the jonestown report, Volume 23, October 2021

  1. Peoples Temple in the News (2021)
  2. The People of Peoples Temple
    1. Ida Albudy: A Biographical Sketch
    2. Brian Bouquet: A Biographical Sketch, by John Gilderbloom
    3. Lois Breidenbach: A Son’s Memories, by Harlan Breidenbach
    4. Wesley Breidenbach: My Younger Brother, by Harlan Breidenbach
    5. My Wife Gloria, My Son Malcolm, My Life, by Tim Carter
    6. An Embrace of Terry Carter Jones, by Tim Carter
    7. Patty Cartmell: A Biographical Sketch, by Kathy (Tropp) Barbour
    8. Missing You, Mary Lou, by Tim Carter
    9. Rhonda Denise Fortson: Pouring Everything Into Life, by Hue Fortson
    10. Peter Holmes: A Biographical Sketch, by Kathy (Tropp) Barbour
    11. Anita Ijames Kelley: A Biographical Sketch, by Laura Johnston Kohl
    12. Tony Linton Lacy: A Remembrance, by Susan (Flint) Rajkumar
    13. The Questions of Annie Moore, by Nancy Anderson Campbell
    14. Carol Stahl: A Sweet, Calm Presence, by Laura Johnston Kohl
    15. Janet Tupper: A Biographical Sketch, by Kathy (Tropp) Barbour
    16. Laura Johnston Kohl: My Friend, by Elena Broslovsky
  3. Personal Reflections
    1. Who Did Sin?, by Glenda Randolph Bates
    2. Losing Anger, by Hue Fortson Jr.
    3. Please Don’t Say The “C” Word, by Vernon Gosney
    4. Listening to the skeptical side, by Doug Lashley
    5. … and Day, by Eugene Smith
    6. Recognizing Toxic Leadership: The Similarities of Jim Jones and Donald Trump, by Jordan Vilchez
    7. An interview with Mike Touchette, by Katherine Klapperich
  4. Articles, the jonestown report 2021
    1. Escaping American Individualism: Peoples Temple, by Georgia Box
    2. Cults of our Hegemony: An Inventory of Left-Wing Cults, by Gus Breslauer
    3. Until The Name of the Father Do Us Part: A Lacano-Althusserian Analysis of the Jonesism of Peoples Temple, by Marcus B.
    4. Jim Jones and Father Divine: Emotional Frameworks of Worship, by Connor Ashley Clayton
    5. The Impact of William Branham’s UFO Theology on Peoples Temple, by John Collins
    6. A Practical Review of Counseling in Jonestown, by Edward Cromarty
    7. Jonestown: A case study in examining disparities of differing types of history in the construction of atrocity, by Hannah de Mars
    8. Another Warning from the Past, by Blair Gadsby
    9. A Monumental Problem: Memorializing the Jonestown Dead, by Rebecca Moore
    10. “Unanswered Questions about Jonestown,” Chapter 11 of the study, The Cult Awareness Network: Anatomy of a Hate Group, by Tom Whittle
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      2. Text
    11. John Victor Stoen: The Unfortunate Son, by Bonnie Yates
    12. “How Orwell’s 1984 Has Influenced Rev. Jim Jones to Dominate and Then Destroy His Followers: With Extensions to Current Political Leaders,” by Dr. Philip G. Zimbardo (December 2020)
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      2. Text
    13. Amateur Radio and the People’s Temple Net, by Johann William Rush, CQ Amateur Radio Magazine (1979) [Reprinted with permission from CQ Amateur Radio magazine, August 1979. Copyright CQ Communications, Inc.]
    14. Gli Strumenti Della Persuasione: Il Caso Del Rev. Jim Jones E Dei Peoples Temple: Quando La Persuasione Diventa Plagio, by Francesca Martina Valenti [Italian]
  5. Commentaries and Opinion
    1. Two editorials by Fielding M. McGehee III
      1. “Drinking the Kool-Aid” as a Tool of Education
      2. A Plea From History
    2. An Open Letter to the People of Peoples Temple, by Erin Clymer
    3. An Apology to Peoples Temple, by Amanda Davis
    4. Conspiracies sell…but who’s buying?, by Henri Helander
    5. Two Commentaries by Jeff Hood
      1. Clarity: A Dense Personal/Theological Interaction with Rev. John Moore’s “Witness to Tragedy and Resurrection”
      2. Bringing the Death Tape to Life: A Homily
    6. The mystery of Liane Harris’ death, by Dagmara Łuczyńska
    7. Three commentaries by Jolene McDonald
      1. To Lynetta
      2. Homage to Mrs Kennedy
      3. Me and Mr. Jones
    8. Calling Out Tim Stoen, by Jessica Mendes
    9. The Jonestown Themes, by Archie Smith, Jr.
  6. Peoples Temple in the Arts 2021
    1. Arts and popular culture notes (2021)
    2. Books and Writing Projects
      1. Back to the World: A Life After Jonestown
        1. Night… An Author’s Perspective, by Eugene Smith
        2. Surviving Survival: A Review of Back to the World, by darlene anita scott
        3. Thanks to Eugene Smith: A Review of Back to the World, by Rev. Richard Lawrence
      2. A Jonestown Trilogy: A Review, by Garrett Martin
      3. InTOXICating Followership: A Review, by Rebecca Moore
    3. Performing Arts
      1. Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple examined in new play ‘White Nights, Black Paradise’, by Wanda Sabir
    4. The Fourth Peoples Temple Podcast Review, by Jason Dikes
  7. Website news
    1. Remembrances
    2. Demographic data for those who died 18 November 1978
      1. Spreadsheet Offers Downloadable Demographic Tool for Researchers, by Rebecca Moore
    3. The Family Trees of Jonestown
      1. Researching the Jonestown Family Trees, by Emily Yaden Schneider
    4. The Music of Peoples Temple
      1. The Music of The Jonestown Express, by Tom Graddon
    5. Archived websites
    6. The State Department and Peoples Temple
      1. The Stoens, the U.S. Embassy, the State Department, and Congress
    7. Newly-Transcribed Sections of People Temple Files Recovered by FBI
      1. Section 98 • S-1 • Joe Mazor
      2. Section 99 • U-1 • John Victor Stoen
      3. Section 99 • V-1 • Tim Stoen
      4. Section 67 • B-5 • Legal
    8. Peoples Temple / Jonestown Photo Gallery
      1. Colorized Portraits (A-L)
      2. Colorized Portraits (M-Z)
  8. Obituaries 2021
    1. Tributes to Don Beck
      1. George Donald Beck, by Rebecca Moore
      2. The Temple Family Remembers Don Beck, collected by Tim Carter
      3. Remembering Don Beck Through Cults Duo, by Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons
    2. Tributes to Vernon Gosney
      1. Vernon Gosney: A mercurial temperament, a deep generosity, by Fielding M. McGehee III
      2. Bringing Release, Finding Peace: Memories of Vernon Gosney, by Rebecca Moore
      3. Aloha and Mahalo, by Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons
      4. To A Friend I Never Met, by Mike Selk
  9. Artistic contributions
    1. Music by Jack Arnold Beam
      1. Father Knows Best
      2. I Can’t Pretend Anymore
    2. Poetry by Linda Kime
      1. Terror in Jonestown
      2. The Jonestown Odes
    3. Marceline Baldwin Meets Jim Jones, by Annie Dawid
    4. Jonestown, by Chris Haven
    5. The Jonestown Dream Quartet (Part 3), by Jolene McDonald
    6. An Historical Rhyme, by A. S. White
  10. the jonestown report archive