the jonestown report, Volume 21, October 2019

Gloria Rodriguez Carter and Dietrich Walker
  1. Peoples Temple in the News
  2. The People of Peoples Temple
    1. Susie Lee Collins: My Story of Her Story, by Kurt Hoffman
    2. Reflections on Jim Jones – 2019, by Amy Brown
    3. An Open Letter to Jim Jones, by Erin Clymer
    4. A Difficult Fit: Eighth-Grade Memories of Susan Jane Noxon, by Richard Morrow
    5. Somewhere Out There: My Memories of Teri, Scott, and Alfred Smart, by Carla Moyer Hotz
    6. Life Would Never Be the Same, by Nina Berry
    7. Haunted By a Panicky Phone Call From a Peoples Temple Member, by Elayne Savage, PhD
  3. Personal Reflections
    1. “People Critical of Guyana”: A Contemplation, by Sherwin Harris
    2. Reflections on the 40th Anniversary
      1. The Resurrection of Jonestown, by Jeff Hood
      2. Moving Past Dread and Rage, by Tom Kinsolving
      3. Giving Voice to the Voiceless, an address by Laura Johnston Kohl
  4. A Special Investigation: Where are the Jonestown dead buried?
  5. Alternative Considerations – Texte auf Deutsch
  6. Articles, the jonestown report 2019
    1. Drinking the Kool-Aid, 2019
    2. The “Full Gospel” Origins of Peoples Temple, by John Collins
    3. Jim Jones on Appropriating Black Panther Party Rhetoric for Power, by Tierney Grisolano
    4. Evil Dead: The Problematic Story of the Jonestown Corpses, by Ted Malcolmson
    5. Articles by Rebecca Moore
      1. Jonestown at 40: The Real Conspiracy Is More Disturbing Than the Theories
      2. Before the tragedy at Jonestown, the people of Peoples Temple had a dream
      3. Revisiting Jonestown: An Interdisciplinary Study of Cults – A Review
    6. The Buried Agenda of Leo Ryan, by Tom Whittle
    7. The C-word: what are we saying when we talk about cults?, by Laura Elizabeth Woollett
    8. Joe Mazor and His Interactions with Peoples Temple: What the FOIA Files Tell Us, by Bonnie Yates
    9. The Jonestown Massacre and Its Effect on Media Coverage of Future National Tragedies, by Carter Haskins
  7. Commentary & Opinion
    1. Lines and Strings, by Kelly Lavoie
  8. Jonestown in the Arts 2019
    1. Cult City: A Review Essay, by Heather Shearer
  9. Website News
  10. News from the Archives
    1. CHS Processes Major Collection of Temple Publications Department
  11. Obituaries 2018-2019
    1. Teri Buford O’Shea: Surviving Betrayal, by Fielding M. McGehee III
    2. My Brother Jim, by Vera Washington
    3. My Dear Brother, Tim Tupper Jones, by Stephan Jones
    4. A Tribute To My Brother Cleveland, by Hattie Newell
    5. Carmen Gillespie: A Remembrance, by Rebecca Moore
    6. John V Moore: Sounding the Clarion Call, by Fielding M. McGehee III
  12. Literary Contributions
    1. I Write, by Teri Buford O’Shea
    2. Immaculate Sleep, by Jolene McDonald
    3. From Bechtel to Jonestown: A Fictional Narrative of Edith Roller, by Angela Pallassino
      1. Writing About Edith: A Contextual Note
    4. Delicatessen, by Michael Tyrell
    5. Representative of a Hero, by Bonnie Yates
  13. the jonestown report archive