Whisper Than a Shout, by Rikke Wettendorff (2018)

Asking Why, by Russell Working (2011)

Reviews of other works

Peoples Temple as Plot Device, A review of six action/thrillers, by Matthew Thomas Farrell (2012)

Fictional Cults Lack Verisimilitude, A Review of The Girls, by Emma Cline, Review by Annie Dawid (2016)

Using Peoples Temple to Tell a Story: Jim Jones in Three Novels, by Karen Stroup (2010)

Joanstown: A Different Look at Guyana Poetry by Michael Gilkes, Review by Rebecca Moore (2017)

Before White Night: A Book Review, Novel by Joseph Hartmann, Review by Matt Fulmer (2014)

Harlequin Romance Meets Stephen King Meets Jonestown, A Review of Jim Jones Is Alive by Eugene Mendonsa, Review by Katherine Hill (2016)

Jim Jones Is Alive: A Recapitulation, Novel by Eugene Mendonsa, Review by Mark T. Gallaga (2016)

Jonestown, Naipaul, and Me, by Nathan Deuel (2012)

Harmony: A Review, Novel by Carolyn Parkhurst, Review by Matthew Fulmer (2016)

Jonestown as a novel (aka Raping Jim Jones for Royalties), A Review of Jonestown, by Ryan Roy, Review by Matthew Thomas Farrell (2105)

Fictional Account Distorts and Obscures Reality of Jonestown, A Review of Jonestown, by Ryan Roy, Review by Katherine Hill (2015)

Jonestown Plays Minor Role in Novel, A Review of New People, by Danzy Senna, Review by Annie Dawid (2017)

Jane Smiley Character Dips into Peoples Temple, A Review of Early Warning, by Jane Smiley, Review by Rebecca Moore (2015)

Review of José Torra Alfaro´s book “Libertad y Religión. Jonestown: Religión y Socialismo”, by Luis Ángel González Rocha (2017)

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