the jonestown report, Volume 24, November 2022

Georgiann Brady with Parrot, Photo courtesy California Historical Society
  1. Peoples Temple in the News (2022)
  2. The People of Peoples Temple
    1. Patty Cartmell: A Long Overdue Appreciation, by Garry Lambrev
    2. Tina Christian: Maintaining Closeness in Time of Adversity, by Kathryn (Tropp) Barbour
    3. Thomas Partak: A Jonestown Life in Turmoil, by Connor Ashley Clayton
    4. An Interview with Charles Johnson, by Katherine Klapperich
    5. A Conversation with Clare Bouquet, by Bonnie Yates
  3. Reports and Investigations
    1. Four Investigations by Joel X. Thomas
      1. The Jonestown Express, November 17, 1978: Life on the Eve of Tragedy
      2. The Jonestown Radio Tower (It’s not what you think)
      3. The Infrastructure of Jonestown’s Recording and Speaker Systems: A Photographic Overview
      4. Mystery of Q042 Death Tape Unspooled
        1. The Songs on Q042
    2. Two Reports by Fielding M. McGehee III
      1. Peoples Temple Meetings with the Soviet Embassy in Georgetown, Guyana, 1978
      2. The Prosecutions of Larry Layton
    3. Dr. Hardat Sukhdeo: The Man Who Knew Too Little, by Rebecca Moore
  4. Articles, the jonestown report 2022
    1. Enemy in the Camp: The Inside Story Behind Jim Jones’ 1957 Prophecy of Death, by John Collins
    2. The Jonestown Project: Contributions Then and Now, by Edward Cromarty
    3. The Failures in Depicting Jonestown in Film, by Edward Cromarty
    4. Final Witness: The Legacy of Marceline Jones, by Laurie Efrein Kahalas
    5. It’s the Driver’s Inset, Stupid!, by Laurie Efrein Kahalas
    6. Divine Materiality: Peoples Temple and Messianic Theologies of Incarnation and Reincarnation, by Holly Folk
    7. Secondary Disaster Victims: The Emotional Effects of Recovering and Identifying Human Remains, by Col. David R. Jones, MC, CFS, USAF
    8. Creating Community Despite the Demagogue: A Case Study of Peoples Temple, by Katherine Klapperich
    9. Godwin’s Law and Jones’ Corollary: The Problem of Using Extremes to Make Predictions, by Rebecca Moore
    10. Jonestown: An International Story of Diplomacy, Détente, and Neglect, 1973–1978, by Alexander Poster
    11. Four Articles by Stephen Shenfield
      1. Jim Jones: an attempt at psychic-political analysis
      2. Peoples Temple and socialism
      3. Islands of autonomy
      4. Was Jonestown sustainable?
  5. Commentaries and Opinion
    1. On Normalising the Study of Peoples Temple, by Connor Ashley Clayton
    2. Three Commentaries by Jeff Hood
      1. Love is the Word: The Teachings of Rev. Jim Jones that Remain
      2. On “The Letter Killeth”
      3. On the Power of Love: A Peoples Temple Agricultural Project Parable
    3. Among the dead: Arkansans died at Jonestown in 1978, by Preston Jones
    4. The Cult of Jim Jones, by Rebecca Moore
    5. Why did the Reverend Jim Jones not preach on Philemon?, by Robert L. Smith, III
  6. Peoples Temple in the Arts 2022
    1. Arts and popular culture notes (2022)
    2. Books and Writing Projects
      1. Making It: Reflections on the Half-Life of Marrow, by darlene anita scott
        1. Striking to the Marrow of Jonestown, by Rebecca Moore
      2. The Girl from Jonestown Finally Published
        1. The Girl from Jonestown: Three Reviews
        2. The Girl from Jonestown: A Review, by Laura Elizabeth Woollett
      3. Peoples Temple and Jonestown in the Twenty-First Century: Two Reviews
        1. A Status Check – and a Clarion Call – for Jonestown Researchers, by Connor Ashley Clayton
        2. The Most Recent Jonestown Book Cannot Be the Last, by Joel X. Thomas
      4. The Darkest of Arts: Poetic Justice and Jim Jones in Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City, by Blair Alan Gadsby
      5. Ces enfants oubliés: Grandir dans une communauté sectaire: Two reviews
        1. Book Examines Lives of Children in Sectarian Groups, by Karen Frost
          1. These Forgotten Children Notes
        2. Ces enfants oubliés: A Review, by Helen Mulroney
    3. The fifth annual Peoples Temple podcast review spectacular, by Jason Dikes
    4. Music
      1. All Things Under Heaven, by Douglas Lucas
      2. Concept Album Considers Jonestown Tragedy through Tape Archive, by Dominique Cyprès
      3. “Jonestown,” by Marty O’Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra: A Review, by Ken Risling
    5. Fine Arts
      1. He’s Still Able: Synaesthesia Art Project, by Jolene McDonald
  7. News from the Archives
    1. Preserving history: The Peoples Temple Collections at the California Historical Society, by Frances Kaplan
  8. Website News 2022
    1. Military Response to Jonestown: 2022 in Review, by Preston Jones
  9. Obituaries 2022
    1. In Remembrance of MaryAnne, by Dianne Scheid
    2. Glenda: The friend I never met, by Rikke Wettendorff
    3. Farewell to a Writer, by Fielding M. McGehee III
    4. Remembering Peter Elsass: The last “outsider” to visit Jonestown, by Rikke Wettendorff
    5. Mary R. Sawyer (1944–2015): A Tribute, by Rebecca Moore
    6. Chris Hatcher (1946–1999): A Long Overdue Appreciation, by Rebecca Moore
  10. Literary contributions
    1. Pictures, by Teri Buford O’Shea
    2. The River, by Laurie Efrein Kahalas
    3. Jonestown and Other Madness, by Pat Parker
  11. the jonestown report Archive