The Hymns of Peoples Temple

The following listing is of sermons which features music from Peoples Temple services in California, mainly between 1973 and 1976. Several of these transcripts include the lyrics — especially if the lyrics have been altered — of standard hymns. The singers range from the Peoples Temple choir, to the full congregation, to a soloist (oftentimes Jim Jones himself). This listing does include a number of tapes in which there is no singing at all, but rather, a discussion of the hymns and how they have been received.

In general, the best way to find the place(s) in each transcript for the music is to do a search on the page for “sings,” “singing,” or “singers.”

The full content analysis of these hymns will be conducted at a later date.

Q 162

Q 218 (Amazing Grace – altered?)

Q 233 (single song)

Q 356

Q 357

Q 436

Q 454

Q 497

Q 597

Q 648

Q 705

Q 897

Q 919 (songs may not be recognizable)

Q 920

Q 921

Q 923

Q 926

Q 939

Q 945

Q 951 (songs may not be recognizable)

Q 953

Q 956

Q 962

Q 964

Q 966

Q 969 (We Shall Overcome)

Q 972

Q 974

Q 978

Q 987

Q 1015

Q 1015a

Q 1016

Q 1018 (songs may not be recognizable)

Q 1021 (commentary on “Imagine” and :”Blowing in the Wind”

Q 1022

Q 1023 (songs may not be recognizable)

Q 1024

Q 1025 (songs may not be recognizable)

Q 1027 (reference to a song)

Q 1032 (single reference)

Q 1053-1

Q 1054-2

Q 1054-3

Q 1055-1 (Apparently just “He’s Able”)

Q 1055-2 (May be popular song, by Tennessee ernie Ford

Q 1056-4 (example of changed lyric, from My Lord to Your God

Q 1057-3 (old ship of Zion)

Q 1057-4

Q 1057-5 all of God’s children got shoes

Q 1058-2

Q 1059-1

Q 1059-2 (songs may not be recognizable)

Q 1059-3

Q 1059-5

Originally posted on February 21st, 2021.

Last modified on May 16th, 2022.
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